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Your everyday instant inspiration: Enter a world of creativity at the touch of a button.
Your everyday instant inspiration: Enter a world of creativity at the touch of a button.
Your everyday instant inspiration: Enter a world of creativity at the touch of a button.
5,645 backers pledged $919,925 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Peter Seidler about 4 hours ago

      I was very happy with my Punalu'u until tonight.
      Last night I made perfect multi-exposure.
      But tonight all pictures are white. With or without flash, normal or mx. Changed the film, changed batteries, it makes no difference.
      What can I do? All seems way to overexposed.
      Best regards

    2. Missing avatar

      Salma Najefy about 16 hours ago

      Where is the items I have pledged for?
      Why am I having to chase this up

    3. Lomography 6-time creator on March 21

      Dear Sherlynn,
      Our US team has send you a message to get you your added extras as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your patience and we can't wait for you to get to enjoy your extras.

      LomoGreetings !

    4. Missing avatar

      sherlynn on March 20

      Are you still working on sending out bags from the added extras? I know you guys were having some stock issues before, which I totally understand. Just wanted to check in since I haven't heard anything since December. On a side note, I'm loving my automat and using it on all of my adventures!

    5. Lomography 6-time creator on March 9

      Hi Anelie, that works indeed, but if you want to send us some of your shots with the black corners we would be happy to look at it and advise you on it. Email us on if you like please

    6. Anelie
      on March 1

      @tom yip, I'm glad you brought it up, I noticed the dark cast at the corner whenever you use flash. So I usually avoid using the lenses when I have to use the flash

    7. Lomography 6-time creator on March 1

      Dear Tom Yip,

      Please send a picture of your photos taken with your fish eyed lens to our costumer service explaining them the problem. Up to date we have not had problems with the fish eyed lens. Please direct your specific concern to:


    8. Lomography 6-time creator on March 1

      @Tom Yip,

    9. Missing avatar

      Hilda on February 20

      Hi @Lomography

      I emailed on 20.12.16 about my camera. Thank you for replying that you were sorting shipping etc issues here. However, it has been 2 months. May I know when I will receive my camera replacement?


    10. Missing avatar

      Healim Kang on February 18

      Hey Lomography, it's been over 3 weeks since I sent a message on Kickstarter. Could you please respond to me? Thank you.

    11. Tom Yip on February 15

      Does anyone has problem with the fish lens? I don't know if it's my problem or not, but whenever I tried taking photos with the fish lens (thrice so far), there's always a shadow at the particular corner of the photo (let's say the low right round corner of the "dark circle" in the photo). The first fish lens photo was a selfie, and I thought maybe part of my hand blocked the lens. So when I tried taking a selfie a second time with the fish lens, I tried my best to not getting my hands near the front of the camera, but I still got the same result. Today when I tried the fish lens again to take a picture of a flower, that corner was not totally blocked, but it's considerably darker than other corners. I would like to know how to eliminate the shadow (if there's any technique required to use fish lens).

      Thanks a lot :D.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ifa on February 15


    13. Lomography 6-time creator on February 7

      @ShannonMoore There are no dumb questions! Just sent you a message.
      @PavelSoimin will also write you another update shortly.

    14. Shannon Moore on February 7

      ok, so at the risk of this being a dumb question. how do you get the included camera strap on the automat?

    15. Missing avatar

      Pavel Soimin on February 3

      Will Lomo send camera as promised at least until the next Christmas? Or will issue although some information?

    16. Missing avatar

      Supapong Putthayangkura on January 30

      @Lomography I has just sent an email with video to few minutes ago. waiting for your help. i would like to continue shoot with the lomo'instant asap :)

    17. Lomography 6-time creator on January 30

      @Supapong Putthayangkura - can you please send us a short video to that shows the issue - we´ll have a look and see if we can advise for a quick fix, can help you with a repair or would need to exchange the camera! Unfortunately we don´t have a service - team in Thailand directly! cheers Lomography

    18. Missing avatar

      Supapong Putthayangkura on January 29

      I have a problem with film not ejecting recently after cleaning roller (there is some metal piece on the roller that make white spot on every shot).
      After I press shutter, film not feed into roller properly. So I have to open and remove them out. 8 films lost totally.

      How do i fix this ejecting issue? Looking for your help or is there any support locally in Thailand? Thanks for you help.

    19. Lomography 6-time creator on January 23

      @Shannon Moore - if your remote is acting up please get in touch through and we´ll find a good solution for you!

    20. Lomography 6-time creator on January 23

      @Clara Strzalkowski - we struggled receiving a restocking but more bags are on the way to all hubs currently and will be sent in a second shipment!

    21. Lomography 6-time creator on January 23

      @Vilo @Amos Cai - thanks for the nice feedback. Have fun shooting!

    22. Lomography 6-time creator on January 23

      @Rio Chan - we´re sorry for the issue with your remote! Please double check the orientation of the battery - if that does not help please send us a short message to and we´ll send you a replacement!

    23. Amos Cai on January 22

      I wanted to say that the customer support was great for me. When I realised that I may not have received my camera, they got back to me quickly, double-checked and when I confirmed that I did not receive it, they sent one over asap. Much appreciated.

    24. Rio Chan on January 20

      Moreover, I have used my phone camera to observed that there is no infrared light coming out from the remote. So I guess there is something wrong with it :D

    25. Rio Chan on January 20

      Dear Sir/Madam, it seems that there are some problems with my remote control cap.
      I have inserted the correct battery and tried to use it, but there were no responses from my camera. Please help me :) Thanks.

    26. Shannon Moore on January 19

      Very satisfied with everything's this far. Pictures are great. I'm still trying to correctly use the remote shutter though.

    27. Vilo on January 18

      I've been using my Lomo'Instant Automat Camera for a while now and I am very happy with it. I still need to use it more to get used to it, but I'm really loving it. The different color film on the flash are nice, even though the pink is overpowering. I've really enjoyed playing out with the splitzer and multiple exposure, eventhough sometimes I have forgotten to turn the splitzer the results have looked awesome! I've already spent so much film on just trying it out.
      Thank you for a wonderful camera and awesome campaign!

    28. Ben George
      on January 16

      Just received my Light Painter, Luminoodle and mini tripod..
      They are brilliant! Thanks Lomography :)

    29. Ben George
      on January 16

      @ Richard Hazeldine
      Keep pressing the button! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Richard Hazeldine on January 16

      Just received my light painter, just a small query...
      Only the blue light is working is that normal?
      The packaging describes it has modes for different colours or am I missing something?

    31. Missing avatar

      Clara Strzalkowski
      on January 13

      So I just received part of my reward but I did not receive the bag I also ordered. I put it down in the survey when you sent it out. Is it coming separately?

    32. Lomography 6-time creator on January 13

      @Margaret, just wrote you an email with an update!

    33. MARGARET WOOLARD on January 13

      Maybe I have missed something, but I am really puzzled as to why I haven't received anything from the company. I have a pledge through Kickstarter and Lumography and I have a pledge through PayPal. I am very concerned as I have contacted them so many time and so many ways and nothing. I am the type person to work with people, but I am starting to get a very bad feeling. HELP LUMOGRAPHY PLEASE. With Thanks, Margaret W.

    34. Lomography 6-time creator on January 11

      @Leah, @Sakura Brandi, @You Min Liu: Sent you all PMs just now.

    35. Lomography 6-time creator on January 11

      @Ky They will be available in the Lomography Online Shop:

    36. Lomography 6-time creator on January 11

      @Tom Yip, at that extreme cold, the film should be fine (works to -40°C), but the batteries might have an issue. Also see this info: "This film is engineered for optimum performance at 25°C, but will deliver good results when used within a temperature range of 5°C to 40°C. When exposing at 5°C or below, place the photo into your pocket immediately after it has been ejected from the camera to keep it warm. Take care not to bend or fold the photo at this time."

    37. Missing avatar

      Sakura Brandi on January 11

      I live in the UK, and haven't received my camera yet! I'm worried because I was away for the holidays and might have missed the post... although I found no note saying they tried to deliver something. Is there any way I can check?

    38. Missing avatar

      Leah on January 10

      Has anyone else had issues with scratches on the front of their photos? I was wondering if this was normal or if there was an issue with my particular camera. I've taken more than 70 shots and the scratches appear in every photo.

    39. you min liu on January 10

      I have not received my camera yet? Help need!

    40. Missing avatar

      Ky on January 8

      Pledged a Playa Jardin Automat without the 3 extra lens. Where would I be able to get them now?

    41. Missing avatar

      Au yeung hoi hang on January 8

      I have backed this project months ago but Istill can't get the items...

    42. Tom Yip on January 8

      @ Victor: Batteries are not included. For the camera itself, you'll need 2x CR2 batteries. For the lens cap, you'll need 1x CR1632. Here are links for clearer understanding (you don't need to buy from amazon. You can buy them anywhere :D).


    43. Missing avatar

      Victor on January 7

      I got both my cameras about a month ago but just started opening them. My first camera looks complete but no batteries. Was it supposed to come with batteries, if not anyone know what batteries I should be using?

    44. Tom Yip on January 7

      Hi lomo. I would like to know if the camera can withstand -20°C temperature? I'm going to Japan this month and the temperature at that place will be around -20.

    45. Lomography 6-time creator on January 6

      Autumn, it's possible there's a light leak, we will be in touch!

    46. Missing avatar

      Autumn on January 6

      Has anyone had an issue with light leaks? I've taken some test shots with about 8 different exposures, and there's a straight line across the top of all of my shots. I found it kind of disappointing. I'm wondering if this is a common issue or if there's something I am doing wrong that's causing the leak because it's pretty consistent across different photos.

    47. Lomography 6-time creator on January 3

      Belinda, Hilda, Laurie, Pavel, & Amos, we are in touch via email/PM. We are working to get all issues with shipping and delivery resolved as quickly as possible.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jorge Arroyo D on January 3

      I reported here a problem with my kickstarter order, I want to make an update. I have been contacted by Lomography and it looks like everything has been solved. It took a long time and a lot of emails, but someone from their team really researched my problem and helped me. :D
      I hope there are no more issues and I will get my camera soon.
      Looks like they are a very small team, so just be patient if you have contacted them, they will get back to you eventually. Thanks.

    49. Amos Cai on January 3

      I have not received my camera yet. I have just emailed the help email. Kindly let me have any updates please. Thank you.

    50. Missing avatar

      Pavel Soimin on January 2

      @Laurie Tucker, exactly the same, "thanks for your patience" "we are looking into" "shortly" "as soon as" "apologies" "thanks so much for your patience!" "apologize for the delay" is only, no any solution. Don't think to back anything more on kickstarter. Does anyone know how to return money for campaign?

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