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Join Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman & world renowned scientists to find the elusive '52 Hertz' whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.
Join Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman & world renowned scientists to find the elusive '52 Hertz' whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.
3,833 backers pledged $405,937 to help bring this project to life.

Whale, whale, whale... Rewards are here!


Friends of 52: 

We are so excited to hear that you’ve been receiving your rewards! These are just small tokens to remind you how much we appreciate your generosity and support for our oceans. 

We will be personally following up with details regarding experiential rewards very soon! Keep an eye out :)

Tattly Temporary Tattoos
Tattly Temporary Tattoos
Special Edition Stoney Clover Lane Festival Bracelets!
Special Edition Stoney Clover Lane Festival Bracelets!
Shepard Fairey-designed Lonely Whale Movie Poster
Shepard Fairey-designed Lonely Whale Movie Poster
Entourage Director's Chair-back, Signed by the Cast!
Entourage Director's Chair-back, Signed by the Cast!
Entourage: The Movie Signed Script Cover
Entourage: The Movie Signed Script Cover

Buoy, oh, buoy… Rewards are coming!


It may be April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke that we can’t wait to reward your continued help and support. 

With the help of your contributions, we’ve been able to accomplish so much in our Finding 52 journey. And now that Spring has officially sprung, we can’t wait to show you just how much we appreciate your support! 

Rewards are all prepped and ready to be sent out: physical rewards will be received by mail, while digital rewards will be distributed via e-mail throughout the Spring.  

We’ve been having a whale of a time organizing the incredible experiential rewards, which will be taking place this summer! If you are one of the lucky supporters partaking in whale watching expeditions, dinners, and the like, be on the lookout: we’ll be contacting you individually with the details and timeline of your reward. 

Because our documentary relies so heavily on Mother Nature, we sometimes have to bend to her will - but worry not, ocean-lovers! We are making incredible progress on the documentary and are so excited to share the finished product with you. Any rewards in association with the film itself will be sent digitally when the project has wrapped. 

 Again, THANK YOU. We hope everyone’s April is starting off swimmingly!

On The Horizon: The Rewards, Documentary & Foundation


Dearest Ocean lovers,

Happy 2016!!

We hope the new year is filled with love and respect, to each other and our precious earth. This year we have whale-sized goals on the horizon, that we would love for you to be a part of.


Last year your kind donations and empathy for the lonely whale, raised over $400,000 -those donations helped accomplish the following:

Supporting the research led by our outstanding group of scientists at the SCRIPPS Institute, and Cascadia Research Collective. Based on their experience, previous research, and new findings, they devised a plan for an expedition in search of “52” the unique whale that calls out at a frequency that no other whale can understand.

The expedition was a success in so many ways, and marks only the beginning for a long term analysis to understand and prove our findings.

Our team is now working on editing all the amazing footage captured, weaving this beautiful story together, while our scientists continue their study.

Now, It’s your turn. You have been faithful and loving supporters of the project. We thank you for that! And now that we have hit the sea, we are ready to send your rewards around the world!! Rewards fulfillment is taking place this Spring, and experiential rewards will take place over the Summer/Fall 2016. We sent address requests via survey for the people that chose certain rewards, and we have what we need to find you. If we have any questions we will email you directly - not to worry. 

On the horizon:

With the amazing response from people around the world like you, it became clear that the Lonely Whale story is a perfect way to talk about ocean education and awareness, empathy and conservation. As such, the Lonely Whale Foundation was launched.

*Please note: the Foundation is a not-for-profit effort, funded independently from the Kickstarter program.*

In December, our team travelled to Miami, and to COP 21 in Paris to speak about the oceans with a global community while launching the Lonely Whale Foundation which will execute an in-classroom ocean education unit program nationally. More about that here!

Over the next year, the Lonely Whale Foundation will work directly with The Academy for Global Citizenship and Oceana to develop and launch a Kindergarten through 6th grade unit based, IB curriculum program.

With the goal of creating an in-classroom program that's easily received by ALL students, and accessible in schools that are not necessarily in coastal communities, AGC and Oceana will take ocean noise pollution research. combine them with in-classroom IB standards and develop Lonely Whale curriculum packages that are easily accessible, approachable, and love-able.

The program will launch with a template 10 lesson series for Kindergarteners this May in Chicago. The program will be bi-lingual, spanish and english, and in August we hope for it to be in a series of schools nationally.

Lonely Whale Foundation, and Initiative, is also working on a series of media tools for other forms of broad ocean education, such as the VR experienced, graciously sponsored by Dell. Stay tune for more fun projects this year that will hit the globe in the goal of awareness.

Kind Regards,

The Lonely Whale Team

Lonely Whale Foundation - Launches this Friday, and you're invited!

You're invited
You're invited

The Lonely Whale Foundation officially launches this Friday at Art Basel Miami, and you're invited. (Non-Profit Foundation to Focus on Ocean Education, Awareness and Health)

Inspired by the heartfelt story of an enigmatic whale - the 52 Hertz whale - actor, filmmaker and social advocate Adrian Grenier, along with Producer Lucy Sumner and Director Josh Zeman, has launched the Lonely Whale Foundation (LWF) in hopes to generate global change. 

The Lonely Whale Foundation will serve as a home for ocean health awareness through accessible conversation and education. The project first began as a focus on the 52 Hertz Whale, a whale that has spent its entire life in solitude – resulting in feature film 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale, produced by entertainment and media company Alldayeveryday and Reckless Productions. The team behind the film realized a need to transform the positivity generated by 52 into something greater with real, tangible results. 

“The Lonely Whale is not only a real animal, swimming in the pacific, looking for companionship but a symbol of our lack of ocean awareness, and how that disconnect is affecting these beautiful life forms,” said co-founder Adrian Grenier. “The mission for this foundation has been years in the making, and we hope the result will be greater understanding of our oceans, as well as mobilize our society to ensure that these creatures do not disappear from our oceans.” 

LWF operates on the belief that on order to achieve a healthier ocean and environment for marine wildlife, humans must assume the roles of global citizens and work together as stewards of the planet to make positive change in the fragile and complex bodies of water that make up over 70% of the planet. 

The first step to LWF bringing people closer to the world’s oceans will take place through education and awareness, hoping to inspire empathy and action for ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife. Education will primarily take place through a program developed for Kindergarten through second graders by their partner school, the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago. In addition to early-childhood education programming, LWF hopes to bolster public awareness through global mobilization and collaboration. This will result in programming designed by the Lonely Whale teamed aimed at highlighting the oceans, while also supporting the Foundation. 

To celebrate the foundation launch, Adrian Grenier, in partnership with Dell, will unveil a new virtual reality experience, “Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Experience” on Friday, December 4 during Art Basel Miami. An underwater VR expedition created by 3D Live, Dell Precision Alienware technology, the film will travel to United Nations Paris Climate Conference (COP21) next week and then other events around the world to help educated and inspire empathy and action from ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife. 

For more information on the Lonely Whale Foundation, stay tuned.

Thank you for your continued support and love for the oceans. 

The Lonely Whale Team

We're Back!

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Friends of Fifty Two!

We are excited to announce the team is back, safe and sound, from their expedition on “The Truth.”

All we can say is WOW! It was even better than we hoped for!

Overall, the expedition was a huge success in breaking scientific ground and moving closer to our goal. Most importantly, your support allowed for some of the most passionate filmmakers and scientists to come together in the same room (boat) in pursuit of a common goal.

You’ll have to wait and watch the documentary to see if 52 was found, or not, but we are thrilled to have had such a successful mission at sea, and are excited to share more news with you soon…

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Here are a few highlights:

In the words of one of our lead scientists, John Calambokidis : 

  •  “The expedition succeeded in finding a major concentration of blue whales despite the warm el Nino conditions, poor weather, and low sightings overall in the Southern California Bight. Close to 100 blue whales were sighted across the multiple days including blue, fin, and humpback whales! 
  • Some new types of tags were deployed including some components never before deployed on whales. 
  •  Data is still coming in from some of the whales encountered. 
  •  We were able to photo-ID more than 50 individuals of blue, humpback, and fin whales based on the unique individual markings, these are now being compared to Cascadia's catalog of over 3,000 blue and over 3,000 humpback whales we can track and recognized based on their individual markings. DIFAR sonobuoys were successfully used to get good directions to both blue and fin whales to identify the callers.”

Marine Biologist Ana Širović, added: 

  •  “Like John said, the area we were in was certainly very attractive for baleen whales. Real-time data collection at sea is always a challenge, but despite some bad luck with the weather (including broken plates and spilled milk), we had good luck with the acoustics and collected hours and hours of recordings. We were able to track many blue whale songs, we recorded a large number of their foraging calls, and we also heard fin whales. Certainly the further out we went, the more acoustic activity was recorded. We are continuing our search of the recordings from the cruise, and otherwise, for unique signals…”

On the filmmaking front, Josh and the video team recorded NON STOP- We have amazing footage that we are just starting to go through! We will be rolling out some sneak peeks in the coming weeks as well as clips from the video logs! On the science front, our researchers will continue to analyze the data and audio recordings in the coming weeks - they have an arduous job ahead of them. 

We would like to thank you, as always, for your amazing support of our project. It’s hard to believe that such an exciting expedition was only the beginning. We are excited to continue this amazing journey with you by our side.

The Lonely Whale Team