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A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk.
A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk.
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Update #7: The Damned Released, The Golems, Ms. Kowal, and Our Humble Kickstarter Fund

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

Thanks to you, we unlocked The Damned! (Say, that sounds safe.) That means our dear, devil-obsessed friend Erin M. Evans will be telling us all about the demons she finds in the real world. I think we all benefit when that happens.

We did an AMA! It was fun. And we are indebted to io9's Ed Grabianowski, Nick Meenachan on the Dice Tower Breakfast, and novelist Dave Gross's Creative Colleagues project for spreading the word about our nutball little game.

Stretch goal: The Book of the Golems

At $140,000, we will unlock The Book of the Golems. Picture, if you will, the Polish city of Chelm in the 1500s. A rabbi makes the very first golem out of humble clay and inscribes emet, the Hebrew word for "truth," on his head. After a series of tragic misunderstandings, the rabbi reluctantly wipes the aleph from the golem's head, changing the word emet into met, the Hebrew word for "dead." And so he crumbled into aether. Can you see how that might make the golem, now named Aleph, rather angry? And can you see what happens when the golem discovers that mankind has animated supercomputers and airplanes and automatic garbage disposals, all of which he can command? Now you understand the nature of The Book of the Golems.

Our memory writer for this chapter is Mary Robinette Kowal. She is the author of The Glamourist Histories, which is kind of like what happens when Jane Austen writes a fantasy epic. Which, as it turns out, is aimed squarely at me. Mary has won Hugo awards for her short story "For Want of a Nail" and her novelette The Lady Astronaut of Mars. She's also an amazing puppeteer, and if you can imagine the connection between puppets and an entire chapter full of golems, this might just be the chapter for you.

The Lone Shark Games Kickstarter Fund

With Doctor Zeez out hunting snarks, this seemed an excellent time to tell you guys about the Lone Shark Games Kickstarter Fund. It's a fund our company established years ago to support the works of our legion of collaborators, employees, and clients. We want everyone associated with us to succeed at the things that inspire them, so we've backed 150 of their projects in hopes that you will too. This month's projects:

  • The Titan Series, by Ray Wehrs and Calliope Games: An ongoing series of light, casual games by some of the best designers in the world.
  • Phoenix: Dawn Command, by Twogether Studios, LLC: Keith Baker's epic reincarnation-based RPG.
  • Girl Genius: A New Journey Begins, by Studio Foglio: The latest in the ongoing webcomic saga of Agatha Heterodyne in book form.

Take a look at the fund if you like. The previous notes are all there on the Lone Shark Games page on Facebook, which you are encouraged to Like as much as you… um, like. Many of our previously backed Kickstarter Fund projects are still available. Thanks for checking them out!

And thanks for supporting the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game!

Mike and the Sharks

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    1. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      Sure, *a* Golem was made by Rabbi Loew in Prague. Another Golem was made a century earlier by Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem, in Chelm. And that's this particular Golem we have included in our story. Don't worry, Rabbi Loew's Golem will probably make an appearance, but he's not Aleph.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Greenberg

      ummm.....Chelm was famous for fools.
      The Golem was made by R' Judah Loew of Prague.
      (which explains why the attic of the Altneuschul is off limits to this day)