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An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
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what's up with the Maze of Games Second Edition


The Maze of Games Second Edition is finally in our warehouse. We ran out of first editions late last year, but a whole bunch more showed up a couple days ago. We call this the second edition, because we took this opportunity to clean up a few things.

Other than minor changes in the indicia, credits, and backer lists, here are all the things that changed in the book. 

  • How to Use This Book • Changed "The Quest Begins" to "the Prologue".
  • 8 of Diamonds • In clue 5, changed "total." to "total, but not both."
  • 4 of Clubs • In 5th limerick, added a space after the apostrophe in the blanks.
  • 8 of Clubs • In paragraph 5 of the novel text, changed "man man" to "man".
  • 5 of Hearts • Changed clue 14 to AHEEMTRISATIONAEW.
  • 6 of Spades • Unindented paragraph 1 of the novel text.
  • 9 of Spades • In Euterpe's grid, deleted the line separating the 4th letter of the 6-letter word from the 7th letter of the 7-letter word below it. 
  • Conundrucopia: alfie at the zoo • In the 3rd couplet on the right, replaced the "s" with a space.

You can order the second edition right now on our Penny Arcade store. The Gatekeeper would want you to.

Hey, speaking of the Gatekeeper

What if he were in color, courtesy of Pete Venters? He'd look like this.

That's what happens when you say to Pete Venters, "Hey, we're making a horror game called the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game. Got any ideas for villains?"

FYI, you can click that link and pre-order Apocrypha if you like to actually play the Gatekeeper in a game of ours.

Last chance to back The Ninth World

Our Kickstarter campaign for The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera ends in 48 hours, at 5 PM PST on Friday. So if you'd like a copy and all the crazy stuff we've unlocked, jump on it. Because it's a billion years in the future and you know you want to play this guy:

So time travel with us if you'd like. We'd love to have you.

Thanks for supporting The Maze of Games!

Mike and the Sharks

last chance for a 1st edition, plus a new game from Lone Shark


We have only a handful of first editions left, so if you want a signed and reversed-numbered one for a Christmas gift or to put on your shelf, you need to go to this ordering site real soon now. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Also, we launched a new Kickstarter this week for our next game after Apocrypha, The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera. This one's been in the works for a while. We felt the game was ready, so we launched it right here.

The Ninth World is a competitive game set a billion years in the future. It's very, very cool. And it looks like this.

If you like our design team's competitive games like Smash Up and Lords of Vegas, you'll probably like this. The Ninth World can be backed on Kickstarter now. Thanks for checking it out!

The Very Last 100 Maze of Games 1st Editions

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We just discovered we have exactly 100 Maze of Games 1st Editions left in our warehouse. So given that it's Cyberman-Day, we thought we'd do something special with them.

So from now until the end of 2015, every copy of these last 100 books sold will come signed by Mike Selinker and individually numbered from –100 to –1. Yes, we're numbering them in reverse order, counting down to 0. As an added bonus every copy sold between now and Dec. 31st get a Gakekeeper holiday card from Lone Shark Games. While supplies last!

Order them today on Penny Arcade! Because they might be gone tomorrow. And then you will be sad. (And while you're at it, get the Maze of Games audiobook narrated by Wil Wheaton. Because he and it are awesome.)

We announced a bunch of other cool stuff on our Tumblr, including word about our upcoming game The Ninth World. Check it out.

And thanks for supporting The Maze of Games!

Mike and the Sharks

Android/Windows ebook


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Unspeakable Words returns

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Hi folks! We're brewing up some new Maze of Games puzzle projects in 2015, but before we do, here's something we're really excited about.

If you haven't played our puzzle game Unspeakable Words, you'll be able to soon. Playroom Entertainment is bringing it back in a brand new deluxe edition, with art by John Kovalic! Details are on this Kickstarter campaign. Come play with your brain!

Here's some nice famous people playing the game.

As always, thanks for supporting The Maze of Games!