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A Keeper in the dark

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

"Are you happy with what I have done? Now anyone who looks in your eyes will now turn into stone and no one will be able to save them," snapped Athena,"Even you, Medusa, should you seek your reflection, will turn to rock the moment you see your face."

Hello, Mages!

As promised here is a little spoiler of the Myth School. A school of Magic coming from Greece, embedded with spiritual and divine power of the ancient Greek gods.

Medusa and the other mages can draw spells from the school inspired by what was only written by Homer and the other forgotten poets. Who said that Medusa was defeated by Perseus? Tzk. She ended up winning and took the chance to steal all his legendary equipment that can be summoned with this powerful school of magic.

Myth cards
Myth cards

Similarly to Enchantment, this school is working with powerful artifacts. Every time you summon an equipment it will occupy a slot in your evocation slots and give you a specific power. Be careful cause even if they are legendary, the artifacts, have a life value. They can, then, be destroyed or removed by your opponents.

This school of magic follows 2 strategies in poisoning the lodge and subduedly killing the opponents using powerful artifacts.

With the spell "Counsel of Graeae", you can look for instability cards in any deck of the Schools of Magic or make yourself an instability poisonous sprawler, which means that every time a mage comes in the room you are, you place instability.

With the "Labyrinth" spell...well you will be able to summon a weary version of the powerful Minotaur of Crete (from the forgotten magic), slower but still deadly and that with every hit he crashes a bit more the lodge. With this spell, you can also send one mage into the Labyrinth itself and make him miss an entire round, no escape from the Labyrinth!

Other spells like "Petrify", Tears of Perseus will make you play with instability and with your opponents moves, these will empower the strategy of making opponents come closer to your deadly artifacts. Trident of the seas will make you hit all the enemies that come close, the Golden Bow of Artemis will make you strike from distance and the Perseus Bright Shield will help you deflecting dangerous effects on other targets.

Ah, I was almost forgetting, there is a spell called The Anger of Crono... No spoiler here.

Poseidon will be pleased by all this destruction and power.

That's all! see you later for the final Update! 

but usual one (of the last) spoiler!

Farfarello from Inferno!
Farfarello from Inferno!

 See you later!

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    1. Freddy

      @Vitaliy Voloshchuk - yes, they are the same.

    2. Vitaliy Voloshchuk on

      Does anybody knows if Minotaur of Crete and Infamy of Crete is the same person? )

    3. Bazz

      My new fave school as I love Greek Mythology :) but Tears of Perseus should be Tears of Orpheus as he wept so for his lost love and his music brought even the gods to tears :)

    4. Vitaliy Voloshchuk on

      Is "Infamy of Crete" is mentioned here as "Minotaur of Crete"? Or it will be another mini?

      If we talk about cartomancy, it would be better to follow slavic folklore. For example Leshy is an evil spirit of woods and a friend of Baba Yaga.…

    5. NecroNuke9

      Personally, I think the Minotower from the Cartomancy School seems more appropriate for the Myth School. It would be a good Evocation for the Labyrinth spell.

      The MInotower feels weird for Cartomancy and should be given to the Myth School and replaced with something more appropriately themed for Tarot Cards. Ex. Death, Devil, Temperance Angel, Chariot Sphinx, Moon Dog, etc.

    6. NecroNuke9

      What happens if someone uses Labyrinth to summon Crete but another player summons Crete using the forgotten spell?

    7. Freddy

      So even though the Crono expansion only mentions "1 Mage miniature", with this update, it will also have:
      - 1 mage cell
      - 1 mage sheet
      - 12 Myth Spells (36 spell cards)
      - 1 Custom Spell for Medusa (3 spell cards).

    8. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      uu that scholl sounds nice

    9. Missing avatar

      Marc Hannan on

      I thought we would have seen Lucifer...

    10. Marco Montanaro [Author] Collaborator on

      Yes it is ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Matteo Montanari on

      It's this one the "keeper" school?

    12. SkyTwo

      Farfarello, psychadello
      There's a kind of murder vibe about yooooou

    13. The King of Average on

      I really dig the armor design on him :D

    14. Tomasz Rospondek

      Don’t be shy! Release the Kraken!!! :D

    15. Raemahn on

      So...the Perseus thing was subterfuge so Medusa could enter the Witness Protection Program, or just great PR work on the part of Perseus? 🤔

    16. Carsten Chalk