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An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
An interactive puzzle novel written by Mike Selinker, with enchanting illustrations by Pete Venters.
2,630 backers pledged $171,146 to help bring this project to life.

A Maze of Games ... RPG?

Last month, after bribing me with cupcakes, campaign manager Liz Smith said, "I know this is very hard to do, but would you write a Maze of Games RPG?" Then she had to get the paramedics to revive me.

But when I came to, I realized she had a staggeringly good idea. What if we designed, from an 1890s perspective, the very first "roles-performing game" and included it in the Conundrucopia section of the book? Certainly all roles-performers... um, I mean, role-players... would like to see the antiquated origins of the great hobby we know and love. Y'know, after we made them up.

But I realized that I couldn't do that alone. I hadn't written an RPG in over a decade. And for that authentic touch, I needed a co-designer, one who could deftly pen a short RPG in the style of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, that brilliant James Wallis storytelling game drawn from tales of that period. You know, the one where you expound your way through a series of heroic and mostly fabricated exploits.

So I said, "Why not James Wallis himself?"

Why not indeed! Fresh from the stellar Kickstarter success of his first RPG in 15 years, ALAS VEGAS, the very British Mr. James Wallis will be bringing his talents to the Maze. If we reach the remarkable pledge level of $150,000, James and I will write a playable section of the book that allows you to match wits with the Gatekeeper and his cavalcade of monsters. Gird your knucklebones -- for adventure!

Maze of Games Kickstarter Update Puzzle #20

Your journey continues! Here is the next part of your adventure through the maze.

20. "O," says the monster, "you are in quite the fix, are you n2? 4 1n earth awaits you if you offend me!"

When you have the game name that answers the puzzle, go to Type in the puzzle's number and your answer, in that order. If you're correct, you'll get a piece of a maze which you can assemble to help you find your way out! You can find all previous update puzzles at the @MazeofGames Twitter feed.

Thanks for supporting The Maze of Games!

Mike and the Sharks


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    1. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      I have faith those two will get out some day.

    2. digadigadig on

      Crossing my fingers for the RPG, and hoping Deb Amien and Eric Berlin get out soon, too. But if Richard Garfield and Cliff Johnson remain locked up forever, I will have a sad.

    3. Gina Howard on

      150k seems so far away...I really hope we can make it! This would indeed be an amazing addition to the book!

    4. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Oh yes, Uncle James, please do!

    5. Steven Marsh on

      Were this delightful future to come to pass, I have nothing but confidence in the abilities of the noble Mr. Wallis to deliver the goods so promised by all parties involved.

      Tell us, James, about the time you wrote three award-winning games in the month before GenCon, using only your left hand and a language unknown to you!

    6. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Jenna: No, ma'am. I'm a contributor to Alas Vegas as well, and I'm not going to let him miss his deadline to make my deadline. Because I WANT ALAS VEGAS.


    7. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Look, James Wallis has already contributed a deftly penned *correction* to The Maze of Games! Will wonders never cease!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jenna on

      This won't change the estimated delivery date, will it? Because I assume Mr. Wallis has his own stuff to do in order to fulill his kickstarter and that would be his priority. A quick look shows me he has a book that doesn't have an expected delivery date until Dec., while this is supposed to be out in Nov.

      I don't mean to be negative, this sounds great. But I want my Maze of Games as soon as possible!

    9. Steven Marsh on

      Awesomely exciting news! Let's hurry up and get to $150K! :-)

    10. James Wallis on

      I should point out that the first role-playing game is actually The aforementioned Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which dates from 1798, though of course many worthy authorities debate the authenticity of that claim on the grounds that Munchausen isn't a true RPG but more of a story-game. But in this context we shall regard the claim of 'The Maze of Games RPG' to be the first RPG as we do any claim made by an American, which is to say we shall silently suffix it with the phrase 'in America' and leave it at that. Another triumph for international diplomacy!

    11. Lone Shark Games 5-time creator

      Apologies to those expecting an update on Monday. We blame the international date line, or something.