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Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
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    1. Luca LMS Collaborator about 13 hours ago

      -Dlin Dlon-
      The Update scheduled for today has been moved to Monday to make it richer and show you a little surprise. Thanks for your collaboration. Have a nice day.
      -Dlin Dlon-

    2. Luca LMS Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Chris - You can find it here:

      Give us all feedback even on the P&P missione guys ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Colin Boes 2 days ago

      @theGunslinger, a fair point and knowing the schedule for ST I know I wont get it first unless they pushed the BRW date way back. Unfortunately, while I would like to back BRW, I think it is unlikely because I don't have any product from the company. If they were more established and I had a previous game I wouldn't consider it as much, but as things are I will wait on ST and hope if BRW is good to pick it up later.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bulblub 2 days ago

      Any opinion of the print and play mission? I haven't had the time to try it out. But it probably would be a good indication of how well the rule book works

    5. Chris 3 days ago

      Is there a link to the revised rule book? I would very much like to read it.

    6. theGunslinger
      3 days ago

      @Colin; well considering that BRW launches on the 26th or in 9 days, I don't think expecting ST between now and then is realistic.

      It's a tough decision especially when you don't have a product in hand to know that it is real and the quality is what you hope and expect it to be.

      Every project is a lot of money to put up, but I believe your investment will pay dividends once received. My opinion only friend.

    7. Missing avatar

      Colin Boes 3 days ago

      Yes, I would be interested potentially in Black Rose but will definitely not be backing if it launches before I can get my hands on ST. I understand there may be scheduling reasons for this, but I have plenty of other things that might interest me without doubling down essentially on a company I have nothing from.

    8. Luca LMS Collaborator 4 days ago

      Little spoiler! In this week update, focus on Kyrone box!

    9. Heath Hyllested 6 days ago

      Every thing is looking good guys! Any chance of making some simple youtube videos to introduce each mission, similar to videos in the campaign? Really the voice would be enough with just a static picture in the background.

    10. theGunslinger
      on April 13

      Thank you LMS for taking the time to respond to a nothing comment. It is tough to resist going down the rabbit hole of negativity when reading about NA's current status and at the same time wanting to get excited about BRW.

      I do believe you will deliver. The hydra from the last update is a beast! No pun intended. November is really not that big of deal in the larger world of KS delays and delivery adjustments. :)

    11. Luca LMS Collaborator on April 13

      @Gedracon & theGunslinger - We are absolutely on the track for the announced November deliver. As I said some updates ago our active work on ST will end in July when the mass production will start. From that moment our task will be the check of the factory work and the respect of timing they give us. As a backer, i can understand that the wait can be frustrating but with the updates, the online Rulebooks and the P&P missions that we produce during this "waiting months" we hope to make you happy :)

    12. theGunslinger
      on April 12

      I want to back BRW, but hesitate with ST taking so long...

    13. Gedracon on April 12

      @Luca: Are you still on track regarding the estimations from december? Currently we don't see any progress. And the time for mass production + shipment from China seems very optimistic when compared to the NA campaign.

    14. Luca LMS Collaborator on April 12

      @flavio collovini - Thanks to you Flavio, your advice is welcome as all the advice you give us, but as I said, it's not that simple. I understand if you will not support us for BRW, but I hope that once you have received your long waited stuff (if nothing change, probably a few days after the start of the campaign) you decide to be ours again ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      flavio collovini on April 12

      Luca thanks for the answer. I suggest to you to change the lauch date for allow us to evaluate your work before the new campaign, so this is for our benefit but also for not damage the name of your company.
      Do what you want. Like many backes, if you don't listen to your backers and change the date, I don't pledge until receiving Nova Aetas wave two.
      I think that is better a complicate little change of the date that loosing early backers and your reputation.

    16. Luca LMS Collaborator on April 12

      Our work on NA has been over for months, when we made that announcement, we based on the timing of a normal mass production communicated to us by our manufactory, and we have set the date of our next KS with this deadline, so that for its beginning the NA II wave had already been delivered. As I wrote in the last update of NA, unfortunately, some unexpected events in production (a phase where we have no way to intervene) have slipped the shipments of a couple of months. Now, thanks to the air shipment, the NA backers will receive the II wave during the BRW campaign. Postponing the BRW KS, unfortunately it is not so simple, the preparation of a KS requires a lot of work, a careful planning of the advertising and a great effort of resources that a young company like LMS has to manage wisely. We will never cease to thank you for the trust you give to us and we hope to return it with excellent products :)

      @Lothian -I would like to clarify what you have written. At the moment we have two work teams, one deals with completing the work on ST and one is working on the KS of BRW. the ST delay is in no way connected to BRW, but as we have written it is simply due to the huge amount of material unlocked during the KS. To give you an example, me and Andrea are the designers of ST, while BRW is developed entirely by its Author (Marco Montanaro). And the the work that is still missing on ST is not on the materials (for example the miniatures are finished and on April 30th we will deliver their files to our factory) but on the test of the rules and their development to give you the great game you are looking for. I hope I was clear this time :)

      Sorry for the wall of text.

    17. Lothian on April 12

      They haven't completed all minis and stories of ST, so is obvious that they had delayed if they take time to create new minis and stories for a new game.
      They did a lot of errors with their first project, it's ok, was the first, but now they are doing the same with the second creating a third game! It is going to be an infinite chain of delays, hoping that each game was enough tested

    18. Missing avatar

      flavio collovini on April 12

      @To all:
      This was the promise of LMS in the Nova Aetas kickstarter's page:

      Luca LMS Collaborator on September 27
      @Greyskull, @Steve Avans - Don't worry we don't have any intention to launch other KS campaign before NA II wave has shipped to you. We are working hard with the manufacturing to finalize the production phase within the next 2 months. The update is scheduled for the next week with great news...I can assure you ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael K
      on April 11

      I do hope folks wise up and stop bankrolling this company in future projects.

      They have yet to deliver a single functional product, and intentionally time the launch of their next project so that you can’t see the poor quality of the previous project before you have to commit.

      We saw it with the close of ST before NA was delivered (and still remains undelivered) and are seeing it again with BRW before ST is delivered. (And potentially before NA is even delivered given the recent additional delays)

      I understand remaining hopeful - but there’s also a point at which this all becomes ridiculous and it just needs to stop.

    20. Fabio Maria Piacentini on April 11

      I will be on BRW as soon as it starts cause I've troed it and loved it :)

    21. StarsCream
      on April 11

      I can say right now that there is NO way I am backing Black Rose without this game in hand (or at least starting to ship) at this point. Bad decision Ludus, and it's going to cost you quite a few smart consumers.

    22. Pai
      on April 11

      Appreciated your answer Luca, also please carefully calculate BRW est. delivery date before launched.


    23. Missing avatar

      Bulblub on April 11

      In my opinion it is ok how they have planned their projects. If brw starts in a few months then the shipment of ST is only a few months to go. That means all the mini designer and story writer have nothing else to do.

      I know that they had lots of problems with nova aetas but I hope everyone learned from the mistakes and it won't repeat itself.

      I would hope that the estimated delivery date for the new campaign is more honest.

    24. Luca LMS Collaborator on April 11

      @flavio collovini - Sorry Flavio maybe I have not expressed well but my answer was related to what Pai asked (no other game after BRW since we ship ST)
      I would never allow myself to think that our backers are stupid, we are acting in the fullest transparency informing everyone about our programs and how we intend to act in the near future. I hope that this would be clear for all of you :)

    25. Missing avatar

      flavio collovini on April 11

      @Luca LMS You write: " Following my word, I can assure you that we don't start a new project before the ST shipment :)"
      This is the same thing you told us when you launched Sine Tempore without shipping Nova Aetas.
      Now you are doing the same.
      Please, we are not stupid, change the start date of Black Rose!

    26. Luca LMS Collaborator on April 10

      @Pietro - Next production update is scheduled for next week and yes, we show you some new model(s) and other game material stuff ;)
      @Pai - I understand your point. Our plan for the future is to have a project active and a project ending to give continuity to our work. ATM we have NA near to the shipment (ending...finally) and a project active (ST). In the next months, we have BRW as active (if funded) and ST as an ending project. Following my word, I can assure you that we don't start a new project before the ST shipment :)

    27. Pai
      on April 10

      @Luca I like you project but I must admit launching new project while last project still under developing is a bad move. However I'll look at BRW a bit before decide to pledge it or not but please after BRW complete do not launching any new project before you're closely complete last project.

      Just my 2 cents , thanks

    28. Missing avatar

      Pietro on April 10

      So @Luca LMS are we supposed to have some news about production and game development by...when? Approximately :) Thanks :)

      ps: and even some new sculpt would be apreciated :D

    29. Jayhad on April 9

      Wanted to thank you all for sharing the rulebook and keeping us in the loop. My one plea continues to be to make the FONT size as large as possible on the cards. I see in the 1.1 rulebook the cards seem to have small fonts on them.

    30. Luca LMS Collaborator on April 9

      Guys, we announced a delay and give you a timeline to arrive at the October/November shipment that you know. Nova Aetas is our first son and we love it, but we have grown a lot from it, and we don't wont to replay all the problem and errors (with production, traduction, and expedition) we have done with our very first project, and that is something you will watch with your own eyes. NA is a closing project (finally) and we watch to the future with positive eyes :)

    31. Lothian on April 9

      @rognon Gabriel
      Isn't developed by a different company.
      Only the designer (one) is different, 2 of 3 artist that do minis and cards/tile are the same of NA and ST and the publisher, who is responsable of production, traduction and expedition, is the same, so if there are problems with NA, that isn't arrived complete, and ST has not all minis already completed, they are the responsable, in particular in the case that they have time and resources to start a new project and think to the next one.
      They started ST project also because they hadn't enough money to complete NA, I think that a serious company first of all should complete the first game and the second that saved they from "bankruptcy" and not that they spend time and money for new games and content.

    32. Missing avatar

      rognon gabriel on April 9

      @lothian, while in the same univers black rose was in devlopped by a different company working with them. so LMS is not the one doing the rule and minis design on this game.

      Still I agree that a third KS in this franchise while the first one is yet to be delivered is a bit too much which is why I don't intend to pledge until I receive sin tempore (after that I will probably support NA2 and ST2 if the games pleased me).

    33. Gedracon on April 8

      @Olly: October / November if we are lucky.

    34. Lothian on April 7

      If I understood right you have scheduled your production like this:
      2018 New Game - Black Rose Wars
      2019 New Expansion - Sine Tempore
      2020 New Game - Nova Aetas II

      So you are testing new rules for a new game, creating new models and scultures, writing new stories and text for the cards (Black rose), probably starting to create/draw/write something for a new expansion (ST) and thinking about a new game (NA II) while ppl that backed your first project (that had 3 kickstarter campaigns, so miniatures and rules were ready long time ago, in theory) are still waiting SG since more then 2 years?
      Really? Are you serious?
      We have "credit card" graven on our head??

    35. Olly - Please Expect Delays
      on April 6

      @ Creator - just back from 2 weeks holiday in sunny Gran Canaria. I am going through my late / delayed Kickstarters to check their recovery progress. Please can I have a revised dispatch forecast for my Kickstarter logbook.

    36. Michael A on April 3

      Why are they still taking pledges almost a year later? Might be time to drop my pledge for this game. Your looking at early to mid 2019 easy.

    37. Kerwyn on March 30

      Lol, I don't expect this game until late next year. I expect there will be more delays. But HELL, if all the minis look as AMAZING as that hydra, then I say "take the time you need!"

    38. Mark "I am Alpha and Omega" Geller on March 30

      Always expect delays with Kickstarter, and since they pushed it back to October/November this year that is 8 months away, which really is enough time to get it all done and shipped.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer on March 29

      @Jamy Nope. A delay was announced way back but there were no further details. But considering the fact that they are still working on miniature renders and just recently added a new mini to the mix (BGG challenge) I'd say we shouldn't expect anything before Q1 2019. May 2018 was way unrealistic in the first place and I have no idea why they had such a silly delivery estimate.

    40. Jamy on March 29

      Dont know if it has been asked, probably is.. But is delivery still on schedule? Since we get updates about other games but not production..

    41. Missing avatar

      ChrisK on March 29

      @LMS I don't know if it was stated before, but when it is expected to show us the minis of Alpha & Omega?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jon Drejer Jakobsen on March 28

      Can you please stop using the update system as your personale ad system? I look forward to every update concerning the game, but lately I feel you are just abusing my email...

    43. Luca LMS Collaborator on March 28

      @Luke Thunder's Roar Lawrence - ahaha you just beat me in the time :)

    44. Luke Lawrence on March 28

      Scratch that, just found it.

    45. Luke Lawrence on March 28

      Has there been a current estimate for Delivery? I've been browsing through and can't find much.

    46. Luca LMS Collaborator on March 27

      @Ken Cunningham - Really thx for your excellent work!

    47. Ken Cunningham on March 26

      I finally got a chance to play a few rounds in the Tabletop Simulator Mod and I made some improvements. Come check it out if you haven't played it yet.…

    48. Dan d'Lyon - this space for rent
      on March 19

      Never mind. I reread the update.

    49. Dan d'Lyon - this space for rent
      on March 19

      If I remember correctly, the only thing the pledge manager was being "re-opened" for was to change the language selection. Right?

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