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Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind.
Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind.
5,117 backers pledged €564,915 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Marina Herrero on

      @Palvard I'd like to know it too :) Hopefully we'll get an answer soon

    2. Missing avatar

      Palvard on


      I'm worried about the game for 6 players :
      - how is manage the cube token ?
      - Is there enought for not being in lake of them ?
      - Tiles contains enought cube for all players ?
      - If it had only 4 cards, what about the ratio for the boss action?
      - Is there enough students miniature for all players because there are none in erasmus expansion ?
      - does 1 boss is enought to purchase all 6 players ?

      Thank you !

    3. Missing avatar

      Musab Abdulla on

      @Remy: I should have clarified that it is not used as a first/personal name (all examples in the wiki link are as a family name).

      Thanks for the link though, now I can think of it as the character being called by her family name :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      The internet (and history) disagrees with you:

      As for meaning, my name means Rower or Oarsman... When you add my middle names I might be a walking trademark infringement... ;-)

    5. Missing avatar


      Good to know you will translate all components, Add-ons and SG :) Just one more question. Is it necessary to increase the pledge level or can a backer just wait until pledge manager and then pick up the add-ons we want? Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Musab Abdulla on

      @Ludus Magnus Studio : Please consider changing 'Habibi's name to 'Habiba'.

      In Arabic (which is spoken across North Africa and parts of Central Africa), Habibi means 'my (male) beloved' (Habibti being the equivalent feminine version), neither of which are used as names. Habib (m) and Habiba (f) mean 'beloved' without the possessive and are both actual names.

      Although the character design looks cool, personally I keep having fits of laughter over the name's translation/usage. So once again I ask, please consider the small change in name proposed. Thanks

    7. Turtle on

      Well point is there are other addons offering new characters so why do you keep the 5-6 player boards just for this one? Thay is odd IMO

    8. Missing avatar

      Tommi Kosunen on

      Was loving it up to this point, but making the 5-6 player possibility an addon that costs more is a shady move imo. :(

    9. Turtle on

      Hmmmmm a bit sad that the other expansions with character does not have the 2 noteboards. I would have rather taken the rigor mortis expansion

    10. Roo on

      Just got my Middarra game. I'm very excited to play it eventually. Considering how cool that boss is, I don't think I really like the representation of it here. I know it's a parody...but the shadowlord looks so goofy compared to how epic the original version looks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Arkeran on

      @LMS - Me too, I really love him, that's why I was slightly underwhelmed by is exalted version ( only the red eyes )

    12. Ludus Magnus Studio 6-time creator on

      @Hummelchen - is the normal path of any KS campaign, usually we keep low the number of add-ons and we help our backers with all-in bundle (near the end of the campaign).

      So why the add-ons?
      Because they are opsional buys. You can fully enjoy the game without any optional buy. Optional buys will add to your experience, with new optional miniatures and new optional gameplay. But when you pledge for an optional buy such as this expansion, you both get new material for the game AND you contribute to unlock new stretch goals, adding new components along the core box for every pledger.

    13. Ludus Magnus Studio 6-time creator on

      @Arkeran - he is my favourite character

    14. Hummelchen on

      Another Expansion for a game i never played before. This doesnt feel rly well.

    15. Missing avatar

      Arkeran on

      Love the new characters but, for me, Ichcauipilli's exalted image is quite underwhelming compare to others

    16. Missing avatar


      yeah this is the expanson i was waiting for.. i always strugle with games that end with 4 as gaming team is usually 5 and above

    17. Ludus Magnus Studio 6-time creator on

      @Esei - we will translate all the stuffs, also add-ons and SGs :)

    18. Missing avatar


      More money? Why? :( And also, could you please confirm if all the add-ons and expansions are going to be translated? or only the core game?

    19. Dan Johnson

      not really a fan of all the hidden surprises with asking for more funds to get something people should get anyway. the now 150$ game is getting close to 200$ with all the add ons... sheesh...

    20. Ludus Magnus Studio 6-time creator on

      @Aucellus Train - just click on your pledge "manage your pledge" and add the cost of the expansions that you want :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Aucellus Train on


      sorry i am totally new on kickstarter, how can i have this expension ?
      thanks a lot

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      This expansion is exactly what I needed. My group is 5-6 people so I would have had to back out before the end if the expansion wasn't announced. Thanks!

    23. Teowulff

      A good expansion to skip .. we hardly ever play with more than 4 .. ;-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau

      am i just depressed or is this game less and less apealing the more updates we get ?