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A Legendary 19th Century Lens. Reinvented For Use With All Nikon F & Canon EF Mount Analog & Digital SLR Cameras.
A Legendary 19th Century Lens. Reinvented For Use With All Nikon F & Canon EF Mount Analog & Digital SLR Cameras.
A Legendary 19th Century Lens. Reinvented For Use With All Nikon F & Canon EF Mount Analog & Digital SLR Cameras.
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    1. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Dear Backers - If you have any troubles with your lens rewards or any other questions please contact us at As we already had a couple of Kickstarter projects please also make sure to specify the campaign you are referring to to help us solving the issue as quickly as possible!

      Thank you, cheers

    2. Tony Karnezis on

      "Dear Backers - If you have any troubles with your camera rewards or any other questions please contact us at for a most speedy reply!"

      I wish this was more than lip service. I have contacted you 6 times about the full filter set I paid for but haven't received, and you seem to have deleted the previous comment I made on this site. I am tired of you blowing me off. Either send me the damn filters or refund my money.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bill Putnam on

      Hey guys,
      I was a backer of the Kickstarter for the 85 f2.2 Petzval. Having issues with it and wondering if there's a warranty. It's serial number is B00000622.
      The problem is the focus. It's been sitting up right for a few months with a blank aperture plate in. I pulled it out last night and found the focus knob won't turn past 1.2 meters.

    4. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Dear Backers - If you have any troubles with your camera rewards or any other questions please contact us at for a most speedy reply!
      Thank you, cheers

    5. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Bill Hemphill Thank you for your notes! We´ll work on an advanced Petzval FAQ as soon as possible. Luckily the isssue you describe has not occured regularly so far.

      If you could not put it back together or still have an issue with the lens please write us at and we´ll happily assist you with the repair!

    6. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Amalia We´re sorry to hear about the bad luck with your photos but we´re pretty sure that it cannot be an issue with the Petzval lens - there is no technical parts that can fail to "produce" an image. So our guess is either camera settings were not ok or you even ran out of battery (which on older SLRs sets the shutter to fixed speed) please write us further details to help@lomography .com and we´ll happily help investigating what has happened!

      Have a nice weekend

    7. Amalia on

      Hi there. I just shot 15 rolls of slide film in Iceland, and was switching between my Petzval and a wide angle lens. Along with the rolls where I was switching lenses, a few rolls I shot entirely on the Petzval. I just got my film back last night to have two entirely black rolls, and all of the shots I took with the Petzval on the rolls where I switched between the lenses were black. Sooo, you can tell I'm upset - slide film is already expensive to purchase, but is also very expensive to process. To find out that over half the exposures I took in a beautiful country (that I won't visit again for years) were ruined by some stroke of bad luck with the Petzval is heartbreaking. Can you explain what happened? I bought the Canon lens and was shooting on a Canon film camera that takes EF lenses, which is what the Petzval works on.

    8. Bill Hemphill

      Maybe you have already answered this but my search of this page (1,411 comments so far) yielded no results. I also apologize in advance for the length of this question/comment.

      Is there a preferred method of aligning and reinstalling the internal lens assembly into the external brass casing?

      My Petzval 85mm lens had been stored in a lens cap-down and "1" meter (near) focus positions. After some typical jostling, the internal lens assy "fell out" of the brass lens barrel. I tried to reinsert the internal lens assy but had difficulties aligning the top side focus marker while trying to engage the rack and pinion focus mechanism. I eventually removed the four (4) tiny screws holding the top side distance marker plate, aligned the internal lens assy and reengaged the gear in the focus rack. I then reinstalled the focus distance plate and wiggled the internal lens assy until it "popped" back into complete alignment. Is there a better method (i.e., do you recommend removing or loosening the bottom-side gear mechanism from the lens barrel)?

      I understand that you folks are extremely busy rolling out new products (including the much anticipated 58mm Petzval), but it would be really nice if someone could dedicate a few days toward creating a "Support" tab and/or "Petzval FAQ" as part of the Lomo Petzval site (URL: to cover typical maintenance issues. I can't be the only one who has or will experience this type of situation. As you roll out the second Pezval, you'll double the number of opportunities for typical failures. These purely manual Petzval lenses are quite simple—based, after all, upon 1800's technologies—and there are many user-serviceable opportunities. With over 1411 comments, this Comments section of this 28 month old Kickstarter site has become too unwieldy. A central support FAQ with anchors would be a wonderful, time saving resource for users and your technical support staff can direct new users of the 58mm Petzval to the FAQ site as soon as they get their 58mm Petzval lenses.

      In the FAQ, you can also suggest that the Petzval lenses be stored either horizontally or attachment-side down with the focus knob rolled to the "Infinity" marker to prevent this type of internal lens disengagement during transport and storage.

      Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    9. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Venkat - we're sorry for the scratched cap. We sent you a message to confirm some details so we can sort everything out and send you a replacement.

      @Guy - thank you for this tip!

      @Charlie - were you able to find a solution to your lens issue? We've sent you a message to discuss this further.

    10. Missing avatar

      Venkat on

      The replacement cap sent was an used one with scratches all over it. And it is loose. I paid for a new one pls send a proper new one.

    11. Missing avatar

      Venkat on

      The replacement cap sent was an used one with scratches all over it. And it is loose. I paid for a new one pls send a proper new one.

    12. Guy Corveleijn on

      Fixing the replacement lens cap, which was to loose. I removed the velvet lining and replaced it with 4 layers of black duct tape (5mm). This secures the cap tightly to the lens. Hope this helps some of the people who still have the original cap... :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Charlie Bucket on

      Hi Lomography!
      Did you find the proper way to clean the brass discolorations?
      This is in reference to Tan Cheng Yu's question.

      My lens also arrived with those discolorations. You can see pictures here:


    14. Missing avatar

      Venkat on

      The replacement cap sent was an used one with scratches all over it. And it is loose. Is this the way to support a backer?

    15. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello @Dylan, we sent you a private message regarding your concern.

    16. Dylan on

      I lost my f/4 plate while on a shoot. Can I get a new one?

    17. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello @Karl - you can try dropping the aperture one step down to compensate for the field curvature and get sharpness in the middle of your shot. Let us know how it goes!

      @Venkat - We have sent you a private message. Please check your inbox!

    18. Karl Delandsheere on

      Venkat, is it the leather or the metal piece (looking like a screw) that is broken? Mine broke on the metal piece and I went to a leather shop asking for some good "collar buttons" so I replaced them myself. Hope it helps. Cheers!

    19. Missing avatar

      Venkat on

      The camera strap which came with the lens is broken at the leather end. Can this be replaced?

    20. Missing avatar

      Venkat on

      My lens cap is not staying properly. Is there any way to replace it? Also the aperture blades are too tight to insert or remove. Help please....

    21. Karl Delandsheere on

      Hi guys. I tried my Petzval on my EOS M with the Canon EF-EFM adapter and found out that I lose infinity focus while I keep it with every other EF lens I tried. Any thoughts on that?

    22. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello @Gerardo! No worries, we will send you a private message so we can find a solution to your lens problem.

    23. Missing avatar

      Gerardo on

      Same thing with the lens cap here, plates are really loose as well. :( Recently, the focus know of my lens got stuck, being impossible to focus completely. Has this happened to anyone? I cant really use the lens now, afraid it need disassembling to fix.... help! : /

    24. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello Guy! Sorry for our delayed reply. Please check your inbox for our response to your inquiry. Cheers!

    25. Guy Corveleijn on

      Hi again,

      A repetition of my request from March the 14th. No news since then.
      On the first field trip I lost the F4 plate, as soon as I was working, and my camera was happely dangling on my side. Can this plate be ordered apart? Could I please be added to the replacement lens cap list? Mine is also way too loose.

      Now that everyone is receiving his, please remember me also?


    26. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello @mustache! Thank you for your feedback. We'll send you a message regarding your plates issue so watch out for it in your inbox. Cheers!

    27. Missing avatar

      mustache on

      @Lomography I finally got to try out my lens. I'm impressed! Unfortunately I discovered the 3 additional waterhouse plates are missing.
      Aside from that, it's a brilliant product you created.

    28. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Cheng Yu - thank you for reporting this. Using the cleaning cloth included in the lens should do the trick, but we are also checking if there's a recommended cleaning solution if the cloth method does not work. We will surely keep you updated about this.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tan Cheng Yu on

      @Lomography Whats to best way to polish the outside body of the lens ? Mine is the brass color and there are some brown spots showing up.

    30. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Sam and @Yun Tian - thank you for your comments. We have forwarded your feedback to our product development team for future Petzval improvements.

    31. Lum Yun Tian on

      Although my lens cap is kinda fall off easily but i didn't bother to ask for a replacement cause i didn't use it at all lol~ I'm also using the canon original back cap that fits better... Lomography, I would suggest that you replace the velvet with rubber in the lens cap so it would stay put ...

    32. Sam Watkins on

      I received my second lens cap recently and the same problem exists. The lens cap falls off too easily. It's not worth using, so I just leave the lens cap at home when I go out.
      I think that the rim of the lens cap should be made made wider. Currently the rim is about a quarter inch. If you extended it to a half inch or more the lens cap may have a more secure grip on the lens hood. Perhaps a set screw could be added for more security.
      Anyway, that is my two cents. I am looking forward to seeing what solution you come up with for improving the lens cap.

    33. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello Krzysztof - thank you for the feedback! As for the front thread, this has not been integrated with the lens yet as we are prioritizing more pressing issues like improving the fit of the lens caps and plates. But don't worry, we are keeping tabs on all suggestions for future reference!

    34. Krzysztof Gościński on

      Yes, both of them. The front one fits more tight then the original, although I'd like to have something tighter still. Or deeper. And the new one does not have stains on it.
      The back one "screws on" tight although when you try to move it side to side it is obvious that the internal diameter of the cap is too big and it can be shifted about 1mm.

      Have you thought about a new shade, a little shallower but with front thread so one can fix a filter that has to be rotated when used? I've already raised that issue several moth ago.

    35. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello Krzysztof - we're glad you have them already. Hope they fit your lens better than the caps before! :)

    36. Krzysztof Gościński on

      Got both replacement caps yesterday. Thanks!

    37. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Amalia - we're glad you have your lens cap already! :)
      @Kelvin and @Sofie - we sent you both a message regarding your concerns.

    38. Kelvin Li on

      Replacement Lens cap issue here as well ... Just wondering when mine will be shipped ...

    39. Amalia on

      Please disregard my previous comment, I actually received my lens cap today! Thanks! (Can't find a way to delete the comment though.)

    40. Amalia on

      Hi there. I still haven't received my lens cap (and my Petzval arrived late March.) When can I expect for this lens cap to be shipped?

    41. Sofie Vanborm on


      My lens cap is very lose. And the aperture are sometimes too tight.
      Is it possible to get replacement for this?

      Thanks in advance!

      (BTW: the lens is gorgeous!)

    42. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello Wilson! Thank you for sharing your video and for supporting our project. We wish you and your group more fun photographic adventures with the Petzval! :)

    43. Wilson on

      Hi, we shot an introduction video using the Petzval lens with the Blackmagic camera.
      We thought the effect was too awesome not to share the joy with you guys. *we still get good ooohhhsss and aaaahhhsss from the shots we take with the Golden Lens*

      Again, many many thanks for bringing the old tech and making them applicable for us digital image makers.

      Simply Simply Awesome.…

    44. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Mike and @David - please check your inbox, we have sent you a message!
      @Robert - according to our records, replacements were sent out to you last week via regular post. Please send us a message if you still don't receive them by the end of this week. Thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I still have not received my lens cap. I was under the impression that it was shipped out in early June. Can you let me know when I can expect delivery. Thank you.

    46. Missing avatar

      ntrepid on

      I reported a loose lens cap and the aperture blades are too thick...Has a replacement gone out to me? Thanks!

    47. David Spence on

      Hello Lomography-
      What is the process for repairing the Petzval? After using mine for a few weeks, and loving it, the focus knob has broken. Not sure how, but last time I took it out of my bag, it fell off the lens. Sad that after only a few weeks of use something as important as the focus knob would break. Please advise.

    48. Lomography 9-time creator on

      Hello @LoicB - currently we offer replacement caps for backers who report loose ones. Can you please send us a private message with your updated shipping address and contact number so we can send you one? Thank you!

    49. LoicB on

      Hi, as reported by a few backers here, the lens cap doesn't hold well on my lens and keep falling. What the solution? Thanks!

    50. Lomography 9-time creator on

      @Karl - your lens cap is on its way to you! We have sent it via regular post so watch out for it in your mailbox!
      @Venkat - we will send you a private message about this. Thank you!

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