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The first fully analogue instant camera for Instax square film – now a multi-format master!
The first fully analogue instant camera for Instax square film – now a multi-format master!
The first fully analogue instant camera for Instax square film – now a multi-format master!
3,141 backers pledged $579,583 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. nezcat on

      Is it still possible to order add-ons? I’ve already received the camera and kind of wish I ordered more goodies :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Dollbaby on

      Where is the best place to get polaroids that will work in the camera?

    3. Timothy Stark

      Does anyone know any good camera bag for my instant square camera and accessories?

    4. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Farouq we still have no definite date when the bag will be released, but we have not forgotten about it!!

    5. Farouq on

      Any updates on the bag? Would love to have it.

    6. Missing avatar

      DJ Toman on

      I haven't received my camera and I can't find the email address to write to ensure the right person receives it. I'm pretty sure I provided my current US address. Please check and let me know the status of my long-awaited order. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Haley on


      I have not received any information about the delivery, no tracking number, no email. Please check the status of the delivery and let me know. Thank you.

    8. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Freesten @JinYong Son please shoot us a message and we will gladly help you!

    9. Missing avatar

      JinYong Son on

      If you take a portrait with a camera, it won't focus. Be in need of service

    10. Missing avatar

      Freesten on

      Hello, what can I do if my Square have no response after pressing the shutter?

      I’m from hk.

    11. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Isabella Mak the Instant Squre needs a lot of light, so even in situations when your eyes give you the impression that there is ample light chances are you should facilitate the flash.

    12. Isabella Mak on

      Hi there! Just wanted to ask if it's normal that almost all my photos are underexposed ): Even after I use the EV+ mode and even when the setting wasn't dark.

      Also, I can't get crisp clear photos and struggle with the focus lengths. Anybody has tips? ): Thanks!!

    13. Keola Dacalio

      @creator why haven’t I received my camera still?

    14. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Zachary I am looking into your case right now and will get back to you. I understand that you are upset, but there is no need for profanity.

    15. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      I was backer 926, very early on. Where the fuck is my camera. You are a terrible company.

    16. Keola Dacalio

      Any news on delivery?

    17. Sandy Pirouzi on

      Is it just me that received this with a VERY WEAK flash? Even in 'selfie range' the outcome is way under exposed.

    18. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Francesco unfortunately the bag got postponed, but check out our online store from time to time for updated ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      Any news about the bag? :-)

    20. Lorenzo on

      @Rose the info about the marks in the wiewfinder is somewhere in the manual... You're welcome! :)

      About the overexposure... Yes, the camera overexposes in full sun! An included ND-filter or a faster shutter/narrower aperture would've been appreciated.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rose A. on

      @Vince I've actually encountered overexposure but only once. Super sunny day, wispy clouds and the background was white/light yellow sand and crystal blue water. I put it on EV- and the sand washed out. It wasn't white but close. I'd imagine it to be worse over fresh snow!

    22. Vince J. on

      Hello, I received and tested the camera. As Rose already wrote there is someting to understand about the veiwfinder, it's clear it deals with parallax. The same I see about the lens blades that does not close perfectly. Anyways the feeling is of a solid build, in the field of plastic cameras.
      But the main question is about EV range and sensitivity: with a ISO 800 film, in the full sun you should expose with 1/800 sec. and aperture f/16, that means 1/400 and f/22, but the shutter only reaches 1/250 sec! and what if yoi have sun over sand or snow? The film has a high contrast, and will not allow overexposure, am I wrong? Till now I always had moderate sun and cloudy sky, but I wait the full sun to some soon. Anyone experienced overexposure due to the shutter limit?

    23. Keola Dacalio


      Where are these shipping from? I still haven’t got a package or email even after speaking to you in private message about the logistic error. Please let me know

    24. Missing avatar

      Rose A. on

      @Lorenzo whaaaaaa- are you serious LOL is this tidbit of info written somewhere and I missed it? I was expecting a parallax error but I didn't realize it was for the close focus 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ thanks for the info tho, absolute film saver!

    25. Lorenzo on

      @Rose the darker marks in the wiewfinder are a parallax error correction for the 0.8 focus setting.

      The mini film cuts out the right part of the scene (exactly the opposite!)

    26. Missing avatar

      Roy Yeo on

      Hi, I receive the camera but did not receive the additional pledge, kindly advise

    27. Ursula on

      I have been trying and trying and trying to deal with "customer service" here and/or through the Lomography site about the defective camera I received, but unresponsive doesn't begin to describe it. Is there anyone out there?

    28. Missing avatar

      Rose A. on

      Been using the camera for around 2.5 months now. I've used the filters and both types of film for the camera, currently on a b&w mini pack. Here's a quick review:

      - Easy to use, although the first time I had to pop out the mechanism I was hesitant because I felt like I'd break it
      - Closing it down is just as easy
      - Focus slider is easy to use
      - The orange filter that came with the camera is wonderful for black and white
      - Splitzer is really nice! Only used it a handful of times though but I like the results. I just need to remember what sides I use, LOL
      - 0.5m attachment is good, I actually like what I can take with this better than the 0.8
      - Honestly, if you use the right focus setting, the photos are sharp, or at least sharper than what I expected it to be

      - 0.8m focus range has yet to give me sharp pictures. I honestly can't figure out the range for this. I even used a tape measure to no success
      - a bit clunky to hold. While fuji also has their shutter button near the flash, the lomo has a very flat surface where I need to actually visibly look for the shutter button before I set it up
      - Some parts of the camera feel a bit flimsy, the lens door being one. It auto-opens and -closes as you pop out the billows but when I do close it down, the lens door doesn't fully close. Small debris can definitely get in not only the lens door, but even to the billow area because the mechanism doesn't shut tight. I can squish it tighter but when I let go, there's a small sliver of space again
      - Flash is a bit weak. I was hoping it would be stronger. The color filters hardly make a difference unless you're in a darker setting and really close to the subject
      - the little lock for the backdoor comes all the way out so I'm hoping it doesn't fall off when not in use

      BIGGEST GRIPE: THE VIEWFINDER. Holy mother of all viewfinders. If you plan to use mini film, I feel like you have a luckier shot at just taking it without looking at the viewfinder because that tiny hole is a lie. The viewfinder is square, with a tinted black margin on the top and left side. I assumed this meant that if I use the mini-film, the darker part will be excluded from the shot and to adjust accordingly. more than a dozen shots later and I still can't get the shot right. The square film gives you a bit more leeway in terms of mistakes but the viewfinder is pretty accurate for square. but the mini film will slice off a big part of your composition that you thought the viewfinder wouldn't. I'm still not sure if the tinted margin is for the mini film or it has some other purpose I've yet to find out but holy hell do i hate the viewfinder.

      Other comments:
      - Never used the remote so I can't say anything about it
      - Don't be an idiot like me and use MX in broad daylight or you'll be drowning in overexposed film LOL
      - have yet to try bulb mode
      - EV+ washes out the entire photo so use it sparingly

      I'm really happy with it. Main issues would probably be having a better lens door/tighter closure and the viewfinder :/

    29. Missing avatar

      Kendall Effler on

      I have also not received my pledge package, and I was one of the first 400 backers. I have messaged them and not received a response. Has anyone found a help number, or do I need to report the issue to kickstarter?

    30. Missing avatar

      Yuliya on

      I have not received the camera. May I have an update please? Thank u

    31. Keola Dacalio


      Haven’t received any tracking info or camera yet here in the US. Any news on these shipping times?

    32. Missing avatar

      JML on

      I received the camera but none of the aditional itemps

    33. JC Ruiz on

      Anyone having issues with the flash not working? Mine just stopped suddenly :(

    34. Missing avatar

      andreas neubauer on

      In the manual it says : Photo CR2 Batterie 6,0 V

      But i can only find 3 V ??????

    35. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Minjeong Joo , @Rhoda Ng, @Angela Joyosa we are looking into your shipments and will get in touch soon!

    36. Missing avatar

      Minjeong Joo on

      I have not received the camera. May I have an update please? Thanks

    37. Missing avatar

      Rhoda Ng on

      I have not received the camera. May I have an update please? Thanks

    38. Missing avatar

      Angela Joyosa on

      I have not received my camera and the additional items i ordered. I would like to get an update. Thank you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      @William Yu thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      Yarey on

      Hi, there's something wrong with my camera: the black thing over the glass won't move when I open the camera, so I can't take photos. Also, I didn't get the color filter set or any of the other extras I bought, just the orange one.

    41. Sonia Cheng on

      Hi! I have received my pledge and was propping up the lens to check it before I put in the batteries and film, but the lens would not get back down to line up completely with the camera as before. Does anyone have answers to how may I fix it? Thank you.

    42. Crystal on

      Hi, my camera doesn’t take clear pictures, may I know why and what can I do? The pictures are blurry

    43. Missing avatar

      William Yu on

      @tom Y have you had chance to test out the bulb mode timer? that really threw me off until I realize that's what's happening.

    44. Missing avatar

      William Yu on

      @francesco: I think you'll have better chance by contacting them at That's where they are trying to sort out the shipping issues for me. This is just a discussion board and that email address is actual customer service that could create a case and follow up for you.

    45. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      Hello, as said i haven't received the filters, and i haven't received any feedback here, what should i do?

    46. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Verity Wallace we have received your message and will be sending the missing items soon!

    47. Missing avatar

      Verity Wallace on

      Hello. I've received my pledge package but like a number of other people on here I'm missing a few items: 2 lenses from the main pledge reward package and the kaleidoscope lens that was an add-on. I've sent 2 emails to lomo this week but no response at all.. anyone know if there are some shipping delays on certain parts?

    48. Farouq on

      I thought I was the only one feeling the lower end build quality..

      So far the photos are great.. but I hope it doesn't fall apart soon.

    49. Tom Y on

      @William Yu I didn't play a lot with the Square after I had received it, so I haven't encountered any major problem yet. Here's my take (according to your points):
      2. I took out the camera a few times per day (just to look at it), and so far nothing falls out. I do admit that I feel that the build of Square seems slightly less durable than Automat, probably due to the fact that Square has the bellow mechanism. Nonetheless I hope time will prove me wrong (that I'm just being a bit too panic) :).
      3. I noticed the same problem when I loaded the film pack. It took me three tries to close the lid properly. I figured out that the lock didn't go fully up the first two times, so I manually pushed the lock up a bit and it worked fine. My cover didn't bulge though.
      4. I (luckily) don't have the lens cover problem. I rather had problem closing the camera after I first opened it. I didn't read the instruction booklet so I didn't know I had to push the metal part (I tried to pull instead) until I saw the arrow. My bad :P.
      5. Before I loaded the film pack, I opened the back cover, and the bellow is indeed slightly inside the film pack area. I assume it should be a minor thing, as I don't think the bellow would push hard on the pack.

      I wish I can play with the camera more, but it's raining heavily lately so I can't go out and do some shootings :/.

    50. Missing avatar

      William Yu on

      Hey everyone, just a few things for the late comers to note (i bought two of these...)

      ***1. the bulb mode max time is not 30 secs, it's *20 secs*. I am consistently getting 20 secs before the shutter closes when I am on bulb mode and use remote to open the shutter, and leaving it on until it closes
      2. the build quality is.. I had some fuzzy taps fall out of the lens assembly pretty much on the 2nd day and had to repeatedly re-stick it back on some join in the lens assembly
      3. the back lid doesn't close properly when the film loaded. You'll have to push really hard on the back cover in order to the latch to be able to move to lock. You can see the cover bulges a little. I would guess if you drop it the hood might pop
      4. the lens cover doesn't close properly. Half of the time when you fold the lens in. the protective plastic that's supposed to close to protect the lens will be half open or leaves a slit. I've found the only way to close it properly is to fold it half way in, then close it *really* hard so the plastic will close.
      5. I am slightly unsure about this one, but when the lens is stored, it's almost certain that the bellow is pressing really hard on the films, because when you open the back unloaded, you can clearly see the folded bellow extends into the film space by about 1-2mm. I am not sure if this will damage the film before you use it, but since fujifilm does say not to press on the film side on their packaging...

      Anyways, all in all. It's fun to use and experience. The look is certainly very classic and induces conversations (woa, is that a like, a throw back from the 80s? (holding a kickstarter special)) but I certainly did expect it to be a built a bit better than this.

      Mixed review... for sure.

      PS. for those who are having shipping issues, right now I am on the 3rd email thread with support because after 2 shipments I am still missing items from my pledge and add-ons...

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