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The Smartphone Film Scanner Offers You a New Way to Instantly Scan and Share 35mm Films Using Your Smartphone.
The Smartphone Film Scanner Offers You a New Way to Instantly Scan and Share 35mm Films Using Your Smartphone.
The Smartphone Film Scanner Offers You a New Way to Instantly Scan and Share 35mm Films Using Your Smartphone.
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The New & Improved LomoScanner 2 Is Now Available On The App Store!


Last year we launched our 35mm film scanning app, the LomoScanner. This was an exciting new challenge for us within the realm of app development - which presented a few hurdles as well as learning curves. We want to thank you for your ongoing support and advice, and above all, patience, throughout the project. With your help, we have now created the LomoScanner 2 – a flashier, speedier and improved version of the LomoScanner app which includes:

  • Streamlined design 
  • Manual controls for exposure, brightness, contrast and temperature added 
  • Improved panorama stitching photo feature 
  • LomoKino animation feature to scan your movies
  • Works with a wide range of films 
  • Share your creations instantly 
  • Adapted color filtering 
  • Faster! 
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 

The new app has been redesigned and developed from scratch and we are now working with a new app developer so any necessary changes are implemented extremely quickly.

For Android users, we are very committed to releasing the Android version of Lomoscanner 2, and will start work on this very soon. 

If you have any comments, questions or advice, please let us know – your feedback is really important to us for ongoing improvements. 

Once again, thanks for all your support and help so far! 

Download the LomoScanner 2 app (requires iOS 7) on the App Store


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    1. Lomography 8-time creator on May 22, 2014

      Hello! A new version of the app is now live - check it out here and don't hesitate to let us know if there are any problems by leaving a comment on the Kickstarter page :)…

    2. Lomography 8-time creator on April 22, 2014

      Hi everyone - We have now updated the app also with a bug fix which fixed an issue which caused crashes when scanning LomoKino movies -…

    3. Lomography 8-time creator on April 15, 2014

      Hi David - We will now wait for the first feedback on the iOS version (mostly usability) and fix all potential problems. Next week we will start working on the Android version based on the iOS version. We didn't want to work alongside on both versions as then changes in the interface (and there have been many) would have created double the work. We are committed to delivering a fantastic app for Android and apologize for the delay in this.

    4. Garrick on April 15, 2014

      Any idea on a time scale for android? As it tool so long for the previous poor excuse of an android app while being advised to use alternate apps that didn't support the features offered by your in house app I kind of regretted backing this.

    5. Lomography 8-time creator on April 15, 2014

      Hi Stephen thanks for the comments and suggestions. We will look into these issues for sure!

    6. Stephen James on April 15, 2014

      Seems to run a bit slow on my 5s, lags a bit it locked up a few times and I had to quite and reboot the app. The focus in the app seems off and the final product still seems quite grainy. Maybe a grain reduction feature added into the app would be a nice touch. Other than that I would still say it is much improved on the first app. Nice work, I look forward to continue to play with it and for new updates. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard Lane on April 15, 2014

      I second the suggestion from Doctor Popular - I would support a hardware update with an optical lens zoom. Still, well done with the new app.

    8. Lomography 8-time creator on April 14, 2014

      Hi Doctor Popular! We went for a separate app as the new app is optimized for ios7 - but the old app is still available for people on the old ios. We wanted to create the best possible app, that's why we went for ios7. And regarding new hardware we are looking into it but currently have no firm news or timeline

    9. Doctor Popular
      on April 14, 2014

      Cool, looking forward to trying this out. Couple questions:
      Why release this as a separate app, instead of an update? (Just wondering)
      Is there any chance you'll release an improved version of the hardware with a good lens in it (as opposed to requiring digital zoom)?

    10. Ricardo Drozdowski Jr on April 14, 2014

      MUUUUCHT Better!
      Yay! \o/
      TKS for still improving!