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Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a  co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
Sine Tempore is a co-operative game rich in miniatures and materials, featuring custom dice and three-dimensional game elements.
4,155 backers pledged $654,848 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Markus about 1 hour ago

      paypal will leech money form the creator, so its a free option to include or not. i would not like to loose more money (KS takes 8-10%?) and Paypal another 5%?
      i would try to solve it cheaper for me ^^

    2. Missing avatar

      about 10 hours ago

      @Mark Avrit - PayPal being an option in the Pledge Manager has nothing to do with KS. Backerkit is completely separate from KS, and I have backed several campaigns that included it as a payment option via Backerkit.

      It simply means you pay on the spot when checking out, rather than waiting for the PM to be locked down and credit cards charged, but has the advantage of letting you come back and add more items later if it is open long enough as here, and spread the cost rather than having to find it all at once.

    3. Ken (was the friendly gamer)
      about 14 hours ago

      This update says the PM is open until Sunday October 22, 2017. So that is the actual date not the first.

    4. Mark Avrit about 18 hours ago

      Ack, ignore the close date. Email says October 1, 2016. Honestly it's stuff like this that makes me uncomfortable backing this campaign at this point. But I am just gonna grit my teeth and do it

    5. Mark Avrit about 18 hours ago

      @Joe Flemming PM closes on the 1st of October. So one week. And KS will never accept PayPal ever. Without knowing the nuts and bolts of it, I imagine that part of the reason has to do with PayPal's dispute policies, as well as the fact that if multiple people dispute something PayPal closes the account and any money is forfeit. TBH PayPal is not consumer or business friendly.

    6. Skye Williams 1 day ago

      @Ken Cunningham - There can be only one...A.D.E. that is. When you face the A.D.E. with the o.r.c. pilot, you should try to defeat it and when you do you would be able to try and fix it up/do research on it and then Andromeda 2.0 can use it.

    7. Ken Cunningham 1 day ago

      I saw it asked but never saw answered and I am wondering the same thing.

      Is there a possibility that the O.R.C. piloted A.D.E. will face the Andromeda 2.0 piloted A.D.E.? or will A.D.E. never be needed both pilots at the same time?

    8. Missing avatar

      Stuart Day 4 days ago

      Cheers Jawa

    9. The 4th Jawa 4 days ago

      @Stuart Day:
      - Silicio is a Kickstarter exclusive so it shouldn't go to retail
      - Pandora uses Beli'ar (an KSE) and the Blessed Weapons (a stretch goal) so I don't expect it to hit retail in it's current form (see update #26)
      - Aracne is an expansion to Pandora and contains a KSE pet
      - The Kyrone, Motherfang, and Pets expansions look like they could end up in retail without a hitch. Although only LMS will know for sure whether they ever will.

    10. Missing avatar

      Stuart Day 4 days ago

      Are we expecting the expansions to hit retail? I don't know if I can afford to add them at the moment

    11. Baronfig
      5 days ago

      @Joe, the PM closes on October 22nd.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joe Fleming 6 days ago

      I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but when is the close date on the PM? And another +1 for PayPal option in PM. Please?

    13. Skye Williams 6 days ago

      @Alzarial - Who hasn't? :P

    14. Missing avatar

      6 days ago


      I too spent more on this project than originally intended. Lol

    15. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on September 16

      @Alzarial and The 4th Jawa - thanks for your input. I was going for the Pandora expansion anyway with the whole bundle. But now I realise that the Silicio is KSE will bite the bullet and commit the extra $40.

    16. The 4th Jawa on September 16

      @Colin Tanner
      If you're just looking at values for money then the $99 pledge wins hands down. The question for the expansions is whether you think they add enough to be worth the extra money.
      Personally I want more _campaign_ missions. I think the campaign missions added by Silicio and Pandora are worth their expansions price, since it will lengthen my enjoyment of the game as a whole.
      Also note that some of the stretch goals tie into the Silicio (and/or Pandora) campaign.

    17. Missing avatar

      on September 16


      I think that decision lies with you on terms of worth, but some things to note.

      The Silico Expansion is a kickstarter exclusive item, so in theory it won't be obtainable after the campaign.

      Also, it adds something like 16 miniatures, some map tiles, new missions, And a few other things. You can see exactly what's in the box in the project page, it's just below core box. I personally went for it and more.


    18. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on September 16

      I realise that really it is personal preference/ability to pay but is it worth going for the $139 pledge level over the $99 one? Some advice/help would be appreciated.

    19. Baronfig
      on September 15

      I really hope this game is as good as I hope. After going all in to include all the dice, I added another A.D.E. for the additional plug in.

    20. Pyt Viper
      on September 15

      +1 PayPal

    21. DK for KD:M 1.5 on September 15

      I will second the paypal option

    22. Luca LMS Collaborator on September 15

      @Alex Holmes, @Fabio Maria Piacentini - We have planned the next update for the end of September ;).

    23. Casual06 on September 15

      I guess the team is still busy polishing out Nova Aetas.
      Win win situation for us really the better NA gets, he better ST will be.

    24. Fabio Maria Piacentini on September 15

      Yeah, I quote Alex Holmes, when we will have new infos? :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Alex Holmes on September 15

      Any idea when the next update will be?

    26. Missing avatar

      Pietro on September 12

      Great! Thanks @Luca! Looking forward to watching that then! ^^

    27. Luca LMS Collaborator on September 12

      @Nicolas Augusto - To switch your pledge follow the instructions on this link:

    28. Nicolas Augusto on September 12

      @Luca LMS - I missed an option to upgrade the traveler pledge to the explorer.

    29. Luca LMS Collaborator on September 12

      @Pietro - Next update we show you something of new :). About the video, to Essen we want to make some video gameplay with one of the very first mission of the main campaign ;)

      @Nova99 - I dunno about that but can I ask that to Vincenzo ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      on September 11

      @Luca LMS - Any chance we could have PayPal added as a payment option for the Pledge Manager?

      I would really prefer to spread the cost over this month and next, rather than have one large charge to my card when it eventually closes.

    31. Missing avatar

      Pietro on September 11

      Hello guys!
      @LMS when is it supposed to be the beginning of sculpts and concept update? And maybe some "active" gameplay video for exemple? :) I'm so curious! ^^

    32. The 4th Jawa on September 10

      Unlike @rognon gabriel I did not use KS exclusive as an argument. My interest lies in having an interesting and engaging game, not in KS exclusive components. And being a solo-gamer, I suspect the campaign missions will do just that (at least for me).
      Also I don't like to make my KS choices dependent "retail". For example: It is very unlikely the Pandora expansion will see retail in it's current form, because it will be incomplete when added to the retail version of the core game (carefully read update #26 to know what I mean).
      Getting the Aracne expansion without Pandora seems like a waste of money (unless you really want that KS exclusive mini), since Aracne is an expansion to Pandora. (Update #30: "A new tile, as well as new exploratory missions will increase the power of Phitos, Pandora’s spaceship.")

    33. Simonmjl14
      on September 10

      @The 4th Jawa - Pandora is not KS exclusive though. If you want to go strictly for KS exclusive the best choice imo is the Explorer pledge + Arachne box who has a KS miniature. All the others, Pandora, Kyrone and Motherfang are all the same as they would be at retail (No KS content). Of course there is always the possibility that some of the expansions don't make it at all to retail (see what happened with Conan for example).

    34. Luca LMS Collaborator on September 8

      @NexDragon - Happy that you have solved your issue mate ;)

    35. NexDragon on September 7

      Thank u guys really helpful comments!
      Will add it since it's KS exclusive :)
      Ty for ur advices

    36. The 4th Jawa on September 7

      @NexDragon Silicio does not only include exploration missions, but also campaign missions. IIRC Pandora is the only other expansion that adds campaign missions. (If I wouldn't go all-in, I would go Explorer pledge with Pandora.)

    37. Missing avatar

      rognon gabriel on September 7

      If you really can't go 40$ above, take silicio and avoid 40$ of non exclusive components, so you will be able to buy them later.

      you wont have this chance with silicio.

    38. Angra
      on September 7

      @nex, just get it. You're almost all in and you won't be able to pick it up later. The regret of spending $40 is less than the regret of wanting something you won't be able to get.

    39. NexDragon on September 7

      Guys I just can't make up my mind rather I want the Silicio campaign or not :-/

      My first thought was getting the normal pledge + All in + aracne bundle

      I just don know if the extra 40$ for silicio is worth it, since I'm getting all this other add ons in the all in bundle

      I sound whiny i know (about just 40$) but with the all in it's a lot of money for me and so far would have been the highest amount I've spent on a boardgame ever so far
      Someone pls help me to decide �

    40. NexDragon on September 7

      @Luca LMS

      Thank u For solving my issue
      How long will the pledge manager be open? And when is the money charged ?

    41. Luca LMS Collaborator on September 6

      @Hieu nguyen - i'm here! i'm going to whip Vicenzo to check your issue, you have my word ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Shane Nassar on September 6

      Correction they were

    43. Missing avatar

      Shane Nassar on September 6

      @ Hieu Nguyen They are on vacation

    44. Hieu nguyen on September 5

      @Luca LMS
      I'm waited for a week......

    45. Hieu nguyen on September 5

      @Luca LMS
      Please respond my email I send

    46. Fabio Maria Piacentini on September 5

      @Luca LMS
      thank you very much, I hope you'll get both base and expansions translated :)
      I was in no dubt that KS exclusives will be only in english, no worry. Just as I said, I'd like to have the whole base+expansions in the same language ;)

    47. Missing avatar

      on September 5

      Haven't had chance to check the Pledge Manager yet - is PayPal available as a payment option?

    48. Massimo La Torre on September 5

      @Luca LMS
      Thanks! We hope...

    49. The 4th Jawa on September 4

      @Luca LMS When can we be expected to be contacted about Spiel?

    50. Luca LMS Collaborator on September 4

      @Fabio Maria Piacentini, @Massimo La Torre -The choice of language will be available later, At the moment we are sure that only the core box will be translated, we are negotiating for the expansions and we have good hope they can do it. Surely the distributor for France and Italy will not translate the exclusive KS. I hope this can help :)

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