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Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
1,534 backers pledged $133,369 to help bring this project to life.

new print-and-play, new character, new plans for the week

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

There's a brand new version of the print-and-play cards and playtest rules here. Some major changes made:

  • The margins are better for most printers
  • The wound cards are now the correct color red
  • The rules have example diagrams
  • The examples have been changed a lot

Hope you like those! A lot of these changes come from you fine folks playing the game and contributing comments on this playtest report form. Please keep it up!

Meantime, here's a fantastic RPG Academy podcast with me, Bo, and Paul talking about the history of the game.

A new playable character

Here's a playable Kwaidyno. As a reminder, we will add him and his nonhuman friends to the game if we reach $75,000 in pledges.

Schedule of fun things

We'll be doing a bunch of new things in the next ten days. Here are some of them:

  • Tuesday 1/05: LIVE Tinker Tuesday – Tweet to the Lone Shark Games Twitter account using the #TinkerTuesday Hashtag and we’ll broadcast the results LIVE on Periscope.
  • Wednesday 1/06: Dev Diary – Listen to the team talk about a day in the life of working on Numenera on our YouTube page!
  • Thursday 1/07: Art-Off! – Head over to our Facebook page and vote to check out new pieces of art for The Ninth World. Then “Like” the one you like the most. The art with the most “Likes” will be re-released as a HQ Phone Wallpaper at a later date.
  • Friday 1/08: AMA – Join us as we host an Ask Me Anything on the IamA Reddit.
  • Next week: We'll be hosting a group design-a-character session on the Numenera Facebook page ALL WEEK until the campaign ends. You'll help create a character that will make it into the final game.

Happy new year! We'll have a lot more for you in the next few days.

Mike and the Sharks


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    1. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Yup. Some of these powers are just in testing mode right now. We'll see what people take and what they don't want.

    2. Ryan Robinson

      I'm really excited about this game, and been digging through the rules and print and play (haven't gotten a chance to actually run a game yet.) I love Numenera, and I'm looking forward to this game. I'm particularly excited by the powers cards, the ability to customize characters is a very cool thing I love.

      I was curious, though; most of the powers cards provide a character an extra bonus individually, but the Explores Town power seems more like a location effect- changing the game equally for everyone rather than giving that player a bonus or altered play style. Am I missing something?

    3. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Well, it has on my copy. :^)

    4. Jacques on

      Nitpicking, but the rulebook version number hasn't changed. ;-)