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Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
4,155 backers pledged $654,848 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Benjamin 1 day ago

      @ LMS Look forward to the quotes in the cards then. lol. Especially look forward to the Art Book. I always love when art books are included in a KS. Also helps with inspiration for painting the minis.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shane Nassar 2 days ago

      @ Colin Tanner Black Rose Wars is the next game that they will be releasing

    3. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner 2 days ago

      @LMS - question regarding Nova Aetas:
      What will be the total number of figures in the Novice pledge MINUS the KSE?
      What will be the total number of figures in the Squire pledge MINUS the KSE?
      Would like to know as it will influence my decision which to get when you open the PM.


    4. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner 3 days ago

      @LMS - in your latest update you mention Black Rose Wars. What is that?


    5. Luca LMS Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Benjamin - ehehe well almost all our Hero names have a quote or easter egg but I do not want to ruin you the taste of discovering it by yourselfs ;)

      @Aaron Ricks - yes i can confirm you that the PM will be open the next month

      @Guy Ridgway - we are in Rome :), ahahah end yes we have supposed the same think...I would like to see their disappointed faces >B]

      @All - tx to all of you for your words of encouragement. Fortunately seems that no data is lost, for the future we have taken countermeasures for events like that ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Bob Ramshaw 3 days ago

      They really wanted to get your stuff - maybe you should put Ulisse in the new office to scare the living sh*t out of the thieving scum if they try again.
      Seriously - take your time to get it sorted out, we all want the best game possible and that's the best reason for a delay I've seen. At least you put a picture up to prove it was a valid reason, unlike some.
      Looking forward to the PM and hope the recovery goes smoothly.

    7. Missing avatar

      Aaron Ricks 3 days ago

      Thank you for the information

    8. Guy Ridgway 3 days ago

      btw i wonder what the Thugs must have thought when they broke in "what the hell is all this stuff?"
      but seem odd you was targeted, unless you live in a rough area lol

    9. Guy Ridgway 3 days ago

      where did the break in happen? London or Poland?

    10. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer 3 days ago

      @Aaron Ricks They said it will open next month and be open about 2 months.

    11. Missing avatar

      Aaron Ricks 3 days ago

      Any idea when the PM will be open?

    12. Cdrsquizloid 3 days ago

      Sucks to hear about the break in. Fortunately no one was at the office late when it happened. I hope everything returns to normalcy soon for you all. Best of luck with the transition!

    13. Foreshadow
      3 days ago

      I once worked for a school that got broken into twice, and my advice is this: put a sound recorder in the room. It is not video but thieves who are generally dumb ass guys (and gals sometimes) will not think of such a thing. It will record the voice and all a cop has to do is ask them a few questions. He or she does not need to go into their house, as he can record their interview. Then compare and if it is similar, then use it toward a second interview and possible probable cause. Point is, the school was broken into twice, and had they done this simple thing, and the yes the video camera was disabled by the thieves but they never would have known about that sound recorder unless they were Tom Cruise or something. It cost the school like 90k. We as your backers do not want this to happen again. So hopefully your new office is not in the seedy part of town. If it is, take a step like I suggest, and back up your data, at least to a cloud.Take the steps to eliminate the impact of such an event please. If you can secure a second layer of defense within your office, like the master molds inside of a locked area, please do that.

    14. Justin Nichols
      3 days ago

      Sorry to hear you guys had to endure a break-in and theft. One piece of admittedly unsolicited advice, you shouldn't have to be "looking over all the files" and worry if you've saved everything or not if you use proper backups and source control. Systems like Git exist that can easily keep your source files in tact. There's even a concept called Git LFS (Large File Storage). So hopefully you're employing things like Carbonite or CrashPlan as well as something like Git. I hope you will never have to have this kind of concern again and that the thieves get what's coming to them!

    15. Benjamin 4 days ago

      @ Luca LMS
      How much did you guys look into the meaning of the names you guys used for your characters and creatures? Its rather interesting for some of them.... lol.

    16. Mark Avrit 5 days ago

      Once the campaign completes they can't update the page.

    17. Pai
      5 days ago

      @Phil rest assure we do unlock everything,munchkin is too shy to show himself.

    18. Missing avatar

      Phil Eaton 5 days ago

      Did we unlock Dark Munchkin? i thought so at the time, but it isnt losted as unlocked on the page rewards...?

    19. Benjamin 6 days ago

      @Luca LMS Thanks. I assumed so but just wanted confirmation since none of that was listed among the items. But know they wouldn't be playable without those lol.

    20. Luca LMS Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Benjamin - Yes the nightmare mode include 2 more Perilium and yes every new model have his own Activation Token (and probably many others Tokens) ;).

      @Olly the n00b - For more PM information you have to wait the first august update. This monday update it's a report for the first month of development and work of the LMS team ;)

    21. Benjamin 7 days ago

      @Luca LMS I would like confirmation on something: I assume all the Stretch Goals that include minis also include tokens to represent the character on the Momentum? Only reason I ask is because that fact isn't stated on any of the lists in the goals. Just the cards and such.

    22. Benjamin 7 days ago

      Really looking forward to getting this next May(hope it still comes on that time frame). I backed All In on the game stuff. Still hope to add the Resin Bundle in the PM and maybe the Dice Bundle too so I am Fully All In.

    23. Benjamin 7 days ago

      @ Luca LMS Going back through all the stuff that will be coming in all the game elements....will there be 2 more Perilium included with the game to allow the nightmare mode of 5-6 players since there are only 4 in the base game?

    24. Pai
      7 days ago

      @Luca I hope this update include the economic shipping to Asia which reduce my shipping cost :)

    25. Olly the n00b (1 of 12 Del'd) on July 14

      @ creator - will you be able to provide details of the PM in the update, please

    26. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 14

      @Johnnie Urquidi - Next update it's very near ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      Johnnie Urquidi on July 13

      Are we due for an update anytime soo?. I understand you guys had to deal with the break-in and the move, and I appreciate the comment activity, but it's been a few weeks now for an official update.

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kühnemund on July 13

      Any new´s about a german Translation?

    29. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 13

      @Colin Tanner - 63x88mm cards for the most are for equipments cards, pet cards and Enemies card; 41x63mm cards are for elements cards (medipack, energy cell for exemple), oblivion cards, events and world events cards, wounds cards. Quantities and sizes may change during production, in this case we will inform you ;).

    30. John Peters, you know, the farmer on July 12…
      Here are the number breakdowns by card type as listed in the campaign.
      I did not include NA crossover cards (boogeyman).
      There are still some questions to get exact counts (such as world event, special gift equipment and hydra card counts).

      I added a column for card size once that info becomes available and will go back to sum by size.
      If you want the info without expansions, copy to your drive/download and remove the entries from the DATA tab for those expansions. They are separated by big title breaks.

    31. John Peters, you know, the farmer on July 12

      I had counts of each by type, but didn't save the list. I'll have to re-count.

      Looking at the LMS reply regarding sizes, though, there are 3 sizes listed, but only mission cards are indicated as being a certain size. The other two are "just sizes" and don't indicate which card types belong to those sizes.

    32. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on July 12

      Oops - pressed post too early! Aimed at LMS.

    33. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on July 12

      @John Peters - thanks for the count. Unfortunately it has only answered half of my comment. I would also like to know how many of each size there will be? That is something that I think you will be unable to help me with? Hence why it was aimed at

    34. John Peters, you know, the farmer on July 12

      By my count, there are 594 cards across all expansions and stretch goals. The only numbers I have in question is the equipment from the "special gift" and the World Event cards from the stretch goal. There are 4 cards pictured for equip and 3 for World Event, so I used those numbers.

      Core: 159
      Silico: 39
      Pet: 3
      Motherfang: 23
      Kyrone: 25
      Pandora: 30
      Aracne: 26
      Stretch: 279
      Social: 4
      Special Gift: 9

    35. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on July 11

      @Luca LMS - also could you let me know the sizes/numbers of cards in Nova Aetas as it is more than likely I will be getting that in the PM.

    36. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on July 11

      @Luca LMS
      Thanks for the card sizes. But could you let us know how many of each size there will be? As I need to sort out sleeves.

    37. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 11

      @The 4th Jawa - Of course the cards will be revised too ;).

      @daniel - St have 2main type of size for the cards: 63x88mm, 41x63mm, and 180x120mm for the Missions cards.

    38. daniel on July 11

      @Luca LMS what size are the cards?

    39. The 4th Jawa on July 11

      @Luca LMS Will we also get a look at the rules text on the cards?
      The Shield ability of the Faun Hunter (as posted on BGG) does not work as written for example. (It changes a 2 in 6 chance to a 1 in 3 chance.)
      The card also has multiple language errors, which I hope an American editor would catch.

    40. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 10

      @Daniel Korbely - Absolutely yes! When the beta version will be ready, we show to the backers for a shared revision with all of you. I think this will appen between september/october.

    41. Daniel Korbely on July 10


      Will you show us a new version of the rule book? In the last version there was a lot misunderstanding and missing images and examples.

    42. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 10

      @Heath Hyllested - Fernando had began the revisions of all the models we already show during the KS. Once this process will be ended he wiil starts with the sculpt of the missing models, so i hope that we can show you some new models starting by the next month :)

      @Guy Ridgway - ehehhe tx mate! Dont' worry Despite the small accident of the studio theft we are in the times of our deadlines ;)

    43. Guy Ridgway on July 9

      @ Luca LMS

      everyone just wants this game to go really well, don't worry to much about the deadline just do it the way you want to

    44. Heath Hyllested on July 9

      @Luca how long until you make sculpts for Burp, Starebus and the others?

    45. Heath Hyllested on July 9

      @ChristoperKeller It's a link on their webpage called radioplay. Different links for each level.

    46. Pai
      on July 9

      @Luca I'll look forward to that.

    47. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 9

      @ Pai - Yes we show you the new office... and way we had to leave the old one ^^

    48. Pai
      on July 9

      @Luca glads to have you back how about new update talking about your new office ?

      Anyway I sorry for the theft at your old office

    49. Luca LMS Collaborator on July 9

      @all - Hi guys! how are you? We've finished the forced move to the new office, now we're ready to get back to work! We are preparing the new Ashes number and a new update where we will begin with the pledge manager information that you all expect, in the meantime we will be here as always to answer your questions;)

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