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Extend the Borders of Instant Photography with the World’s Most Creative Instant Camera System Packed With Fun Features.
Extend the Borders of Instant Photography with the World’s Most Creative Instant Camera System Packed With Fun Features.
8,448 backers pledged $1,118,333 to help bring this project to life.

Backer Bonus! Add 2 Extra Lenses for $30 + How the Lomo’Instant CNC Sample Was Made

Posted by Lomography (Creator)

Happy Tuesday everyone! In this project update we wanted to share a new pledge option we have added. Due to numerous requests, we have now decided to allow backers who pledged for the Lomo’Instant camera only to upgrade their pledge so they can also get the Portrait and Fisheye lenses for an additional $30. This change was made in order so everyone can enjoy the full potential of the Lomo’instant, even if you backed early and didn’t pledge for the extra lenses at first. This added bonus is especially useful for you to take advantage of now that we are making great progress towards smashing through the $1,000,000 Stretch Goal in which we have promised all camera backers an additional Close-Up Lens; so, if we hit the goal, you have the potential to shoot with 4 different lenses using the Lomo'Instant!

If you would like to upgrade your pledge and get the 2 additional Portrait and Fisheye Lenses, all you need to do is edit your pledge amount and send us a private message to confirm that this is what you would like to do. For detailed instructions on how to edit your pledge, please see our Project Update #3.

Also please don't forget it's also possible to add extra cameras to your pledge! For full instructions on this, please again also check out the Project Update #3 where we explain in detail the options and exactly how you can do this.

How the Lomo’Instant CNC Sample Was Made

Before we launched the Lomo’Instant Kickstarter project, we got the camera as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) sample. With this sample, we were able to test out the basic functionality of the camera such as power on/off, releasing the shutter and ejecting film.

We are now working hard to develop the next camera prototypes based on this and our successful shooting camera samples. To help you get an understanding for the development process behind the Lomo’Instant, we made this short video showing how the CNC camera was made. We hope you enjoy it!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Duane Marquez on

      hi just added $30 to my pledge for the lenses not sure how to send a private message

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Added $30 to my pledge for the lenses - no clue how to pm you from mobile and I won't be near a computer for a while.

    3. Erik Jensen on

      To the Creator, Thanks. I am pretty stoked on this camera to come into play. The CNC vid is sweet. I have been shooting with the instax for a long time, both mini and 210. My request is the lens are well thought out. The rinky dink tabs on my selfie lens broke in the third week of shooting with the 210. As for the twenty thirty dilemma, throw those guys some shwag, a pin set or something. I do see both arguments though. I also think a dropbox would be sweet for the shot photos... I currently smash the instax cardboard box into the camera bag, but it is abit ghetto... A box designed to slide pics in with lets say a strap or belt clip would be siiiiick. CNC that....btw I get 10% and all my proceeds go to the whine and cheese redistribution fund. Make a million and upgrade me the Leatha....

    4. Missing avatar

      Janet on

      Hi, I have updated my pledge from $104,- to $134,- for the extra lens Pack. How can I send a private message to you? I don't see the option on the Mobile page.

    5. Missing avatar

      regisr on

      I agree with Michael, and others
      I have yet upgraded my pledge and I consider to upgrade again to help to reach next step. I have pledge for "White Edition Lomo'Instant Camera + Lens package with its built-in Wide Angle lens plus the Fisheye and Portrait lens" which is now offered for $109. I think that if I want upgrade to kickstarted edition which is at $129 (with 2 extra lens), I should pay $20 more and not the full price. As this don't change really the reward I don't upgrade now.
      I should be interested by a case, but as separate item.

    6. DuncanCreamer on

      Over the years, Lomography has done so much for us: lomoKino, keeping the Lomo alive, sprocket rocket - and on Kickstarter already; the wacky film scanner (the software does need work though) allowing us to digitize our film easily. Thirty dollars seems reasonable to me. I am currently unemployed so probably won't actually upgrade here and now, but when I think this thing doesn't even exist yet, putting down 30$ to secure one seems fine.

    7. Missing avatar

      et on

      People are so greedy. 30 bucks is a fair price. I got the 129 dollar one on day one simply because I wanted to leather edition plus lens (while the early bird leather + lenses was all gone already). The 99 dollar pledge is not even sold out yet. That's not an early bird deal. If they charged 20 bucks for the lenses, it wouldn't be fair to the other few thousand people who had to pay more for the lenses in the first place.

      If you don't like the price, don't get it! That simple.

    8. Lomography 10-time creator on

      @Dan: Thanks! Great to see that you are on board for the lenses!

    9. Dan Lockwood on

      Sorry Lomography, I actually was agreeing that the price was fair. Those who had early pricing specials should be able to keep them. I don't at all disagree with the price and I actually added a set. No worries here :-)

    10. Lomography 10-time creator on

      @Dan & Yow: In this case we we will have to keep the pricing as it is currently. Once the lenses are actually available they will for sure cost 50 dollars or more in retail. This is also something we clearly communicated at the beginning, where we said that the saving is great if you add the lenses.

      We are really seeing that we make this an amazing deal for you with the stretch goals and also with the shipping changes for shipping more cameras and the possibility of adding cameras.

      You will be having a really amazing deal which is our way to say thank you for your support!

    11. Michael Schuler on

      I took the "Exclusive Sanremo" for $99.
      If I add another $30 I pay the regular price of $129 for the Sanremo + Lens Kit, so my "Exclusive Bonus" would have be gone, thats my point.

    12. Lomography 10-time creator on

      and if you had an early bird deal, you got an amazing deal already, plus you are also already getting one free lens if we reach the stretch goal.

      thanks a lot for your support and input, we really appreciate it.

    13. Yow Ren Jie on

      It doesn't make sense if we are suppose to top up $30 for the lens package, it only benefits the 200 backers of the early bird launch deal. For us who pledge on the exclusive offer, we could have just changed our pledges to the pledge which has the lens package instead. I think most of us would agree if the price was revised to $20.

    14. Lomography 10-time creator on

      concerning the pricing, we had set aside a certain number of lower packages for the very first backers. we now then already gave the okay for people to double their pledge and get 2 cameras.
      however we still have to keep the project fair from a pricing also for the open pledges, so the additional price will be 30 dollars for the lenses (since if you backed later and didnt want to have a single camera and then bought the camera plus lenses package you paid often 30 dollars more).
      however if you are among the higher pledges you can always easily swap to the package with lenses which costs 20 dollars more for the open pledges.
      this way the effective cost is 20 dollars more if you look at the current pledges.

    15. Dan Lockwood on

      I would love it to be cheaper as well however it does make sense that the early birds and exclusive levels still would be paying a cheaper price. I wish I had grabbed one of them myself but I think it is the advantage they have with that tier like almost every project.

    16. Nicolas Tallieu on

      Agree too ! This doesn't seems fair for those who already took the full package...

    17. Niek Batstra

      agree with mike and jake

    18. Missing avatar

      Jake Woo on

      I agree with Mike. The $30 doesnt seem to benefit anyone much for both early birds and the exclusive offers folks. Make it $20, and i will gladly up my pledge.

    19. Lomography 10-time creator on

      Hi Jock - Please read the section 'How do I change my shipping and/or reward' in our Project Update #3 here which explains this process -

    20. Michael Schuler on

      Why $30?

      This only helps the 200 backers of the early-bird packages. If you got an "exclusive offer" you could upgrade for $30 before.

      $20 would have made much more sense, because that is the difference between the regular price with and without lens package.

    21. Jock DeBoer on

      How do I make the addition to the pledge? I do not see how to do it.