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From the level designer of Perspective comes a successor to his award-winning game The Fourth Wall, a game about limits of the screen.
From the level designer of Perspective comes a successor to his award-winning game The Fourth Wall, a game about limits of the screen.
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A bit about the art style

Posted by Ludo Land (Creator)

Hey Backers,

I'm handing this post off to Jason so he can talk a little bit about the art style.

The Art of Four Sided Fantasy


For the art of the game, we aimed for something that looked stylish, yet simplistic. Something that can be pulled off with our budget constraints and still look professional at the same time. We went through a few rounds of initial experimentation to see which art style suited the game best.

We selected the top right concept to go for the final game. The style is inspired from the illustrations from Justin Mezzell. ( ) We liked the simple shapes and textured look in his artwork, but wanted something more colorful and less abstract.

We also wanted each location to have a different vibe to it. The end result is what you can see above. Each season is given its own unique color scheme, while still retaining that simplistic, textured quality of Justin Mezzell’s artwork.


The main character of the game is a businessman. We experimented with different silhouettes and body builds. It is important as the character may appear small during gameplay, and we really want him to be clear and readable. We chose the shortest middle design as we felt that there was an oversaturation of lanky characters in the indie game genre. To make him look more mature and successful, we decided to add in a moustache. We also toyed with the idea of indicating the fingers and toes, but we eventually scrapped it when we factored in the time it will take to animate them.

Thanks Jason!

Lastly, I want to quickly mention something.

We had some confusion today, and it got sorted out pretty quick, but I wanted to clarify something for those who aren't familiar with Kickstarter's workings. If you're used to using Kickstarter, feel free to skip the following info.

A bit about managing your pledge: If you would like to increase your backing amount, simply click the 'manage your pledge' button at the top of the campaign page. Once you get to the next screen, Keep in mind that the number shown is your current pledge - add to this amount to increase your pledge. You can also change your reward tier, if you like. Once you're ready, make sure that the pledge amount at the top is the total amount you want as your pledge, and then click the continue button!

Talk to you all soon,

-Logan (and the Ludo Land team)

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    1. Jason Wang on

      @Gabriel - Sorry for the dead link, here's the link to Justin's personal site -

    2. Ludo Land Creator on

      Thanks for the heads up, Gabriel! I should have triple-checked that link. Unfortunately, Kickstarter only allows editing of updates for 30 minutes after posting, so I can't update the link.

    3. Gabriel Morgan on

      Just thought I'd let you know that the Abduzeedo link doesn't work for me; it just says "Page not found".