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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
8,364 backers pledged $1,311,558 to help bring this project to life.

This KS is dedicated to all of you

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)
There is no word to express what happened in this campaign.  

We found exceptional boys and girls supporting us; it was an exhausting month to us, with crazy schedules, but thanks to you everything went well.  

You supported and helped us, you gave us a lot of information and advice.  

Long story short: you were fantastic.  

Together with you we had so much fun, it was created an exceptional group that we believe and hope will keep being in touch.  

This KS is dedicated to all of you, without which it would not exist.  

To thank you, as you can see in the home page, plastic tray, room of the “troll” den and the first player miniature (crown) will be added for free to each pledge.  

The lodge is in turmoil, knows that a decade is about to end and a new battle is about to begin. Which one of you will be the next Grand Master?  

Next steps As you know, all the material of the first wave is already in the factory. In the next month we will review the texts, also asking for your support. On June 15th the factory will begin the preparation of miniatures’ molds, giving way to the works.  

In the first wave there will be the basic box, Crono and Hidden thorns. Also, we will probably be able to produce the sleeves in time for the first shipment.  

All the remaining material will be developed and completed in the next six months, production will begin in January of the new year.  


We normally publish updates every 15-20 days, but you can also find lots of news on our online Ashes magazine:  

Soon we will release the first P&P to test the game.  

Pledge Manager  

The pledge manager is the tool that allow you to define your wish list. During PM’s opening you can select all the desired material and shipping method.  

The PM will be open at the beginning of July and will remain open 2 months, until the end of August.  

That's all for now.  

Thanks again from the whole LMS team.


Among the living beings that have exploited power in its purest form over the centuries, there are dragons. Beings with a soul so unfathomable as to be considered malevolent, originally they appeared as amorphous and terribly long-lived entities, so much as to be considered immortal. By exploiting and modifying at their pleasure the structure of the living beings with which they merged their lives, they traveled from galaxy to galaxy for eons.  

When the meteor Genesis shook the planet that would then take the name of Earth, these beings fused their essences with the proud masters of the surface: the giant reptiles. The dragons gave their power and intellect to the best exemplars of that race, becoming the legendary beings we have all heard ballads and songs, associating them with a faded memory hidden behind myths and legends. Few are aware of a darker story, made of machinations and deception, culminating with a terrible betrayal.

Saridron, who over the centuries was remembered as the Mellifluous or the charmer, feared the human race that tended to proliferate very easily, unlike the lineage of dragons that was unable to reproduce. At the height of his madness, he hatched a plot so that mankind could not dispossess the dominance of dragons. Saridron instructed some promising men to use primitive and savage arcane powers, to the point that their names were forgotten to preserve the mage’s minds.  

In this fatal day, humanity gained the power of forgotten spells, incantations capable of undermining the laws of physics and the elemental stability of entire continents. The dragon knew well the men's greed and, as he had planned, they began to fight brother against brother, distracting humanity from the real enemy: Saridron. Men understood the sordid dragon’s plot, and thanks to the power that had been given to them, they annihilated their lineage bringing it to the brink of extinction. Many of the hundred-year-old winged beings, who did not share Saridron's perverse plan, disappeared in areas inaccessible to most, leaving their evil companion at the mercy of the mages he himself had instructed.  

The centuries were witnesses of the supremacy of men over all other creatures, but the resentment that Mellifluous felt towards mankind succeeded in manifesting itself through his greatest lie. Among the forgotten magic that the dragon taught his followers, a devious curse forever tied Saridron's soul to the very existence of magic. In this way, when a mage draws on the power of the dragonic form, he/she will obtain the appearance of the ancient Saridron, who will thus be able to vent his frustration against his enemies once again, perpetrating his vengeance for eternity ... or at least until this magic will not be forgotten again.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Devon Raehal on

      This is my first KS backing. I am extremely excited to see what you have produced. The game looks fantastic. The mini's are stunning. Thanks for the all the hard work

    2. Vitaliy Voloshchuk on

      Thank you guys. Great campaign!

    3. celyna on

      Super !!! Merci pour cette campagne extraordinaire et pour cette dernière surprise ( +1 couronne ).

    4. Alexandre Goh

      @LMS Thank you very much!

      Yes! As what I’ve predicted earlier. I knew LMS will surprised with the awesome campaign gift!
      Just like what Monolith Board Games LLC did as well for their “Batman: Gotham City Chronicles” campaign.

      Can’t hardly wait for my BRW!!!

    5. Thomas M

      @Galahael - You got the trays!

    6. Thomas M

      @LMS - Thanks again!

    7. Freddy

      @Kyle Christensen - yes, when the pledge manager opens in July, you will be able to select exactly what you want for the money pledged. You can even select stuff for a higher value than you pledged, and just pay the difference there.

    8. Petr K.

      Congratulation! Great campaign

    9. Rik Mohrmann on

      A toast in honor of all the hardwork and dedication from the LMS team and everyone involved (collaberators / moderators etc)!
      We raise our beers up high and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this awesome project.
      Cheers and love from Holland ( too bad we can't use the Portals in the Amsterdam Lodge, otherwise we would've done it in person ^-^ )

    10. Missing avatar

      hannoun on

      Bravo LMS!!! Et aussi Merci a tous les backers. On va se régaler avec cette campagne.vivement qu on puisse y jouer. Troooop hâte.

    11. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Congratulations for a very successful campaign.
      Don't hurry with the pledge manager. 8-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      Marcos hidden dreams revealed? ^^

    13. CLearScreen on

      Thanks to LMS for putting in the time and effort to make a great KS.

    14. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Congrats on a well run campaign and becoming millionaires! ;-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Duc Anh Vu Pham on


    16. Guoccamolé

      Congratulations & well done!

    17. Paul Cartwright

      Congrats, what a fantastic campaign.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christian Blair on

      Congratulations - well deserved! This is one of the best KS campaigns I've ever seen!

    19. Josef Hanzl on

      Amazing job an value of material in this campaign. Just one note: you wrote, that production will start in january. How does the Chinese new year affect this start? Did you counted with it?

    20. Neilzebub on

      Thanks for a great campaign! Can't wait to play it!

    21. Living Phoenix on

      Thank you and congrats on an amazing job well done!

    22. Missing avatar

      Albert on

      Congrats!!! Great campaign for a great game, you guys are the best!!!! Thanks for the gifts!!!! :*

    23. Missing avatar


      Thank you so much!

      To confirm, will we be able to select add-ons up to the credit above the base amount on our pledge within the pledge manager?

    24. Radioland on

      :) Amazing campaing :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sente on

      Thank you guys! most difficult part is coming for the backers: waiting....:)

    26. Missing avatar

      Unleashed Paul

      Thank you for the extra gifts amazing campaign, my final question will the new trays be made to fit All SG plus room fir extra models that we unlocked or the add on familiar?

      Congrats again, take a rest now

    27. EiS

      Congratulations! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Mike Centala

      Thank you soooo much LMS!!!

    29. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @to all, thank you!

    30. Mike Stefer

      WOW, thx. Fantastic game mechanic graphic and sculpts.

    31. Nacho Lanza on

      Congrats LMS. Amazing job!

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hui on

      Congratulations LMS Team and all fellow backers! Had a feeling LMS will throw us a carrot for overperforming. ;) You guys are awesome.