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An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
2,630 backers pledged $171,146 to help bring this project to life.

Announcing the Maze of Games soundtrack!

When your books arrive, we sincerely hope you will enjoy reading and solving The Maze of Games in the quiet of your home. We expect that some of you might want it to be a little less quiet. So we present this amazing announcement.

Some of you are freaking out right now. We expect the rest of you don't know who Austin Wintory is, so allow us to educate you. Austin is the first composer ever to be nominated for a Grammy for his work on a videogame. Just yesterday, he won two British Academy Awards for his score for the videogame Journey, which must be heard to be believed. He's composed music for nearly 40 films, as well as the videogames Monaco, Kinect Party, and The Banner Saga, among others.

We're huge fans of Austin's here at Lone Shark, and working with him on this project should be a real treat. Austin had this to say: "When I first discovered The Maze of Games on Kickstarter, entirely by accident, I was immediately struck that it was something I had to be a part of. I am sort of obsessed with working in media outside my normal area of games, films, and concert music, and so writing an album inspired by such an unconventional book seemed like pure bliss. I can't overstate how excited I was when Lone Shark showed a mutual interest!"

We did indeed! So, for an add-on of $15 over the price of any book, the music will be available as a digital download. Your Maze of Games experience will be heightened by playing this soundtrack as you wind through the mazes. Reserve yours today.

A musical interlude

In honor of the above announcement, we decided to play a little music ourselves. Puzzle ninja Gaby Wiedling has recorded a brief audiofile for you, which you'll find at the bottom of this update. This file is a word or phrase translated into the musical alphabet, which as you know is quite a bit more limited than our standard alphabet. So you'll have to extrapolate from there. The musical clip is in 9/8 time signature, and is a complete measure. Answering this puzzle will get you the Bandleader badge.

Also, we're off to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament! Mike and many of The Conundrucopia authors will be at this tournament in Brooklyn from Friday to Sunday. We'll have a booth at the Saturday Puzzle Market there. If you're in the Big Apple this weekend, come by and say hi. We'll also have a big announcement from the tournament for which we hope you'll stay tuned.

Maze of Games Kickstarter Update Puzzle #21

Your journey continues! Here is the next part of your adventure through the maze.

21. He holds an enchanted sack of chestbones! "Hands off!" he shouts. "Don't touch my magi1 3 3 1lse I eat you!"

When you have the game name that answers the puzzle, go to Type in the puzzle's number and your answer, in that order. If you're correct, you'll get a piece of a maze which you can assemble to help you find your way out! You can find all previous update puzzles at the @MazeofGames Twitter feed.

Thanks for supporting The Maze of Games!

Mike and the Sharks

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    1. Aaron Burke on

      I *still* haven't figured this one out, even with the musical translation provided by @barmalev, and a tip from Steven that I'm on the right track and closer than I realize... I've translated each note from the musical scale into a letter, but I have no idea how the 9/8 timing applies other than to suggest pauses as spaces. Anyone have any further hints?

    2. John GT

      Left a hastily-scrawled measure on a Post-It sitting alone on my desk all weekend. Came back, took one look at it, and the light bulb flashed. Definitely overthought this one, I did.

    3. Aaron Burke on

      Still stumped on this one. Emailed Steven. I found Number Theorist to be incredibly easy, but I'm kind of a number nerd, sooo...

    4. digadigadig on

      Ugh. Finally got it thanks to Steven. I was so far down the rabbit hole I couldn't see the blatantly easy answer staring at me in the face.

      @lonesharkgames, ever consider creating a "down the rabbit hole" award for the most wackadoodle answer submitted into the puzzazz answer key? Some of mine were so way off, it's hilarious.

    5. Carissa on

      I agree with Steven, once my husband translated the musical file for me, it really wasn't that difficult...of course I didn't figure that out until I decided to stop trying to make it more than it was. Which seems to be my problem time and time again. KISS! Keep it simple stupid! Now I can return my attention back to the Number Theorist Badge...

    6. Steven Marsh on

      It's funny... I got this badge less than 10 minutes after it posted; I think it's always easy to "overthink" this sort of puzzle, but the hard part is figuring out what's important and what's mental chaff.
      @gbutera , I have a standing offer somewhere in the main thread to help out folks; feel free to drop me an email at waitingforgo (AT) gmail (dot) com and I'm happy to provide a nudge. (I don't do full spoilers, and I usually err on the side of less info... ideally, confirming or denying avenues that folks are taking.) Regardless, best wishes at cracking this one!

    7. digadigadig on

      @lonesharkgames - Mike, it does show up if you use the kickstarter app on your iPad.

      I'm curious how many people have gotten this badge. I've looked at it for days now and involved here friends and none of our guesses have worked. I agreed more with @sidivan at first upon hearing the piece but @barmalev it is clear that you got the badge so I've been staring at the file you added, and I still got nothin. This one has stumped me.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sidivan on

      *NOT necessarily accurate

    9. Missing avatar

      Sidivan on

      @barmalev the difference is that mine accounts for all of the silence. I assumed that the audio file was 7 seconds long on purpose and if it's "in 9/8 time and is a complete measure" then the entire audio file must be 1 measure. I can't imagine they would "accidentally" give us 5 seconds of silence. If it's JUST the audio, then yes, your transcription is correct. That also increases the tempo quite a bit (I tapped it out on my phone around 145... but that's necessarily accurate). Mine is actually an octave too high... I did it on guitar instead of piano, but just double checked it on a piano.

    10. Jacob on

      @barmalev People can choose to follow your link or not... I'd like to know if my transcription matches others'.

      I just realized why Sidivan's looks so different from mine, and I realize I could use clarification from our Puzzle Masters: Is the entire seven seconds of the audio file one complete measure? I've been treating the first two seconds, in which the notes occur, as one measure, and have been ignoring the five empty seconds that follow.

    11. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      FYI, I noticed that the music file imbedded in this update does not show up on my iPad. If you're trying to solve it without that file, you're doomed. I suggest looking at it on a computer if you're in that boat.


    12. barmalev on

      @Sidivan I'm only an amateur musician, but I think there's a better transcription. (I'm afraid posting it would be too spoilery.)

    13. digadigadig on

      Has ANYONE gotten the musical clue that can help put me out of my misery? I'm spent and have used most of my free time the past two days obsessing about this one (not that I had a lot of free time but still!). I've tried everything (except what is correct of course).

    14. Missing avatar

      Sidivan on

      I'm actually convinced the less you know about music the better off you are on this one. I'm way down the rabbit hole and it seems to me that it's much simpler than I have made it. I transcribed it for you all here:

      A caveat: My software doesn't allow me to set the tempo to a dotted 1/4 note, which in true 9/8 is what it would be. So, you would count it as 3 groups of 3 eighth notes, which changes the tempo considerably and why I had to group them as triplets. I hope that's not part of the puzzle.

    15. Carissa on

      I've passed this on to my musician husband. Although he wasn't any help with the Song Stylist badge. Of course he hasn't looked at it yet. I don't think he understands how badly I NEED these badges. :-)

    16. Aaron Burke on

      I was trying to find a resource like that... but my ear is just not that good. I think I figured out the first 3 or 4, but after that there may as well be an H and an I note in there somewhere.

    17. Leslie Sedlak on

      @Aaron : Same here. :( Found this site, though, and figured it out by ear - . The instructions button offered another twist to the puzzle-solving options that I hadn't thought of, but maybe I'm over-thinking it... O.o

    18. Aaron Burke on

      @Sidivan: You're better off than me. The most I know about music is that I have no talent in it.

    19. Becky C on

      First the signed hard cover book with PDF, then you add the fantastic code pencils, then more art/fun in the form of the map, now the soundtrack with a twist. How much more of my money are you going to take before next week?;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Sidivan on

      Oh you rascals! I'm a musician, so it 5 seconds to figure out the notes, but now I'm contemplating whether all these rests mean something. After all you could've done that melody in 3/4 or 6/8, but you purposely choose 9/8... why 9? hmm....

    21. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      I asked Austin some of your questions about the soundtrack. Here's what he said:
      "The reward level 19 WISHES CLUB (SOUNDTRACK) includes the soundtrack as a total bundle. As of now it will be made available only digitally. (Though physical CDs are always possible if demand calls for it) The album will be released on bandcamp and everyone who has helped finance it via Kickstarter will receive a download code (and can therefore download it FLAC, WAV, Mp3 or however they like). The slightly above-average cost for the album is going towards integrating it into the puzzle scheme for The Maze of Games. Additional bonus content, like Behind The Scenes material, will likely be included as well that will not be made available in the commercial release."

      Does that answer your questions better than I could?


    22. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Auros: No, just all your entertainment time.
      GermanCityGirl: We don't know yet whether the soundtrack will be available on iTunes, and we don't like promising something we can't necessarily deliver. We added a (potentially confusing) $65 level for the hardback plus soundtrack.
      Steven and Stephanie: Yup, we'll do just that.

    23. Auros Harman on

      Yup, freaking out here. You just want ALL my money, don't you?

    24. Steven Marsh on

      @Stephanie -- If you click on "Manage Your Pledge" (below the countdown of the days left), you can add to the amount you're pledging there. Once you've done that, you can click "Continue to Next Step," at the bottom of the page. (Don't click on any of the other reward options on that page -- especially if you have something limited!) It should walk you though. Once the Kickstarter ends, Lone Shark Games will presumably send around surveys asking folks what they intended to buy with the amount they pledged.

    25. Stephanie Beach on

      So to add the $15 to get the download of the soundtrack, I need to do....what?

    26. GermanCityGirl on

      To clarify, Wintory score will NOT be available bundled with any of the levels for this kickstarter, correct? There is no plans to release a hard copy of the music and there is no clarification on whether or not it will be available post-kickstarter. So to get the music at all, pony up another $15?

    27. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Johny: We will ask Austin if that's a possibility.

    28. Steven Marsh on

      @Peter -- Just put your answer in at ... no other manipulation needed. If you think the answer is "bullfrog," just type in BULLFROG in the box at that URL.

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter Fry on

      Excuse me, coming in late, but how do I lodge an answer to the Musical Interlude puzzle?

    30. Johny Woller Skovdal on

      What about the quality of the audio? A bit of a fanatic here when it comes to music quality. Any chance you will be offering the download in FLAC format? :)

    31. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Yipes! We just realized that the above announcement doesn't contain an important fact: that the soundtrack will contain a special bonus multipart musical puzzle not found in the printed books or ebooks.

    32. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      I wish we could offer this at $10, but that's the lowest we could charge for it and still get it to people who want it. (Not sure about post-campaign availability yet.)


    33. Derek on

      I'm in the same boat as Sean. The prices for the add-ons are pretty steep - especially the $30 for some pencils.

      Still, this is a great get. Journey was easily my GOTY last year, and the music was no small part of that.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sean Gugler on

      I wouldn't hesitate at $10/digital or $15/CD, but $15/digital gives me pause, especially with all the other schwag I've already added on. Will you consider offering the music separately, for anyone to purchase and not just via kickstarter pledge? That way I can decide later.

    35. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Steven: I do not believe we will do a CD, though we have talked about it. There's a lot more work involved in that. A wax cylinder, though? Huh.

      Michael: Indeed so!

      Track Zero: Now that is an awesome idea.

    36. Track Zero on

      Finally, something I can play in GarageBand.

    37. Michael Feldman on

      Amazing news! I'll definitely splurge for the soundtrack. Just to clarify with the add-on though, I right now am paying $60 for the hardcover, PDF, and the Map. If I up to 75, I'll get all of those plus the soundtrack? Thanks!

    38. Steven Marsh on

      Fun puzzle!
      I've already upped by pledge by $15, but for those of us who like stuff, will we have an option to buy a CD of the music (or a wax cylinder, for those of us REALLY dedicated to the 1897 mindset)? :-)

    39. Missing avatar

      Kyle Parker-Robinson on

      To say that I'm proud of myself for getting the bandleader badge would be an understatement. Thank you for such an awesome challenge.