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pledged of $40,000pledged of $40,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, March 27 2015 10:00 PM UTC +00:00


Nova Aetas is a tabletop miniatures wargame set in an alternative Renaissance world.

Inspired by classic Japanese tactical RPGs such as 'Final Fantasy Tactics' and 'Tactics Ogre', in Nova Aetas you will battle enemies controlled by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. With every challenge you will be presented with meaningful choices that will change the course of game events. To ensure an engaging game experience we have opted for high quality materials and the use of highly detailed miniatures.

The models will be unpainted and may need to be assembled.
The models will be unpainted and may need to be assembled.

Contents List:
Rule Book
Story Book
4 miniatures of the heroes
46 miniatures of the enemies:
 5 Papal Guards
 8 Swiss Guards
 1 Bishop
 8 Slavic mercenaries
 5 Mercenaries with crossbow
 2 Gipsyes
 1 Condottiere
 8  FaunsWarrior 
 3 Faun Musician 
 5 Centaur archers
5 six-sided dice
5 eight-sided dice
5 ten-sided dice
1 double-sided game board
Cardboard 3D scenery:
Woodland Terrain:
 2 Fir Trees
 2 Oak Trees
 6 Bushes
Town Terrain:
 2 Buildings (2x4 squares, double-sided to make two different buildings)
 2 Buildings (3x3 squares, double-sided to make two different buildings)
Cardboard Tokens
30 Enemy Cards
40 Crafting Cards

 1- 4 players

45-60 minutes

 Modular Campaign - A linked campaign, comprising more than 30 scenarios, which will develop differently each time you play, depending on the decisions made by your party and the outcome of your adventures. The overall campaign can conclude with any of three different endings!

Three Game Modes:
1 - Single Player: Select your Free Company by choosing which characters you want to send on a mission.
2 - Co-operative: Team up with your friends to overcome all the the challenges of the full campaign.
3 - Competitive: Face off against the Free Companies of other players to prove your valour.


Innovative Activation System - The Horlogium (Game clock) provides an action management system based on the passage of time, providing you with dynamic and exciting game sessions.


No Game Master Required - Each enemy has its own Artificial intelligence (AI), determining its actions on the battlefield. Events and actions performed by the heroes will also affect the behaviour of enemies, causing changes in their priorities.

Increase your level of Mastery. Let your Free Company grow - as your campaign progresses your characters will evolve by acquiring experience. Beginning with four base classes you will customize your characters, with a wealth of possibilities to choose from, as you develop them through the course of their career. With a total of 28 available classes you will have many possible combinations to make your Free Company unique. Furthermore, over the course of this Kickstarter campaign it is our goal to unlock unique miniatures for each of the 28 classes!

Apprentice career tree
Apprentice career tree

Crafting System. Create your own equipment - Between missions you will use objects found on the battlefield, or the corpses of your vanquished enemies, to create fantastic new equipment for your characters!

Focus - rules (link)



 The setting of Nova Aetas is an important part of the game and the artists have determined to get a great blend of fantasy and real-world Renaissance elements. With this concept in mind, each model has been designed with the goal of giving a subtly darker fantasy appearance that is still recognizable as Renaissance Italy. These highly detailed models will really bring the world of Nova Aetas to life!

 Our primary goal is to produce Nova Aetas as a boxed game that will include everything you need to play the first series of adventures. But the world of Nova Aetas does not end there! With your support, we have prepared many stretch goals  that will unlock a unique series of special characters to include in your campaigns, that we think you will find surprising! On top of that, we have plans for a number of different expansions that will add new challenges, new hero classes and new enemies to face... and this is just the beginning!

 The Pledge Level includes Nova Aetas core box and the KS exclusive expansion: Vesuvio's Forge! 

The menacing volcano Vesuvius seems to have awakened from its centuries long dormancy, an ominous indication that the ancient forge at its heart has reopened and it's gigantic owners have returned to work... Vesuvio's Forge is the first expansion for Nova Aetas and is exclusive to this KS campaign (we reserve the right to additionally make it available at conventions or special events only). The campaign features 10 new missions, a new enemy breeds to face and a new boss: the mighty leader of the Cyclops: King Vesuvio himself... If it isn't too hot for you... Vesuvio's Forge Box Content:  

1 Rulebook  

3 Enemies models: King Vesuvio and 2 Cyclops  

12 Game Card

Cardboard and Tokens  

20 Crafting Cards  

1 Double-side game board  

King Vesuvio
King Vesuvio

Social Goal

When we'll reach 1500 likes (and every 250) on our FB page, we will send to 10 backers, randomly selected, a copy of  "How i did it"! 

"How i did it" is a sourcebook that will show you the whole process of creation of Nova Aetas and will contain unreleased concepts art and all images of our miniatures prototype. It included the diary of Game Designer full of informations and curiosities about the world of Nova Aetas and much more!

Click the image
Click the image

All unlocked Stretch Goals below are included in the Condottiere Pledge!

 Caterina is, afterall, the first special character (aka Paersona) for Nova Aetas. She is provided with a mission and three cards.

 To thank you for all the support you've given us until now, we're inserting an additional Stretch Goal: a set of 10 crafting cards. The set contains seven element cards, different to those included in the base box, and three formulas to create new objects.

He is the (no more) first special character (aka Paersona) for Nova Aetas. He is provided of his mission where the players can hire him or become his enemies...everything is permitted!

$55,000 New add-on available in the "Market".

A new Paersona for Nova Aetas. Genius, artist, inventor ... who will serve his visionary machines?

 The Ludus Magnus Studio was created with the aim of developing a series of games with distinctive gameplay, which we hope will provide an all-new gaming experience. This desire to create a high quality game has led us to collaborate with some of the most talented Italian artists. Through this significant investment we are certain to produce top quality artwork and miniatures. Ludus Magnus Studio is very thankful to our art team for the wonderful job they are doing.

We began working on 'Nova Aetas' two years ago and in that time the game has grown to become what it is we proudly present in this KS. Nova Aetas is very precious to us and so we have been very dilligent in collaborating with several game associations to playtest the game but we are always looking for new points of view and good feedback so if you are interested please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page.

In everyday life we are a trio of gamers who love to play games the whole day long. The upshoot of this is that is that we have amassed something like 50.000 hours of play time over twenty years of experience. We are three gaming brothers, sharing glory and defeat around the game board ; three creative minds always at work with our different skills:

 CEO of Ludus Magnus Studio, is a lawyer, financial broker. In Las Vegas is known for his work as a consultant for the opening of many malls in the city. among his hobbies there are skiing and golf. Like a patron supports projects by young entrepreneurs.

Luca - Archaeologist , the one who digged in the actual Ludus Magnus, he is taking care of public relations, contacts, multimedia and game development. Along with his archaeological activity he has worked for several years in the sales department of the Games-Workshop Italia and for a well-known italian chain stores of this sector. In the meanwhile he organized many official competitions for the games Privateer Press e GW.

Andrea - The artist, after studying at the Roman School of Comics, he is the head of the creative area who develops new ideas making concepts become the real thing. He worked for four years at GW Italy where he was responsible for the events area and he was also part of the organizing team of the Italian Games Day. He has always worked in the game sector by training staff for specific stores.

Daniele - The mathematician, works with statistics, accounting, and the supplier relationship. He always is looking for original game mechanics, he is naturally inquisitive and look for a way to make his games ever more originals. He is responsible for the rules of Nova Aetas which develops in teamwork with his co-developers. He served as beta tester for many board games and worked for in the games sector for a prestigious Italian chain stores.

 Just like you, we are gamers and backers who believe in the crowdfunding system. Therefore, we would like to give you some assurances:

First of all we are committed to creating a top quality game with high quality components and this is the reason for our high initial funding goal.

As you are showing faith in us and entrusting us with your money we strongly believe it is our duty to guarantee that all exclusives we make available during this campaign will remain exclusive and will never be available in stores (although they may be made available at conventions only); we are also determined to ensure that our backers will take precedence when it comes to distribution of the game. You will not see Nova Aetas for sale in stores until every backer has received his reward.
We apologize for any errors in our English; we are not native speakers. Be assured however that all game material will be entrusted to a professional, native English-speaking editor.

We are working to keep the operation cost as down as possible. Defining costs is not possible yet as they depend on our financially campaign but to encourage our ( project’s) potential supporters we are able to publish some information about prices: 

Supporters U.S.A. from 0$ to 10$ 
Supporters Europe – Canada from 15$ to 20$ 
Supporters the rest of the world from 20$ to 40$

Prices may increase or decrease based on the quantity of stretch goals we might unlock and your carrier choices.

Risks and challenges

An ambitious project like Aetas Nova required and will require a great effort for us and above all a great team effort.
We are aware that the huge work of production and the subsequent distribution may suffer hitches and delays but we and our team will do everything to prevent and correct any delays necessary for you to have your game on time.
We promise to keep you informed of the advancing of the works along with regular and frequent news so that you can always be sure of your investment.In case you want to withdraw your pledge we will refund you in full within 60 days by the end of the campaign without asking any explanation. After this period you can still request a refund within a maximum time that will end when shipments will be ready to go. In this case, however, tax will be withheld. However, if one or more elements may not be delivered we will fully refund you (including tax).
All refunds required within 60 days from the end of the campaign will be paid through paypal or on your account used for the Stripe payment. Refunds requested after 60 days will be paid only through Paypal.

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