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A historical-fiction short where Francis Ford Coppola & Steven Spielberg dose George Lucas with acid and travel through film history. Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 22, 2012.

A historical-fiction short where Francis Ford Coppola & Steven Spielberg dose George Lucas with acid and travel through film history.

New York, NY Shorts
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Hello, world! 

Thank you so much for taking a look at Lofty Entertainment's next and first major project American Odyssey, more affectionately known to us as the "George Lucas-on-acid" movie.

 Imagine if George Lucas was dosed by Francis Ford Coppola with LSD and the ensuing adventure through his favorite childhood films inspired him to create the heroic characters and classic movies that defined your childhood...that's the movie we want to make.*

We hope you enjoyed our video! We spent 2 weekends in October 2011 and the next few months editing a concept trailer to show you a sample of what we were capable of: shooting an early draft of the script, testing various equipment, and teaching ourselves practical and digital visual effects techniques in an effort to show you our passion and a sample of what the final film may look like. 

This is what we made with no money. Imagine what we could do if we could spend even more time on it, use better equipment, spend more time reworking the script until it's perfect.

The more you donate, the bigger we can dream. 

Where Is Your Money Going?

The funds we raise on Kickstarter will go towards creating the final finished short film, covering production, and if we're fortunate enough, post-production costs and festival submission fees.

While, many of the materials have already been offered to us, such as a RED Scarlet as an upgrade from our Canon 7Ds, the use of locations, props, and the iconic 1965 Thunderbird...we still have a ways to go until we can really make this the best movie we possibly can.

Minimum Budget (completely bare bones): $14,000

Ideal Budget: $30,000

  • Additional Camera and Lighting Equipment (our DP is already bringing his own RED Scarlet!): $900
  • Sound: $450
  • Transportation (cars, trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts for on-location filming): $1,000
  • Insurance: $1,000
  • Art materials, such as for props and costumes for our mermaids and moon people: $1,500
  • Onset Meals & Snacks: $1,700
  • Expendable Office Materials (paper for scripts, replacing the inevitable lost highlighters and pens etc.): $100
  • Post-production fees (editing, color grading, visual effects, etc.): $2,500
  • Sound mixing: $400
  • Entertainment Lawyer Retainer: $5,000

If we reach or surpass our goal for $30,000, then we will be able to:

  • Pay our writers for dreaming so big.
  • Pay our professional union actors and crew a union rate for their generous time instead of deferred contracts
  • Pay our production and costume designers for their experience and outside-the-box thinking
  • Hire more talented visual effects artists to finish the film better and faster so we can send it out to festivals sooner
  • Open up a possibly for a 3-D version of the film
  • Pay for copyright fees (and possibly fines for this Kickstarter...oops!) to cover Beach Boy and American Graffiti soundtrack songs and record an original score!
  • Festival entry fees and materials

About American Odyssey

With this film, we want to take you on a psychedelic trip through science fiction and adventure film history, inside the brains of 3 filmmakers who are now, themselves, a quintessential part of that same canon. It is a timeless tale of chasing inspiration- through writers block, depression, and financial instability.

We are finally ready to shoot our short film- which we want to take to all the major short film festivals! The script has been in the works for over a year and a half, and we feel like it now perfectly tells the story of an artist's self-discovery. The storyboards have been sketched. The team has been assembled. All we need is for you to say: Go! 

Our cast, crew, and writers are so dedicated to this project, and have already invested hundreds of hours over the last year, and would love to see some support as we go on this journey to make and finish this 20 minute film!

For more information and previous experimental and commercial works, feel free to check out our websites or email us at any point!

For examples of our work and more about American Odyssey visit Lofty Entertainment LLC

Follow our story on Facebook!

Disclaimer: None of the documentary footage or music is our property, and belongs to their respective rights holders. We will remove it at their discretion. Due to the nature of the film, we felt that if we were in a real pitch room, these were the materials we would have used to share this concept. 

*Any resemblance to real events is completely coincidental. 


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