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From the level designer of Perspective comes a successor to his award-winning game The Fourth Wall, a game about limits of the screen.
From the level designer of Perspective comes a successor to his award-winning game The Fourth Wall, a game about limits of the screen.
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Music and inspiration

Posted by Ludo Land (Creator)

Hey hey, Backers! We just passed the 400 backer mark and are at 30% of our goal. Exciting stuff!


Today I want to share a little bit more music with you all.

This track isn't finished, but I think it fits the summer section of the game really well. It has a Twin Peaks vibe to it that I really enjoy, while also feeling warm.

Speaking of Twin Peaks, let's talk about inspiration! There's a couple driving forces that are the inspiration for the mood, atmosphere, and music of the game.

The film Upstream Color is a large part of the inspiration for the game. While highly divisive, the film is a treat for your eyes and ears, feeling like one long music video. The score is a big influence on our soundtrack, and the seamless editing is what got me to think about interesting ways to transition from level to level. We also looked at the format of their trailer when creating ours.

The show Twin Peaks, and the numerous pieces of media recently influenced by it, are another inspiration for the game. While Four Sided Fantasy isn't a murder mystery, we are attempting to capture the feel that something is slightly wrong about this mostly-normal setting.

In terms of games, Thomas Was Alone, Sword & Sworcery, and Kentucky Route Zero are huge on atmosphere, and we want to capture a similar tone.


Our latest video caught some eyes, and some places wrote about it!

Kotaku picked up on the game

IndieGames wrote about the new video

RockPaperShotgun wrote about the game again!

Cliffy B. (of Gears of War fame) likes the look of the game and tweeted about it!

Super-cool Kickstarter games

I want to take a moment to highlight some other awesome projects that are on Kickstarter. The two that I'm talking about today are both near their end-date, so I urge you to check them out soon!

The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice, reminiscent of Alien Swarm, looks pretty neat to me. I think it has a lot of potential with the 8 player co-op that it has going for it. It's nearing the deadline, and they're so close to their funding goal! Here's a bit more about it:

The Red Solstice is an intense science fiction coop strategy/RPG game with a substantial dramatic singleplayer campaign as well. The setting and the story are inspired by classics such as Dawn of War, X-COM and Syndicate. In the game players need to survive the hostile environment of Mars during a huge storm called the Red Solstice while trying to discover what happened to the capital colony Tharsis.

You can find their Kickstarter page here

Choice Chamber

Twitch Plays Pokemon took the gaming world by storm, and Choice Chamber seems to be the next evolution of it. Michael has a great track record, and the art style is one of the best I've seen in a while. I definitely encourage you to help them reach their next stretch goal before the campaign is over in 3 days. Here's a bit more about it:

Choice Chamber is a real-time, crowdsourced, procedurally generated game where your fate is in everyone else's hands. Designed from the ground-up for use with Twitch, Choice Chamber sees the player fighting off a never-ending horde of enemies in dangerous chambers. However, it's the players watching the broadcast who decide the player's fate, as they constantly give input to change the game in real time. For one - infinity players!

You can find their Kickstarter page here

'til next time,

-Logan (and the Ludo Land team)

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    1. iestyn on

      Upstream Color is my favourite film of the last five years - super-excited to hear that this is one of your big inspirations! :)