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Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind.
Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind.
5,117 backers pledged €564,915 to help bring this project to life.
Magnus Peter Larsen, Thorbear, and 148 more people like this update.


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    1. Infinity on

      Such a fun campaign with such an enthusiastic, passionate & generous team.
      I bow for you and many thanks for Scilla & Cariddi !!!

    2. GianMarco on

      Bravi! Ma che bei faccioni!!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sylvie Haydan on

      thank you LMS for this beautiful campaign, this is the first time I am also passionate about kickstarter 😍 thank you for your presence with the backers and for this wonderful game! I did not know you but now I will look at your next campaign for sure!!! See you soon....

    4. Xunil83 on

      Un finale col BOTTO! Grazie mille! :)

    5. Eric Chénard

      Congratulations and Thanks!

    6. Clinton D on

      Congrats LMS
      Very cool Campaign and awesome finish.

      Great to see a personal thank you to all those supporters that you mentioned, these kind of people are always driving the campaign hype in the comments.
      Thank you all

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Villa Vercella on

      Thankyou. I am so excited to see this project progress.

    8. Missing avatar

      Guennouni on

      Thx a lot for this campaign. I checked it so many times per day !! The game and the miniatures looks amazing !

    9. Chris Henthorn on

      @LMS We love you!!!! :-) <3 <3 <3

    10. Missing avatar

      Ritsuka Loveless on

      Thank you so much!! Amazing campaign, lets see you again!!!

    11. Aviran on

      Was amazing. thank you very much.

    12. Missing avatar

      jboyer on

      Awesome surprise. Thanks so much.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christian Cornelius on

      thank you - you are the best :)

    14. Jesper Jørgensen on

      Thank you that is appreciated. 😄

    15. Missing avatar

      Gorka Koldo on

      Thank you very much!! :))

    16. Giustina Casale Morton

      That is amazing! Thank you!

    17. Michael Pritchard

      Yay! Congrats on a successful campaign.

    18. Missing avatar

      JH on

      Great surprise. Thank you!

    19. Missing avatar

      Javier Sebastian on

      Congratulations!!! and Thanks!!!

    20. Matt Freilich on

      I've been watching the campaign from afar, and chose to pledge in the last 7 minutes. Glad I did!

    21. justin hewelt on

      Can we get those dev faces as alt art card add ons ._.

    22. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      I'm new to kickstarter but so great campaign. I will love to buy some second print of your older project and for sure will follow all your future one ;)

    23. Áxel

      ¡Mil Gracias!

    24. Missing avatar

      Tomas on

      Thanks so much. Great campaign and amazing project. Ciao amici

    25. Missing avatar

      AJMARMAR on

      thank you, This was a great campaing!!!!!


    26. Missing avatar

      Design on

      Thank you for perfect campaign!! i´m part of update, feel like rockstar (or scholarstar) :)

    27. Missing avatar

      McStreamy on

      Any chance this final boss uses the egg mechanics? :)

    28. Eldessar

      Thanks for the shout out LMS, It is another great campaign and I have enjoyed it the whole way! Cheers and Limoncello for everyone on Eddie.

    29. ZDarkOne - Son Of Jukas on

      Woooohooooooo thanks LMS ! Congrats ! It's time to start with the Limoncello ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio on

      I loved this campaign and you are amazing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicole Adam on

      Fantastic thank you so much!!!!

    32. Morris Montenero on

      you're amazing thnak you

    33. Eric on

      Omg! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    34. Missing avatar

      Bene on

      Congratulations tp your next succesful project!
      Thanks a lot for you work and your courage to make your dreams real! :-)

    35. Broussard on

      Thanks for the freebie, you guys are the best! Can't wait to see what Renegades is all about!

    36. Makkek on

      Thank you, LMS!

    37. Eldessar

      Awesome!!!!!!! Thank you!

    38. Missing avatar

      Claudius Reich on

      Congrats and thank you!

    39. Geek Robot d'Acciaio on

      Amazing campaign by an amazing team and company!!!

    40. Quackalope

      Glad to be a part of it :) can’t wait to cover it on the channel!

    41. IamDefiler


    42. Missing avatar

      Magnus Peter Larsen on

      Love this campaigne