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Join Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman & world renowned scientists to find the elusive '52 Hertz' whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.
Join Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman & world renowned scientists to find the elusive '52 Hertz' whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.
3,833 backers pledged $405,937 to help bring this project to life.

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Thank You 52 Supporters


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Dearest "52" Kickstarter Community...


In February of 2015, we embarked on a journey to explore the mystery of the 52 Hertz Whale. A very special project that came to life because of you. A community that not only loves the ocean and its magical creatures, but also understands our responsibility to protect it.  

After years of research, a successful Kickstarter campaign and an amazing voyage, we found ourselves in the editing room. A process full of joy, surprises, and learnings, that is still ongoing. We are happy to inform that, despite encountered financial challenges and consequent delays, the film is nearly done and we are submitting it to film festivals in the coming months. We hope to have an announcement about where people can see it soon, and you’ll be the first to know.

During this whole time, we have been promoting ocean health and sustainability, as well as our profound love for 52. We’ve made some incredible discoveries not just about 52 himself but also about whales in general. We’re excited that the story of 52 continues to spread around the globe, inspiring people everywhere, as it has continued to inspire us.

To our dear 52 community we want to say THANK YOU for your support, patience, and relentless love for the oceans. We will continue to share news with you as they take shape.

Whale, whale, whale... Rewards are here!


Friends of 52: 

We are so excited to hear that you’ve been receiving your rewards! These are just small tokens to remind you how much we appreciate your generosity and support for our oceans. 

We will be personally following up with details regarding experiential rewards very soon! Keep an eye out :)

Tattly Temporary Tattoos
Tattly Temporary Tattoos
Special Edition Stoney Clover Lane Festival Bracelets!
Special Edition Stoney Clover Lane Festival Bracelets!
Shepard Fairey-designed Lonely Whale Movie Poster
Shepard Fairey-designed Lonely Whale Movie Poster
Entourage Director's Chair-back, Signed by the Cast!
Entourage Director's Chair-back, Signed by the Cast!
Entourage: The Movie Signed Script Cover
Entourage: The Movie Signed Script Cover

Buoy, oh, buoy… Rewards are coming!


It may be April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke that we can’t wait to reward your continued help and support. 

With the help of your contributions, we’ve been able to accomplish so much in our Finding 52 journey. And now that Spring has officially sprung, we can’t wait to show you just how much we appreciate your support! 

Rewards are all prepped and ready to be sent out: physical rewards will be received by mail, while digital rewards will be distributed via e-mail throughout the Spring.  

We’ve been having a whale of a time organizing the incredible experiential rewards, which will be taking place this summer! If you are one of the lucky supporters partaking in whale watching expeditions, dinners, and the like, be on the lookout: we’ll be contacting you individually with the details and timeline of your reward. 

Because our documentary relies so heavily on Mother Nature, we sometimes have to bend to her will - but worry not, ocean-lovers! We are making incredible progress on the documentary and are so excited to share the finished product with you. Any rewards in association with the film itself will be sent digitally when the project has wrapped. 

 Again, THANK YOU. We hope everyone’s April is starting off swimmingly!

On The Horizon: The Rewards, Documentary & Foundation


Dearest Ocean lovers,

Happy 2016!!

We hope the new year is filled with love and respect, to each other and our precious earth. This year we have whale-sized goals on the horizon, that we would love for you to be a part of.


Last year your kind donations and empathy for the lonely whale, raised over $400,000 -those donations helped accomplish the following:

Supporting the research led by our outstanding group of scientists at the SCRIPPS Institute, and Cascadia Research Collective. Based on their experience, previous research, and new findings, they devised a plan for an expedition in search of “52” the unique whale that calls out at a frequency that no other whale can understand.

The expedition was a success in so many ways, and marks only the beginning for a long term analysis to understand and prove our findings.

Our team is now working on editing all the amazing footage captured, weaving this beautiful story together, while our scientists continue their study.

Now, It’s your turn. You have been faithful and loving supporters of the project. We thank you for that! And now that we have hit the sea, we are ready to send your rewards around the world!! Rewards fulfillment is taking place this Spring, and experiential rewards will take place over the Summer/Fall 2016. We sent address requests via survey for the people that chose certain rewards, and we have what we need to find you. If we have any questions we will email you directly - not to worry. 

On the horizon:

With the amazing response from people around the world like you, it became clear that the Lonely Whale story is a perfect way to talk about ocean education and awareness, empathy and conservation. As such, the Lonely Whale Foundation was launched.

*Please note: the Foundation is a not-for-profit effort, funded independently from the Kickstarter program.*

In December, our team travelled to Miami, and to COP 21 in Paris to speak about the oceans with a global community while launching the Lonely Whale Foundation which will execute an in-classroom ocean education unit program nationally. More about that here!

Over the next year, the Lonely Whale Foundation will work directly with The Academy for Global Citizenship and Oceana to develop and launch a Kindergarten through 6th grade unit based, IB curriculum program.

With the goal of creating an in-classroom program that's easily received by ALL students, and accessible in schools that are not necessarily in coastal communities, AGC and Oceana will take ocean noise pollution research. combine them with in-classroom IB standards and develop Lonely Whale curriculum packages that are easily accessible, approachable, and love-able.

The program will launch with a template 10 lesson series for Kindergarteners this May in Chicago. The program will be bi-lingual, spanish and english, and in August we hope for it to be in a series of schools nationally.

Lonely Whale Foundation, and Initiative, is also working on a series of media tools for other forms of broad ocean education, such as the VR experienced, graciously sponsored by Dell. Stay tune for more fun projects this year that will hit the globe in the goal of awareness.

Kind Regards,

The Lonely Whale Team