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Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
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tell us about our character, more power cards, Vralk, more art, and a new Ace

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

We're right now building a character for The Ninth World live on MCG's Numenera Facebook page. Go there now and vote for whether the character is a Jack, Nano, or Glaive. And then on Wednesday, you can help decide whether the character is Stealthy, Charismatic, Tough, or Learned. On Thursday, you'll help decide what the character's main power is. Making characters is fun!

Don't forget about our BoardGameGeek contest as well. There's still time to enter. And while you're doing all that, listen to Rich and Kenna interview me about the game on Going Last, one of the top gaming podcasts. You'll also find out the secret Lone Shark Games "job interview" question, never revealed before.

We topped $90,000 today, so we're adding the Cloudcrystal Skyfields region cards to your preview pack. Another pair of stretch goals is below.

Stretch goal—$105,000: More power!

No, we didn't just become Top Gear. Our $105,000 stretch goal is that we will double the size of the powers deck to 50 cards. This allows us to add some really weird powers. If you want to see what "Who Wears a Sheen of Ice" or "Who Exists Partially Out of Phase" means in our game—and trust us, we would too, because we don't know yet—you can see it if we get to that pledge level.

Stretch goal—$110,000: Vralk the Red Kingdom region cards

North of the Clock of Kala lies Vralk, the Red Kingdom, a harsh region of sulfurous air and barren wastes. Ringed by volcanoes and choked by heat and ash, it is a hellish place by any standards. All manner of vicious predators, poisonous serpents and insects, and lethal plants make this a place where everything— every inhabitant as well as the air, the water, and the ground itself—is deadly. Vralk is a desolate, rocky wasteland where little grows. Steaming vents cough poisonous gases or spew ash. Sometimes lava flows across the landscape. The heat is sweltering. Water is scarce. Forged in this kiln, the inhabitants are as dangerous and cruel as the land they call home.

Ace, Build 2.0

A commenter pointed out that we'd accidentally put two Tough Nanos in the game when we introduced Ace. So we're fixing that. Here's the new, much stealthier Ace.

Ace and Kwaidyno have been added to the print-and-play PDF, and a few other cards have been updated. You only need to print the second character page and its cardback page if you aren't too concerned with what is capitalized where.

More great art

Here's some new stuff for the game by Shane. We put the sketches of the Black Sphere (a weird of the Plains of Kataru) and the Pillar of Storms up against each other in an "art-off" on our Facebook page, and Black Sphere won. But really, both are fantastic.

That's it for today. Tomorrow we will begin our 48-hour countdown, so watch for that. And as always, you can help us by using these as your icons: Kickstarter photo, Facebook profile, Facebook banner, Google profile, Instagram profile, Instagram lightbox, Pinterest profile, Twitter profile, Twitter shared photo, and Twitter header. You can also follow our Facebook page or our Twitter account for greater amplification of this campaign.

Thanks for supporting The Ninth World!

Mike and the Sharks

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