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Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind.
Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind.
5,117 backers pledged €564,915 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. PFStudios on

      She looks like me in the morning before my coffee... ;p

    2. Juha on

      I don't understand what you people are whining about. If you don't think the expansion is worth the price, don't buy it. The game has plenty of content to play without the expansions, and it's not an incomplete game. Pretty much all games have expansions, and pretty much all of them are non mandatory to have.
      I'm quite sure that vast majority of the players will never play the game enough times to actually even need an expansion to begin with.

    3. Missing avatar


      @F.S.P: Totally agreed!

      And I would add on top of what you said, that because I have the feeling KS campaigns are so much "engineered", the SG that are not achieved are actually removing game elements that were indeed planned to be part of the game in the first place, instead of being additions to a game. Or in other words, SG are not complements beyond the 100% of a game, but the path toward the 100% of a game.

      So, unless the game does extremely well (like Black Rose) I have the feeling that I'm not getting a full game and, still, paying a lot more for "extra" splits... sorry, I mean, expansions.

    4. Felipe Suarez Perandones

      Easy to explain. I want to back a simple board game that I can fully enjoy. If a game is made of infinite number of boxes (add-ons) which cost huge amount of money for the whole pack, then I prefer no to back. Why? I am willing to pay 130€ for a (high quality) complete game if is worth it, but paying 130€ for 50% of a game for me is not worth it...

    5. Missing avatar

      Zach Maras on

      I probably won't buy these because the professor pledge already has plenty enough content as is for a casual gamer like myself, but these are pretty cool.

      The Core+Circe+SG pledge is already a fantastic value as is. All these complaints about LM charging for additional content seem quite selfish.

    6. Lobo

      So, with a basic pledge we got 6 free expansions (Winter Cycle, Fourth Floor, Alchemic Cycle, Green SGs, Blue SGs and Adventure Cycle) and some backers aren't satisfied with this offer? I'm quite it'll take some time to use all the SGs before feeling like you're missing the 4 add-ons expansions... unless Demonology is the only game you posses/play, and i doubt that the average backer here :).

    7. Felipe Suarez Perandones

      More money? I feel like milked cows...
      In other words, feeling like canceling...

    8. Hummelchen on

      It feels like buying an incomplete game now, when i miss the expansions with all the extra gameplayoptions.
      But i dont pay another 70 Euro for a game,i never played before.
      So now im a little bit 😑😫
      I skip the next ludus game

    9. Blazingsoul on

      Is the art book only art and lore or are there scenarios and whatnot in it? Makes all the difference in which all-in I choose.

    10. Mr. E52s on

      All-in means ALL-in, there are no more 'additions' or expansions only more SG content.

    11. Dr Strange on

      Damn - i opend my wallet again - omg - my wife will killing me ... hope this was the last add on - :-) you make me poor guys.

    12. Makkek on

      Circe expansion is already included in the professor pledge, don’t need two of them...

    13. Frank Calcagno on

      Nice expansion. I also like the team play option as well.
      It would be interesting to explore an option, if we play Leonardo as full competitive, if winning that game could give that player a bonus for the next regular Dungeonology game the group plays...sort of a mini-two game campaign. ...Win against Leonardo, and earn a reward for your next regular game. (Maybe a +1 to your starting Search value or something...)

    14. Missing avatar


      There is another kse expansion not inside the all in bundle i think?

    15. Casey Bloss

      Belle 📚!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau

      Well this is now way deep into the ridiculous. There is way too many add one that should just be in the game itself. This is just silly to go for that much cash grab. I'm probably leaving my pledge.

    17. Harvie on

      I must admit, yet another expansion (money grab) makes me feel like dropping my pledge as well. It's already a lot of money for a game with no full gameplay videos. Also, am I reading this correctly that the All-In, is a bundle of 3 of the 4 expansions...

    18. Missing avatar


      Add more expansions, we love them! Give us an undead character to play!

    19. Yadayada on

      I don't like all the expansions trying to grab at more $$. I want to feel excited about my backing, not that I'm already missing out on other content.