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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
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Around the World, Around the World, Around the World, Around the World

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

Hi, mages!

The time has come to travel across the different lodges of the world. In this update I will explain you the Legendary Scenarios:

Sicily Reign – Bronte, at the Slopes of Etna: Artifact Run 

America – Tenochtitlán: Black Rose Shards 

Holland – Amsterdam: Black Rose Portals 

Ireland – Kilkenny: King of the Hill 

Hungary – Buda: Blade Barriers 

France – Versailles: In search of Power

Each Legendary Scenario will take place in one of the other secret lodges across the world. A legendary Scenario is a set of rule and room placement that will give more depth to your games. Each Scenario might have a specific set of components and a specific setup (in terms of rooms, tokens and lodge shape). After that, each scenario will give you rules and details on how to deal with that specific game.

Let's go more in details! In the lodge of the Bronte, at the slopes of Etna, the mages will try to recover powerful artifacts that will aid them during the match. During the setup, each player will take a treasure chest and place it in a room of the lodge. When moving across the lodge, instead of activating the room, a mage can open a chest to retrieve an artifact and a Black Rose Trophy token. He draws the first 2 cards from the new Equipment deck that is coming from this Legendary Scenario, choose 1 and place the other one on the bottom of the Deck. Artifacts works like evocations (they have life and can be removed or destroyed). 

Artifact Run's Chest
Artifact Run's Chest

Each of the artifacts can give immediate benefits to the mage or a power-up for a specific action. Moving through the moons more artifacts will pop-out from Rooms. At the end of the game, the mage that opened more artifacts will gain extra power points that add to the standard rules of the game. 


Some Examples of Artifacts: Magical Shield that will reduce by 1 each damage you suffer until destroyed. Sacrificial Kriss that if used (discarded) will inflict 3 damage to a mage and if it is a killing blow only you will get points. The Ancient Book: When sacrificed will make you draw a Forgotten Spell but only in the 2nd moon The Mimic: Well that's a surprise!!! And many others.

In the lodge of Tenochtitlán in America, the Black Rose at the beginning of the match is giving a specific power to each mage. There are 12 different Cards for Black Rose Shards, during the setup starting from the 1st player he draws 3 of this Cards choose 1 and re-shuffle the remaining 2 in the deck than the 2nd player goes after and he picks 3 cards again choose 1 and re-shuffle the remaining 2 in the deck. This keeps going until all the mages have picked their Shard.

The Shard of the Black Rose will become a Skill of your mage that will definitely drive your strategy for that match giving another level of customization to the match. Like the skill that will make you place instability instead of room activation, or the skill that will make you replace one of the spells in play with one from your hand.

That's all for this Journey, see you in the next Update!

Black Rose Portal
Black Rose Portal
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    1. Calvin Johns

      You had this ace up your sleeve the WHOLE TIME? All these “legendary scenario” cards ticking by in the background, and now we finally see what they are!!

      Or, in the words of Lloyd Christmas, “You’ve had this extra pair of gloves THE WHOLE TIME?!”

      I’m adding deck holders for $18 just in support of Daft Punk lyric in update title. You got me!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      My god this game really does keep getting better. These scenarios sound so cool! So much variety in this game it's ridiculous. These scenarios are each like their own little expansion to the game. And they are individually pretty simple yet add so much more depth and replay value. @LMS you guys have crafted something truly special here.

    3. Rod boudreau on

      I'm drooling just waiting for this game to arrive..

    4. ZDarkOne on

      That's mage-nific as always :)

    5. Francesco Frazza on

      @LMS: In these description scenarios look quite specific in the set-up. Before I got the impression that you could mix them with each other or include them in normal games (or even inferno or Chrono games). Is that true, or every scenario can be played only on its own?

    6. Streams

      Sooooo does this mean we are getting portals now too?...

    7. Bibo on

      Sounds like a lot of fun and is a great alternative to the normal gameplay.
      So much variety, so many possibilities ... all combined in one game.
      @LMS you're rockin' this thing

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Arnold

      Wow, what an awesome idea. I'm really starting to like this game!

    9. Scott Stefanik

      I love these scenarios!
      It gives the game almost infinite replayability!