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A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk.
A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk.
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Update #6: Gaia Unleashed on Earth Day, The Dreamers Sleep, The Damned, Ms. Evans, Australian Shipping, and Doctor Zeez's Decapitations

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

Yesterday was Earth Day! What a perfect day to unleash the fury of Mother Gaia and her horde of nature spirits on an unsuspecting human populace. And that's just what we did! The Book of the Animus, with memories by Kij Johnson, is now unlocked. 

Also unlocked is The Book of the Dreamers. Don't sleep on this deck, because the Dreamers are very happy to rock you to sleep forever. Memory author Keith Baker wrote an amazing blog post about our game and his project, Phoenix: Dawn Command. He also included a memory for Apocrypha, which I'll repost here:

THE WATCHER: It was just a dream. Yet you can still smell the blood of the night watchman. You can still hear the raven’s whispers and feel the silver blade catching on bone. It was just a dream, but you knew he had to die and you had to kill him. It was just a dream. So why are your bedsheets covered in blood?

Yow, Keith. That's a memory I won't soon forget.

We're also quite grateful for memory author Jerry Holkins, who wrote this incredibly cool thing on Penny Arcade. This certainly brought a whole bunch of people over, which means Apocrypha now has a thousand backers, and the Big Box has four more chapters. Thanks, everyone. This game is going to be great because of you.

Stretch goal: The Book of the Damned

At $130,000 we'll unlock The Book of the Damned, where our infernal creatures come into play. The Damned summon and bind demons and other foul things, setting them loose more often than they should. Heaven hates them for dealing with demons. Hell hates them for stealing their demons. Saints hate them because they cause destruction wherever they go. Demons hate them because that's what demons do. Leading the earthbound forces of the Damned is the Oathbinder Abramelin, a pre-Egyptian mage whose desire for knowledge is unbounded. Among his grimoires and magic squares are the contracts he keeps with the rest of the Novem. Whether they kept their copies is unclear.

I can't think of anyone on earth better to write the fever-drenched memories of demonic sorcerers than Erin M. Evans, a novelist who wrote the Forgotten Realms books Brimstone Angels, Fire in the Blood, and The God Catcher. Many of her stories involve someone making some sort of pact with some sort of thing you shouldn't make pacts with. Her cambion Lorcan and tiefling Farideh are among the most popular characters in fantasy fiction. So when we scoped out the Damned, Erin was the only name we wanted. Also, she's in my charity D&D group, so she's seen me in a pastry chef outfit. Here's one of her memories.

THE CHARM: The chain wraps around your neck—once, twice, thrice. Bright as silver but heavy as iron. Where it touches it clings to your skin as if each link’s grown a centipede’s legs. “We have to keep you safe,” the man’s voice taunts. Blood trickles down your throat, following the taut line of a tendon. “There are such dangerous things out there after all.”

Australian Shipping

We have found solutions that allow us to reduce the cost of shipping Apocrypha to Australia for $30, a $15 savings over what we had in the campaign. Like with our EU backers, if you're from Australia, just go to Manage Your Pledge and select any reward with (AUSTRALIA) in the name. Follow it all the way through, then—this is important—manually adjust your pledge to the new amount. It'll look weird, but it will work. If you have any questions, please send us a note. Thanks!

Doctor Zeez's Journal, Entry 4

Last time, things may have been a little worrisome for Doctor Zeez's patient. But it's nothing to lose your head over, right?

If you find the body part Doctor Zeez is looking for, send it in an email to (whatever your answer is) (without spaces). You will be rewarded by auto-reply with the Badge of the Animus if you do, and you can turn it into your icon on Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, or anywhere else. Please do!

And thanks for supporting the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game!

Mike and the Sharks

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    1. J H

      great puzzle

    2. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      Mark: Go ahead and pay one shipping price. If we discover it throws everything out of whack depending on where in Australia you live and what the final total is, we'll contact you.

    3. Mark Schipper on

      Hi, If i order two or three copies shipped to Australia how does the shipping work? Do i only pay one shipping?

    4. Aaron Burke on

      Ooh, that last step was tricksy.

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      Kikizosan on

      Ah, that last step took me far too long to get - obvious now. *sigh* :)

    6. stevelabny

      I feel sheepish for not actually finishing all the steps this time :P

    7. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      Note that changing your pledge does NOT mean you lose your place in the order you backed the game, in case that matters to folks.

    8. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      Happy to help. These are complicated issues, it turns out. But we're getting them figured out.

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      Simon Sherwood on

      Thank you for the cheaper shipping to Australia.

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      Jake Kuska on

      Really nifty puzzle.