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The Smartphone Film Scanner Offers You a New Way to Instantly Scan and Share 35mm Films Using Your Smartphone.
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Testing Testing: The New LomoScanner 2.0 App For Android

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We are very excited to announce that we have a beta version of the Lomoscanner 2.0 for Android! And we would like you, our loyal Kickstarter backers, to test it out before anyone else. Please note that we are still working to improve the app at this stage (in particular the panoramic feature) but we wanted to release a first version to you so we can collect feedback and improve it further! We have re-worked the app from scratch following feedback we received from the first app - working on fine tuning the features and creating a more ergonomic design.  

If you would like to test our the app please download it here:

You may need to change your phone's application security settings to access the application. You can do this either by allowing your device to access applications from unknown sources in your settings or by downloading the Apk Installer app from Google Play.

It would be great to have all your feedback by August 3rd - You can do this simply by completing this short form here. After this we will make suggested edits before putting the app live.  

Many thanks and happy testing!

The LomoScanner 2 iOS App Has Been Updated, Android App On The Way!


A few weeks ago, we launched the LomoScanner 2 app, a new and improved iOS app for scanning negatives with your Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. The new app now has features for quickly scanning and stitching panoramic photos and animating movies shot with the LomoKino camera!

Thanks to your feedback, we were made aware of a few problems with the app, in particular crashing. We would like to let you know that the new version of the app is live! In this update we were able to track down some smaller bugs and fixed them. Additionally we've included Crashlytics, a crash reporting solution. So please update your app and keep on using it – if there's a crash we will receive a report and can look into the problem in detail. If you experience any other problems with the app or have any queries, please get in touch via the Kickstarter page and we will get back to you!

As we have worked out the major issues with the iOS version, we are now developing the Android version! It will take around four weeks for us to finalize this. Should anyone like to help test out the beta version, please leave a comment below and we will get in touch!

The LomoScanner 2 Android App in motion!
The LomoScanner 2 Android App in motion!

You can download the LomoScanner 2 App for iOS here.

Now check out this LomoKino film scanned with the LomoScanner 2 App on iOS!

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The New & Improved LomoScanner 2 Is Now Available On The App Store!


Last year we launched our 35mm film scanning app, the LomoScanner. This was an exciting new challenge for us within the realm of app development - which presented a few hurdles as well as learning curves. We want to thank you for your ongoing support and advice, and above all, patience, throughout the project. With your help, we have now created the LomoScanner 2 – a flashier, speedier and improved version of the LomoScanner app which includes:

  • Streamlined design 
  • Manual controls for exposure, brightness, contrast and temperature added 
  • Improved panorama stitching photo feature 
  • LomoKino animation feature to scan your movies
  • Works with a wide range of films 
  • Share your creations instantly 
  • Adapted color filtering 
  • Faster! 
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 

The new app has been redesigned and developed from scratch and we are now working with a new app developer so any necessary changes are implemented extremely quickly.

For Android users, we are very committed to releasing the Android version of Lomoscanner 2, and will start work on this very soon. 

If you have any comments, questions or advice, please let us know – your feedback is really important to us for ongoing improvements. 

Once again, thanks for all your support and help so far! 

Download the LomoScanner 2 app (requires iOS 7) on the App Store

Smartphone Film Scanner: App Update

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Our Kickstarter Backer Friends Visit Vienna!


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