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Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
1,534 backers pledged $133,369 to help bring this project to life.

Solo and co-op mode, the Beyond stretch goals, the Plains of Kataru, and the Beanstalk

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

Hey, Ninth Worlders! We're getting real close to our goal. Would you like some interviews and reviews about the game? Okay!

Tomorrow, we'll have a holiday card PDF for you. You'll be able to send it to your loved one on this world or any other saying you got them a present of The Ninth World, to be delivered next year. 

Meanwhile, #TinkerTuesday is coming tomorrow on Twitter and our Facebook page. Anytime during the day, post a drawing, picture, or video of a relic you've made or found with the hashtag #TinkerTuesday, and we'll let you know if it blows up.

Okay, time for more awesome.

Solo and co-op mode

We've gotten a ton of requests for solo and co-op modes in the game. Solo's easy; we're just going to give you some score targets to shoot for, some obstacles in your path, and see how well you do. So we'll add solo mode to the game as soon as we settle on some rules. Give us a week or two and we'll give you an update on that.

Designing a co-operative mode is a little more challenging, and we're going to see what we can do about that. We'll let you know if we make headway on that mode. Seems possible, but we'll see.

How the Beyond will work

If you've played the print-and-play, you know that you can simulate the Beyond—that strange area outside the Steadfast—just by mixing up the region cards and choosing one of each set of rounds at random. But we're hoping to use our stretch goals to open up lots more areas to play in.

Here is the rough schedule of our hoped-for destinations:

  • The Black Riage ($60K), an intimidating mountain range to the east of the Steadfast
  • The Plains of Kataru ($70K), the lands on the other side of the Black Riage
  • Seshar ($80K), south of the Plains, setting of the adventure The Nightmare Switch
  • The Cloudcrystal Skyfields ($90K), the crystal forest up north
  • The Frozen South ($100K), the frigid lands south of the Southern Wall
  • Lostrei, the Spiritlands ($110K), a strange land north of the Skyfields
  • The Rayskel Cays ($120K), an archipelago west of the Steadfast
  • Vralk, the Red Kingdom ($130K), a fiery land to the east of Lostrei
  • Corao ($140K), a faroff land entered through a portal from Thaemor
  • The Lands of the Dawn ($150K), the neighboring lands to Corao

We'll see if we get to all those fascinating places. And we have other goals that we'll intersperse as we can. For example, people have asked for blind bid cards and a playmat on the other side of the map, so we'll take a look and see at what levels we can afford to make those. You can help by spreading the word about the game!

The Plains of Kataru

Our $70,000 region goal is the Plains of Kataru. A large, sprawling region, the plainsstretch from the southern end of the Caecilian Jungle to the northern edge of the Ba-Adenu Forest. The northernmost part of the plains are somewhat arid, but the rolling flatlands farther south are fertile and temperate. Wild herds of swift espron and plodding reptilian camethosaurs roam the plains, preyed upon by callerail, ithsyn, and pallones. There are no cities on the plains, but small towns and aldeia, mostly farming communities, dot the landscape. There are also nomadic tribes of human hunters that erect temporary villages of hide tents and yurts on the plains. These tribes tame the espron and ride them as mounts. Some of the nomads have turned to raiding more settled communities and even other tribes. Terrible storms sometimes cross the Plains of Kataru, particularly in spring. Cyclones, fierce hail, flash floods, and lightning strikes are serious dangers.

One very important place on the Plains is the Beanstalk. In the middle of seemingly nowhere, it rises up literally into the sky and out of sight. The legends of Jack and the Beanstalk—the Jack for whom all jacks are named—cross paths with it. The base of the Beanstalk is a tall tower of metal and glass. As tall as the tower is, rising up from the highest point of the tower is a strip of unknown material that reaches far, far higher. This “stalk” is about 10 feet wide but only a few inches thick. No one knows exactly how high it extends, but on a clear day it seems to simply disappear into the sky. Even more mysterious is the Beanstalk’s purpose— what waits at the top? The stories, of course, say that it leads to a castle in the clouds, occupied by a giant. These same legends suggest that there is a danger that the giant will one day come down the stalk to plague the land.

Here's Shane's brand new illustration of the Beanstalk.

That's a darn fine-looking Beanstalk, sez me.

Mike and the Sharks


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    1. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Corrigan on

      Put me down as a vote for co-op mode. I was actually planning to drop my pledge once you reached the goal without me. Much as I want to support Lone Shark, I don't really enjoy competitive games with resource allocation and victory points. But I'll stick around now to see in co-op mode pans out.

    2. Joel Flank on

      Fun sounding schedule of stretch goals. It has me wondering though, what about a stretch goal with content based on the Tides of Numenera computer game?

    3. Alan DeHaan on

      While I hope Blind Bid cards end up in the base game because the idea seems almost necessary, I do like that you're listening to your fanbase on these things. If Apocrypha was out right now, I'd be buying it and doing next day air to play it at Christmas time. You guys have sold me as a company. And that's really really really rare for me.

    4. Ava Jarvis on

      VERY interested in the solo mode now. If it does indeed come through with solo rules, I'll shoot an update to the 1-player guild—if someone in the guild hasn't done it already.