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Think co-ops, convicts, & carrots have nothing in common? 2 girls embarking on a tour de force America are about to prove you wrong!

Ever bite into an apple and wonder how many hands it touched before yours? Ever order a square Wendy’s burger and imagine yourself actually hunting and scavenging your next meal? Ever have a foodgasm?

So have we.

The apple in your hands holds the seeds to many stories, from the migrant farm worker who sees the fruit as a symbol of his oppression, to the child who sneaks a bite from Grandma’s apple pie cooling on the window sill, to the thousands of Jews who dip apples into honey every Rosh HaShanah to express their hopes for a sweet new year.

These are the stories we want to hear, and the ones we hope to give a voice.

We are Lu and Gio—two West Coast foodies who love rooting out hidden narratives in seemingly banal subjects. Local Through the Mouths of Locals is our independent journalism project that investigates the nuances of food culture through multi-media based storytelling. We are trekking across America for 5 weeks to get home from college in Middlebury, Vermont. Along the way, we are experiencing interesting and alternative food cultures, with the mission of presenting these stories to Middlebury's food community next fall. 

At each destination, we will explore the community through food stories, from dining traditions to agricultural history to food waste and farmers markets. Emphasis is on getting these stories from immersion experiences--getting into the point of view of the locals themselves. We will live with them, eat with them, work along side them, and ultimately capture their stories.  

The project culminates in a documentary, a photo gallery, and a website featuring our video series, audio podcasts, and blog. The funding raised from Kickstarter will support the technical costs of our multi-media venture. This includes filming and recording equipment, website costs, and the printing and framing of photos.

Our chronicled story-gathering will appear in a photo-essay exhibition scheduled for October 2012 at 51Main in Middlebury, VT. We will also host a community discussion on alternative food systems, in which we also air our documentary feature. The documentary will subsequently appear on our website for the greater public. 

You can follow us by listening to our podcasts, watching our ongoing web-series, reading our blogs, or even meeting us along the way! Get us to come to your community by telling us your story. Or give us suggestions on where to stop, what to eat there, and how to do it. Better yet, challenge us to accomplish a major food feat, from dumpster diving for our dinner, to okie noodling for catfish. We may look unassuming, but trust us, we are up for anything! 

In the end, this project may be our idea, but it is your narrative, and ultimately an American biography of diversity. Get involved! Join us and help unearth stories of food and culture buried in backyards and urban gardens all around the United States.

Are you ready for that foodgasm yet?  

Visit our website at:!home|mainPage 


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