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Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
1,534 backers pledged $133,369 to help bring this project to life.

a great launch, RPG PDF packs, and stretch goals for the Black Riage and the Powers Deck

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

We're overwhelmed that 300 of you guys got us halfway to our goal in one day! Here are some cool things that happened:

  • Kickstarter made us a staff pick
  • The Escapist covered the game
  • I wrote a blog post about why we're doing the game
  • Monte Cook said this cool thing: "We’re really excited about how well this game immerses players in the Ninth World. It’s a fast-paced game that’s a lot of fun to play, and it just feels like the Numenera setting.”

And that's just in the first day! Let's see what today brings, shall we?

How to spread the word

If you'd like this campaign to succeed, we'd love to have you tell everyone you know about it. So right now, do any or all of these things:

If you do some or all of those things, people will learn and send this thing even more stratospheric. And here's why you might want that.

STRETCH GOAL: $60,000—The Black Riage region

If we reach $60,000, we will open up a new set of preview cards from beyond the nine kingdoms of the Steadfast. These will not be included in the main game; instead, they are preview cards from a Beyond set we hope to make in the far future. You’ll get a first look at these cards before anyone else. We will create these new regions one at a time, allowing you a bunch of new places to adventure in the Beyond.

We’ll start with the Black Riage. This is the nearly impenetrable barrier between the Steadfast and the Beyond. A great, dark mountain range that is the primary natural division between the Steadfast and the Beyond, the Black Riage is a place of both difficulty and danger. The inhabitants of villages scattered throughout its expanse are trappers or herders of rock goats or similar creatures. A wide variety of abhuman tribes also dwell in the mountains, including margr, chirog, and sathosh, as well as stranger, rarer breeds. Three main passes lead through the Black Riage, although other secret passes exist as well. The main routes—Tremble Pass, Cerdyn’s Pass, and Garl Nave—offer caravans and travelers the means to cross the mountains without undue difficulty, although the paths are steep and sometimes narrow. In the winter, all three become very dangerous, and the southern two are almost certainly blocked, leaving Tremble Pass as the only possibly clear passage through the region.

The Black Riage is today's region that you can explore. If you want to write your first-person comment on the mainpage about your character, take that character to the Black Riage. We want hear about your adventures!

STRETCH GOAL: $70,000—The Powers Deck

If we reach $70,000, we will introduce the powers deck into the game box. That’s a deck of 25 cards that give all of your characters new powers. You just lay the power card over the power on the lower right section of your character tableau. Then instead of being a Tough Nano Who Grasps Technology, you’re a Tough Nano Who Regenerates or a Tough Nano Who Likes to Break Things. This will give you a tremendous amount of versatility when you pick your characters at the start of the game. To give you a taste of these cards, we’ve added a set of them to the print and play set. Let us know what you think of them!

New Reward Levels—Numenera RPG packs

We got word from some backers that they want to see more about this Numenera thing we're so excited about. So we opened up a couple of new reward levels: one with an RPG starter pack of PDFs. For an extra $50, you can get the PDFs of the Numenera core rulebook, the Ninth World Guidebook, and the Weird Discoveries adventure pack. These are what our boardgame designers used to help us make this cool game, so we think you'll like it too. And you'll get these PDFs right after the campaign funds. 

We added these levels at $110 (game, Beyond cards, and RPG PDFs) and $125 (game, Beyond cards, map, and RPG PDFs). Use them if you want to see what all the fuss is about. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks for backing The Ninth World!

Mike and the Sharks


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