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Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
4,155 backers pledged $654,848 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lim 30 minutes ago

      Thanks Vince, switched my pledge from Travellers to Explorer with ease before 22nd

    2. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      about 13 hours ago

      Is support busy?

    3. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Mike Hutton - For all request regarding the Pledge Manager, open a ticket on our support center at the following link: Thank you!

    4. mike hutton
      1 day ago

      Ok...I pledged a dollar and bumped it up to a late pledge.....why can't I add on the all-in boxes and Arcane box? It doesn't give me the option

    5. Luca LMS Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Jonathan Holt - Probably it will not be possible to add more stuff, at that point we should have all the quotation ready for the mass production...but we inform you about that during this months ;)

      @Kenrick Carlson Keh - we hope to see all the non-KSexclusive material on retail but ATM is very early to tell. :).

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Holt 2 days ago

      @Kendrick No clue about when but the Campaign graphic says how much the expansions are. They are anywhere from $34 to $50 depending on which expansion you're looking at.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Holt 2 days ago

      I don't suppose that when the PM opens in Feb that we can add an expansion or two then? Since Christmas is coming up soon I have less free money than I would prefer.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      2 days ago

      When will the expansions be available for retail? How much would they be?

    9. theGunslinger 2 days ago

      @LMS; what are the dimensions of the core box and various expansions?

      Current KS called Box Throne is a storage system for board games. Would like to know where your game would fit on their shelves. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      2 days ago

      @ludus i want to add but i'm still thinking what to get as I don't want to spend too much. :(

    11. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator 5 days ago

      to adding new items in locked mode, open please a ticket on I need a list of add-ons and you backerkit e-mail account. I will handle all request sent by Nov 22!!


    12. ako_ay_bisaya
      5 days ago

      I meant in two days. I'll see first if my wife will let me.

    13. ako_ay_bisaya
      5 days ago

      I also didn't get the add ons. I had to get two Explorer pledge as I owed a friend who wanted a copy so my funds went there. I wonder if they'll let me add it next week.

    14. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Also, as far as I know the 22/11 deadline still applies, so if you want to add anything definitely contact them now, as there are only 3 working days left (4 if you count Saturday).

      They use Zendesk to log support calls - the link you need is:

      I recommend supplying your Kickstarter email and account ID in your initial request for your PM to be unlocked to help speed things up.

    15. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Just to clarify on 'unlocking' the pledge manager - strictly speaking they don't unlock it at all, in that you aren't able to add the new items yourself.

      Rather, you raise a support call via their website, they get in touch and ask what you want to add, then tell you how much it will cost including the shipping. They then ask you to send them that amount via PayPal, and they add the item(s) manually to your backerkit account.

    16. The 4th Jawa 5 days ago

      @Kenrick: IIRC you can request to unlock your pledge manager, so you can add extra add-ons.

    17. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      darn.. i really want pandora now, such an awesome model.. sadly didnt get one..

    18. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      6 days ago

      Yes but mine is locked :(

    19. Aaron 6 days ago

      Update 38 says the pledge manager closes the 22nd of November.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      6 days ago

      It is not possible to add now? :(

    21. BlackjackXIII 6 days ago

      I went all-in balls to the wall and regret nothing. Keep it coming! I can't wait to play this on my table, and i'm already forming my own scenario and extra heroes I can add to it from other games as cameos.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      6 days ago

      Omg. I kinda regret not getting the add ons now. :(

    23. Luca LMS Collaborator 6 days ago

      Habemus Update! :)

    24. Luca LMS Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Olly - Expecting delays & NexDragon - Yes me tooooo, but is very near I can assure you ;)

    25. NexDragon on November 16

      Would also love to see an update :P

    26. Olly - Expecting delays on November 15

      @Creator - It's been a while. Please can we have an update.

    27. Luca LMS Collaborator on November 13

      @Rick - Wohooo great news! Thank you to all for your vote!! :*
      @Matthias Kühnemund - We have taken some contact with some German distributors during Essen spiel and we are positive about that, we hope to give you some good new ASAP ;)

      Sorry for the late on the update but Fernando is going to ultimate a BIG new model and we want to show it to you in the next update, so a little more patience ^_^

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kühnemund on November 12

      @LMS - is there any news about a german translation?

    29. Rick on November 11

      Sine Tempore is nominated for the 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2018.

      You can second the nomination here:

      Also, feel free to leave a comment as to why you're excited about the game, and feel free to add any additional nominations to the list.

      The top 50 nominees make it through to the vote for the Top 20 in January 2018.

    30. Missing avatar

      Shaun on November 9

      Best *thing* to do... (I hate having no short term edit function!)

    31. Missing avatar

      Shaun on November 9

      @Mugianesi - I kind of understand where you're coming from, generally speaking. Problem is that here it was made clear a few times, and has been in the FAQ that:
      "$1 pledges will not give you access to the PM"

      Now I don't know what they're doing with respect to allowing late backers, paying a premium to join up. There, I would expect people to have full access.

      Again, as always I guess, best this to do is to contact them and see what could be done. I did this only a few weeks ago for another game (from another Italian developer, funnily enough). Payed a premium, sure, but a lot less than eBay would have cost me.

      Good luck :)

    32. Missing avatar

      on November 6


      You upped an chose a full pledge and still no addons?

      I could understand that you can't get addons without a base pledge to make it less Interesting for scalper who the only buy exclusives for resale but if you can get a full pledge you should be able to get addons imo.
      Maybe not at the same price but at least they should be offered to anybody getting the game.

    33. Luca LMS Collaborator on November 6

      @all - Hi guys! The convention period is finally ended so after Essen and Lucca Comics&Games, the LMS team is back to the studio! Sorry for the late in the answer on our support service but from today the situation will come back to the normality and you will receive answers to your questions and issues. We are preapring an interesting update to report about coventions and with some juicy WIP ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on November 6

      @@Mugianesi Anthony ..... I hope you get what you want mate, we are supposed to be a gaming community,...... the more the merrier!

    35. Missing avatar

      Mugianesi Anthony
      on November 6

      @Olly the n00b

      Because sometimes, you are unsure weither you can or not afford a game. I don't poop money.

      Also... Just don't be a dick ^^

      1000 or 1 i'm a backer. The game already reached its end goal so why should i put myself into a position in which i might not be able to pay ?

      If i remember, i chosed to prioritize Titans of Hellas in the hope of a super extra ending stretch goal but my memory is fuzzy.

      Just be glad they had a few reserve backers if they needed the extra cash (in PM or at the very last minute of the campain) to tip the balance.

      If 1 dollar pledge doesn't give me access well fuck it. I'm not going to beg. Seems like an unecessary alienation of backers but whatever.

      I sent a request anyway so we'll see.

    36. Pai
      on November 5

      @Mugianesi Anthony

      That no add-ons seem weird it shouldn't be like that. Take it easy LMS will fix yours.

    37. Olly - Expecting delays on November 5

      Though, I do judge; why should a $1 backer get the same privileges of someone who has committed to the product for the full amount (ie $99 or more). If we all did $1 pledges, I doubt that any of the campaigns would be funded.

    38. Olly - Expecting delays on November 5

      The FAQs have said "$1 pledges will not give you access to the PM" since the start, so the fact $1 gets you into the PM, may be he meant $1 wouldn't get you the add-ons / KS bonuses in PM?

    39. Missing avatar

      Mugianesi Anthony
      on November 5

      It's not a late pledge, i'm a one dollar backer.

      If it's not a mistake, i'm not really interested by the game anymore. The +10 dollars i can understand but the "no add ons" policy doesn't make sense.

      Also i took a ticker as suggested, still waiting for the official response.

    40. Pai
      on November 4

      @Mugainesi Anthony
      Because 1$ pledge wont get the same price as other pledge, IIRC you need at leasst core game pledge to get that (139$) price in PM.
      I feel sorry for you but that's it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on November 4

      @Mugianesi - unfortunately quite often the game makers will increase their price for Late Pledges e.g. Siege of the Citadel went up to £179! Think that was an increase of £30-40.

    42. Luca LMS Collaborator on November 3

      @Mugianesi Anthony - Hi Anthony! Open a ticket on our support page (even the new versions of the NA rulebooks are here)
      if you don't have a ready answer don't worry, we have just come back from Essen and during the WE some of us will be guests to our Italian distributor booth in Lucca Comics&Games, from the next Monday all will return to normality ;)

      @Mark Marsh - ATM we are working on the main rules and campaign, it's plausible that the number of mission could be changed in the final it happens for Nova Aetas the missions could be more than we have prevented ;)

    43. The 4th Jawa on November 3

      @Mark Marsh: I don't think the full mission count is known yet. There are different kind of missions. Campaign missions are found in the plot books (Base game, Silicio and Pandora contain plot book and there is an enemy plot book included in the stretch goals, as is a mini campaign concerning the hydra). And there exploration missions, which are the 9+9+4 you found. Next there are nemesis missions included in the expansions, which I think are a special kind of exploration missions. Next there are Recruitment missions, which are special exploration missions, where you encounter optional heroes and can add them to your crew (if your successful). Finally there are some missions in the stretch goals aimed at solo players.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on November 3

      Hey, does anyone know how many missions there are in total in the base game + Silicio expansion? The campaign page seesm to show 9 + 9 +4 + solo missions, is that right?

      Plus in the add ons is it 1 new mission for MotherFang and Kyrone and 6 more for Pandora.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mugianesi Anthony
      on November 3

      Hey guys, so i think i have a problem.

      I'm on the pledge manager and i can only order the 139 package to the price of 149 (wtf ?) as a late pledge.

      How do i buy the add ons ? And also why is the 139 pledge 149 ? I was a one dollar backer, don't judge.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on November 3

      Hey gents where is the latest rule version download?

    47. Luca LMS Collaborator on November 3

      @Helge haasler - TX for your words Helge! ^_^

    48. Helge haasler on November 2

      Hello Luca, thanks for the answer. I have allready downloaded the Rules and we have by now finished the first five missions. You are right it is better, not perfect but a lot better. The Grenade Rule is still very strange, but that is another Thing.

      Your work , and your support with the community is really great. By now i have nearly read every Post of you and your Posts in the BGG Forum and i am fascinated on how your work together with the community. Now i am sure that you will deliver a great game, and i am very sad that i have missed the Nova Aetas pledge. I would love to have more Stuff. Hope to meet you again, latest on the Spiel 2018, if you attend again.

    49. Luca LMS Collaborator on November 2

      @Helge haasler - Hi mate! It was a pleasure to meet you! I'm glad that NA has pleased you but I recommend you download the latest version of the regulations that you find on our support page! you will notice a great improvement over the first version;). do not worry about Sine Tempore we have already taken action because this thing does not happen :)

      @Bulblub - The Hydra is the next sculpt that Fernando has to do, so soon you can take a look to the first WIP ;). On the demo table there was the complete core box, including the Mowers and Fato as you know were added during the campaign ;)

    50. Missing avatar

      Bulblub on November 2

      @helge haasler did they have the SG minis there? How did the hydra look?

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