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$232,892 pledged of $45,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$232,892 pledged of $45,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator 1 minute ago

      @to all - just 4 fan on BGG... are you ready for the next social SG?


    2. Claudio about 1 hour ago

      @LMS, @Luca, @Andrea
      You replied to all my posts on BGG, thank you so much!
      I am the same "Claudio M" on BGG btw. :-) I see that Oliver Schaaf is in there as well, providing very useful updates.
      Cheers and all the best for the next steps of the campaign!

    3. Mark Geller about 1 hour ago

      It's also uncommon for a KS to keep the stretch goals at the same level this long, which I think is helping..
      I love it

    4. Michael Bedggood
      about 2 hours ago

      @Teodor, it is so rare for a kickstarter to keep up the pace like this one has. It's absolutely wonderful.

    5. Teodor Knigge about 3 hours ago

      This Kickstarter just dont slow down, ITs Amazing!!

    6. Luca LMS Collaborator about 3 hours ago

      @ rognon gabriel - The "nightmare mode" is mainly designed to increase the difficulty of the game if you want to play with 5-6 players. As you know ST was born to be played with 4 heroes, adding another hero obviously makes the party stronger and hence therefore the enemies will have to be stronger too. lol i don't know if i've right answered to your question XD

    7. Missing avatar

      David Dowbyhuz about 4 hours ago

      We're #4 on the Kicktraq Hot 25!

    8. Missing avatar

      rognon gabriel about 4 hours ago

      @LMS is the 5-6 player mode called nightmarre because the difficulty was up to go with the 1-2 additionnal heroes or does that mean that 5-6 players party are far harder than normal one, even with the additionnal heroes?

    9. Andres about 4 hours ago

      @creator... Just join this KS. We will have the rules at Spanish PDF... great but... its possible to have the cards at pdf too?

    10. Winfried Schüler about 5 hours ago

      Only 7 more for bgg social sg needed!!!

    11. Zola Suwaro about 5 hours ago

      @Zaphyro, as far as we know the ADDON is simply so you got a second one and won't need to swap the pilot in case you want to use andromeda in it.

    12. Luca LMS Collaborator about 5 hours ago

      @ Zaphyro - you find one A.D.E. model in Silicio. You need the add-on only if you want a second one for collector task. I.E. you can have 2 A.D.E. so you don't need to switch the two plug-in or if you create house rules to play 2 of this in a mission or again if you want to play a duel between Enemy A.D.E. and Andromeda A.D.E.

    13. René Schultze about 5 hours ago

      Would be nice if the rules could be used for NA, too. That would not only be nice but AWESOME! :)

    14. Mark Geller about 5 hours ago

      Nice we hit the Linen finish, and glad to see nightmare mode is there and will be unlocked guaranteed.. love this one

      And two SGs unlocked today

    15. Zaphyro about 5 hours ago

      @Ludus Magnus Studio LLC
      I'm getting the Silicio Expansion. On the add-ons there is the A.O.E. for 15 bucks, do i have to get this add-on to get the orc plug-in or does it come ton the expansion Silicio?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Coker about 5 hours ago

      Fato looks so cool, kinda wow/40kish Witch

    17. Marc about 5 hours ago

      Now that's a stretch goal everyone will likely enjoy! Should be fun to see what changes with nightmare mode other than the player count.

    18. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator about 5 hours ago

      @to all - new SG!!!

    19. Zola Suwaro about 5 hours ago

      @Hugo there aint many review videos up yet, but more are coming early next week :) LMS quoted about that earlier.

    20. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone
      about 5 hours ago

      Nice, now that we have Fato, we need to make as much headway towards the linen finish SG as possible so we can see what the next mini SG will be tomorrow.

    21. Missing avatar

      Hugo Cunha about 5 hours ago

      I couldn't find a lot of videos regarding gameplay. Could anyone forward me to any video like that please?

    22. Justin Boehm
      about 6 hours ago

      I like the variety of female heroes you have here, keep the ladies comin!

    23. Marc about 6 hours ago

      On a more fun note, it looks like we can welcome Fato :)

    24. Marc about 6 hours ago

      Yet translations are rarely free, unless they're fanmade. I'd rather have them spend those resources on something else.

    25. Kurt Temmerman about 6 hours ago

      Who said anything about paying? I can live with English since most games are, just always easier to read in your mother Language. And I don't want the game translated only the rules and just because I saw some other translations.

    26. Vincenzo Collaborator about 6 hours ago

      @Mark Marsh
      there are 4 more videos within the early next week
      - How To Play Part 2 - A.I. mechanisms
      - How to Play Part 3 - missions and campaign
      - Video Review by Undead Viking
      - Video Review by Man Vs Meeples

    27. Marc about 6 hours ago

      @Kurt: That's exactly my point. I wouldn't spend anything extra for a Dutch version. In fact, I doubt many of us Dutchies would.

    28. razzer about 6 hours ago

      @Mark Marsh Yes the A.D.E add-on is the same that is in the Silicio expansion

    29. Kurt Temmerman about 6 hours ago

      There already is an English translation.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh about 6 hours ago

      Hi new to this, had a couple of questions. 1. Are there any more video reviews due out? and 2. re the ADE miniature that is a $15 add on, is that the same one the comes in the expansion for the Explorer pledge?

    31. Marc about 7 hours ago

      While I wouldn't mind a Dutch translation pack, this Dutch guy would highly prefer an English version any day of the week...

    32. Zola Suwaro about 7 hours ago

      @Xep Thats why its an optional rule I guess. :)

    33. Kurt Temmerman about 7 hours ago

      Is there any rule translation planned in Dutch?

    34. Xep about 7 hours ago

      If a hero dies are you creating a new one ? Otherwise with only the base game you could run into problems when you only have 3 heroes left ^^ ...

    35. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 7 hours ago

      @Ludus Magnus Studio LLC
      Thanks for the quick answer :)

    36. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator about 7 hours ago

      @Jesterx - the game is structurated for 4 heroes, even if you play alone, but when you'll are more confident with the rules you can try each mission with fewer heroes. Soon rules to play with 5-6 players, with a new enemies deck... more powerful, more lethal.


    37. Missing avatar

      Jason Coker about 7 hours ago

      This game is ridiculously incredible

      I love the idea how much terrain cards can change and affect the tiles and such as the flower healing enemies and hurting us.

      The optional side quest to use pick up another mini and use another hero is so flavorful

      This is turning out to be more and more what I've never known ive wanted in a sci fi dungeon crawl

    38. Xep about 7 hours ago

      Whoot permadeath possible? Even more hyped.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 8 hours ago

      Gameplay question:
      Scale the enemys if i play with 1 or 2 heroes? Or i have to play with all 4 characters when I play solo?

    40. Winfried Schüler about 8 hours ago

      Wow, Fato looks stunning!!! Great job LMS

    41. Zola Suwaro about 8 hours ago

      Loving the Death rule there! Collecting Heroes, gearing them up and keeping them alive is crucial :D!

    42. Alberto about 8 hours ago

      Wow really like the "Death rule". Now having that many heroes make sense :D

    43. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator about 8 hours ago

      @to all - update!

    44. Pietro de Martino
      about 8 hours ago

      I'm too much grow up... i share with you the Saturday nights mastering other grow up kids on RPG sessions, if someone is missing we go with tabletop games.. unfortunately it's my 3rd week without any other distraction other than work... so i dream of new games.
      @LMS Agree to populate the FAQ and on add-ons sections specify if an item is already included on on pledge or not for coming people (i.e A.D.E.)- cos i suppose add-ons cold not stop here;

    45. Oliver Schaaf about 8 hours ago

      Only 14 more fans on BGG for the next social SG needed!!!!!!! Just visit this link and click 'become a fan':

    46. Charles-Antoine about 9 hours ago

      Don't forget to update your FAQ for the langage partnerships :P

    47. Winfried Schüler about 9 hours ago

      @LMS: Great!
      I have a question...when will we see the miniature for the blessed weapon Omega? :-)

    48. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 4-time creator about 9 hours ago

      @to all - updated SGs!

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