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A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk.
A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk.
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Update #12: A New Hope (And New Dooms Too!), Storytime with Mr. Forbeck, the Beast Box, and Dr. Zeez's Sensibilities

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

We hope everyone is enjoying Star Wars Day! We've got some bold goals for the day, so read on if you'd like to hear about them.

Thanks to everyone for helping us unlock the cross-chapter missions! We hope to get them in promo card form not long from now, if we reach $215,000. In case you missed it on Friday, we launched several new add-ons for the game, including deckboxes and playmats. Feel free to check them out!

Also thanks to the Going Last podcast for featuring Apocrypha. And you might want to tune in on Thursday for Mad Men actor Rich Sommer's CARDBOARD! podcast, where I and The Big Bang Theory's Kevin Sussman will be hanging out with Rich.

Stretch goal: A much bigger box of cards

As most of you know, we reached all our planned stretch goals in the first two weeks of the campaign, so we've been thinking of new ones such as the cross-chapter missions. The developers on the project had one goal they want most of all: more cards. They especially want more omens of hope and doom, plus more fragments and gifts and threats, because their brains are overflowing with ideas for them. But, I said, "we're already giving people more than 1,100 cards. That's a whole lot of cards."

"More," they said, like the ravenous beasts they are.

Okay, I want a less-ravenous group of beasts in my office. But cards are expensive. So we started to figure out what it would cost to get the number of cards up to 1,300 cards in all the chapters—basically raising the number of cards from about 75 per chapter to more than 90 per chapter—and we figured we could do it if we raised $250,000 in this campaign. That's a lot of money, but we might get there.

There's a reasonable chance that 1,300 cards is the biggest non-collectible card game ever. There's an even more reasonable chance that there's no way we can sell this as cheap as $99 retail; it might even be more than one big box. So I'm pretty sure that if we make this goal, this will be the least expensive this game will ever be.

Stretch goal: Storytime with Mr. Forbeck

Matt Forbeck is a talented writer. I mean, six to twelve novels a year talented. And so when we needed to have a mammoth Apocrypha story bible written, Matt was the only voice we ever thought to turn to. He created a work of towering genius that became the basis of our unstable little universe. So we're asking him to help us more with some new stretch goals!

  • At $220,000, the Apocrypha rules will come with a short story by Matt
  • At $230,000, we'll release Selections from the Apocrypha Bible on our website, so that you can see what we've been working with.

We have a lot more planned for fiction, but we're likely going to save that for a later campaign when we have a lot more art and story in house. Trust me, you'll like that.

The Beast Box

It's looking like a major oversight that we don't have a $666 level in this campaign. So now that we've got all this cool stuff from Ultra PRO, let's make one. Please allow me to introduce the Beast Box, it's a box of wealth and taste. More accurately, it's a collection of everything we're producing. The Beast Box includes:

  • 1 Master's Edition, signed by all the developers
  • 1 Revelation Box with all the chapters, similarly signed
  • 1 Ultra PRO character binder
  • 2 Ultra PRO mission playmats
  • 18 Ultra PRO deckboxes (9 of Hope, 9 of Doom) suitable for all 18 characters
  • 1,300+ Ultra PRO sleeves, including 100 color-backed sleeves in the appropriate chapter colors
  • 5 more sets of dice so every player can have a set
  • Printed versions of all Apocrypha stories and selections from the Apocrypha Bible
  • Probably more, because we're like that

So if you'd like a special collection for the gamer who likes numerology, the Beast Box is the one for you.

Doctor Zeez's Journal, Entry #7

When we last left Doctor Zeez, he was playing with his patient's spine. Let's see what trouble he gets into today.

If you find the body part Doctor Zeez is looking for, send it in an email to (whatever your answer is) (without spaces). You will be rewarded by auto-reply with the Badge of the Golems if you do, and you can turn it into your icon on Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, or anywhere else. Please do!

And thanks for supporting the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game!

Mike and the Sharks

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      Gah, nevermind. Got it. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      I'm sure I'm over-thinking it, but this one has me stumped. I feel like I'm missing a vital clue. :\

    3. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      To reiterate: We do not plan to make individual Apocrypha card sleeves at this time.

    4. stevelabny

      After getting a little stumped last time, this was the first one I showed my gf at the same time I started looking at it. She solved it in about 3 seconds.

    5. Anthony DePasquale on

      Are you guys going to do the card sleeves also as a separate add-on? Or is that just for the BEAST box?

    6. Nick Josh on

      Kind of sad to hear extra dice are more difficult than they should be, but I'm thrilled with how this project is going as it is.

    7. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      Paul: Thanks!

    8. Paul Zagieboylo on

      I have to say, I'm really enjoying these puzzles. I'm a Mystery Hunter, and while these are clearly (and intentionally) not Hunt-caliber puzzles, presumably because you do not wish to frighten donors more than necessary, they certainly show the same kind of thoughtful design and conventions used by modern puzzle hunts. Well done, I say!

      (This comment is not part of any puzzle.)

    9. Atheral on

      Puzzle was a real mind stretcher this time.

      I wish I had the spare cash to kick my pledge up to the beast level..but sadly I have to eat as well.

    10. sean stockton on

      actually, extra dice are very counter-intuitive, as the max you can roll are four per color...and that's the contents of the box...

    11. yardswimmer

      @LSG ah ok that's cool. Thanks for the clarification.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jake Kuska on

      Nice puzzle.

      Looking forward to see how far this campaign goes....

      It's already reached an incredible value.

    13. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      yardswimmer: Because it's two different boxes. You get both a Master's Edition and a Revelation Box with all the chapters at that level, plus a bunch more stuff.

      Nancy: That is proving to be more difficult than we would like. We'll see.

    14. yardswimmer

      Does the Beast Box come with everything that the Masters Edition as well? Also why did you say both the Masters Edition and Revelation box? For this one would we get two games or just wanted to say that we would get everything from both of those pledge levels as well?

    15. Nancy Hutchins

      Any chance of extra dice being an add on??????????