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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?
Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                              Late Pledge available in  Feb/2019
Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                              Late Pledge available in  Feb/2019
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 Hi everyone,  

We’ve nearly reached the end of this fantastic journey, just three days to go until the end of the campaign.  

As usual, we tend to leave the best for last, so in this update we are pleased to present the latest Add-ons and the All-in bundles.  

Two new familiars will join the other pets to give you more choice during play. Just like the other two, these families too have a somewhat “friendlier” aspect compared to the general tones of the game. This choice is linked to the concept these familiars need to represent: the pet baby animals of mages. An angry kitten or poisonous wasp wouldn't have scared anyone anyway.  



The cubs of this powerful mythological being are highly sought after by the mages of destruction. In fact, in addition to increasing the physical damage inflicted by the mage when the pet is in contact with its owner, they also come with another skill, somewhat annoying for the enemies: when released by their owner, the Cerberus cubs are able to channel their owner’s magic and send it back to the target, disproportionately increasing their ability to find the target without exposing themselves.  


The cubs of this extremely powerful being, believed in medieval times to be an incarnation of the devil itself, offer their mage enormous destructive power. When this pet is in contact with the mage, it increases all wounds inflicted by combat spells by 1, and when far away, it can create instability in whichever room it’s found when activated.  

my little dragons
my little dragons
familiars cards
familiars cards


These fantastic sleeves have a special back for spell cards. Each pack contains 250 sleeves, which is enough for all the spell cards of the six schools and the forgotten magic that come with the core box. To make sure you have enough for all the Add-ons and SGs, we recommend 4 packs.  

The mini sleeves, which also come in packs of 250, are clear. This is because the cards that use them have different backs which need to be recognisable. One pack is sufficient for the core box and Crono, and with two packs you’ll have enough for all the materials.  

All-in Bundle 

As previously announced, two All-in packages will be available, one for the game materials only and one inclusive of all the published Add-ons.  

In the first you’ll find: Inferno, Hidden Thornes, and the 4 sets of familiars for $102

game bundle
game bundle

In the second you’ll find: Inferno, Hidden Thornes, the 4 sets of familiars, 6 bowls, 3 card holders and the art book for $160.  

All-in bundle
All-in bundle

The only things you’ll need to add are the sleeves, which cost $12 for a standard pack and $5 for the minis (each of 250 cards sleeves). The sleeve bundle includes 4 packs for standard cards and 2 packs for minis for $50.


And now... the Infamy of Crete

Infamy of Crete front
Infamy of Crete front
Infamy of Crete back
Infamy of Crete back
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    1. Freddy on

      @Remy Pagán - premium

    2. Remy Pagán on

      What is the quality of the sleeves?

    3. Freddy on

      @Corey Hastings - the minis are sized 67x44mm
      @Melhilion - yes.

    4. Corey Hastings

      Are the mini sleeves European or American sized?

    5. Melhilion

      will the card holders hold sleeves cards?

    6. Peter Sikachev on

      (Minus expansions)

    7. Peter Sikachev on

      How many cards of each size are there in core box + SGs?

    8. Freddy on

      @Selwyn Ward - the all-in bundle is an add-on that you add on top of your current pledge (which can be either Initiate or Magister). Magiser pledge already includes Crono.
      This way, people who have the Magister Early Bird pledge will keep their early bird discount.

    9. Freddy on

      - They said that, in total, including all expansions and all upcoming SGs, there will be more than 800 standard size cards, more than 400 mini sized cards, and 20 tarot size cards (reference cards).
      - Standard size cards are used for all spells (and all forgotten spells).
      Mini size cards are used for Events, Quests, Crono Action, Evocations, and L.S. Artifacts
      - sleeves are premium

    10. Andrius on

      Two or three questions about sleeves....
      1. How much sleeves we will need with al achieved SG, expansions and etc?
      2. For what are designed mini sleeves? Big sleeves are for spells, quests, etc... But mini sleeves? For evocations? :)
      3. What about thickness of sleeves? Are they more "light" or "thick"? For example, sleeves from Mayday are in two qualities - "standard" (light) and "premium" (thick). These sleeves will be more "light" or "thick"? :)

    11. Michael W on

      @selwyn because all in assumes you already pledged magister!

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      I need to know the sleeves will be released after with sg? Or with base game? Otherwise i need anyway to buy base sleeves for base game

    13. Selwyn Ward

      The "All in" bundle doesn't seem to be "All In" because it appears to exclude Cronos. Why is that?

    14. Foxwhisperer on

      @Helge Haasler : You'll get the 5 dollar discount during the PM. So pledge 205 dollars now. The 5 dollar discount will effectively reduce your shipping when you pay it during the PM.

    15. Helge Haasler on

      @Ludus Magnus Studio
      It says that Sine Tempore Backer will get the 5 Dollar discount and that it will be automaticly deducted. My question is .. when ? All the Stuff i want sums up to 205 Dollar. Shall i pledge 205, or are 200 enough ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      I am at work, will do it tonight.

      It would be best if you could contribute with an idea on the other suggestions

    17. Helge Haasler on

      Would be nice of you to do the math

    18. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Ehm... Why excluding the buddle of sleeves from the all in? I would have preferred it to be added in the first bundle (with no artbook etc...) Because that is an important component to play.... If you add it to both bundle the card sleeves, I will raise immediately my pledge. I would love to get everything at a better price than 349 (sleeves raise all the price up a lot)

      Also, has someone computed the actual discount available from getting the all in bundle?

    19. Stephen Ball on

      Can I purchase/pay for the add on in the pledge manager afterwards? Rather than increasing my pledge right now

    20. Raphaël Carton on

      Ok, I have checked the FAQ :)

    21. Raphaël Carton on

      Sorry if the question has already been answered : what are the sizes of the 2 type of cards ? Thank you.

    22. Foxwhisperer on

      I was bit underwhelmed with the minotaur when we last saw him, but now that he is all dressed up and ready to party? Superb!

    23. Foxwhisperer on

      All-in just under 300? Great! Pledge set to 299. :)

      I adore those Cerbepups! Do I need 3 tennis balls to play fetch with it?

    24. Freddy on

      Simple example - suppose you really want to go All-In, then you should take the Magister Pledge, and add the All-In bundle and the Sleeves bundle on top of that (and maybe one of the language packs, if you need them). In that case, your standard pledge would be $139 (or $134 if you were lucky enough to grab the Magister Early Bird pledge), and you would use Manage Pledge/Change Pledge to add $160 (all-in bundle) + $50 (sleeves bundle) + $12 (language pack). So then your $139 would become $349 without language pack, or $361 with language pack.
      But that's just one example... you can add *any* combination of add-ons that you want... you can even add the same add-on multiple times.

    25. Freddy on

      @John Z, @Ian Michael Enriquez
      Yeah, the best way is to do it during the campaign (through Manage Your Pledge/Change Your Pledge, then add the amount you want to your current pledge level). That way you will also help unlock additional stretch goals. But if you don't have the money right now, it is also possible to just take the Initiate or Magister pledge, and then add the rest 1-2 months from now in the Pledge Manager, when that opens. But then the extra money will no longer count towards the stretch goals.

    26. Freddy on

      @Michael Boyle - yes, even though it's not mentioned on the main page, they confirmed that 5-6 player add-will also contain 2 reference cards

    27. William Wykoff

      @Gary; yes it is a little different but helps those we had the early bird discounts keep their discounts.

    28. Ian Michael Enriquez

      I think you just purchase it afterwards when they ask for all the rest of your information some time after this ends.

    29. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 5-time creator on

      @John Z, click on "manage your pledge" button and add the amount that you need :)

    30. John Z

      Let's say I wanted the $102 bundle and the $50 sleeve bundle, how do I adjust my pledge to get these?

    31. Michael Boyle on

      Did I miss it somewhere? Were the number of reference cards and spell reference cards bumped up to 6 somewhere? I didn't see mention of them added to the Hidden Thorns content. (Thanks for bumping the bowls count up to 6.)

    32. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      This isn’t how all ins work...

    33. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 5-time creator on

      @Kyle Liesenfelt you just need to adjust your pledge :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Kyle Liesenfelt

      Ok I'm kind of confused. Are they adding new pledges to include the all in bundles? Or do I just adjust my pledge to the appropriate price for the bundle(s) I want?

    35. Justin Boehm

      Hmm $102 eh? Not quite the discount I was hoping for, but not too bad I guess. Was hoping the familiars would be 10 each, Hidden Thornes $20 and Inferno 35, so $95 total at most, I'll have to rethink what I do and don't want lol

    36. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 5-time creator on

      @Matthew at the moment there are almost 750 spell (including forgotten ones)

    37. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 5-time creator on

      @Matthew of course, you can decide as you wish
      @Jordan Dyksley Sure, you will able to add more during the PM, don't worry ;)
      @The Chosen One it will arrive soon... XD

    38. Nathan on

      I love today's updates by the way!

    39. Nathan on

      Can you list the Sleeve Bundle under the add-ons? It would give me peace of mind that my total pledge is accurate.

    40. Bazz

      @Ludus- was just wondering how big is the best mini in the game-the amazing Infamy of Crete?

    41. The Chosen One on

      Is there going to be a bundle for the sleeves?
      Seems to be mentioned in this update, but don't find it on the campaign page.

    42. Jordan Dyksley on

      I can just add the rest of the stuff once the pledge manager comes right? I already have more than the magister pledge currently.

    43. Matthew on

      Are there really so many spell cards that 6 holders would be necessary? I was figuring putting a tab between the different moon phases, is that not going to be possible?

    44. Joseph M. Louis on

      Nevermind. 4 and 2.

    45. Ludus Magnus Studio LLC 5-time creator on

      @Sahaphan Phuwamongkolwiwat You just need to add 160$ to your base-pledge
      @Joseph M. Louis 4 packs for standard cards and 2 packs for minis

    46. Joseph M. Louis on

      How many card sleeve packs (standard, mini) to sleeve everything?

    47. Sahaphan Phuwamongkolwiwat on

      Wow Celebus and Dragon. How to get all in bundle?

    48. Bazz

      Great idea to have a baby Draco that could be a full blown adult later in the game ( oh we are sooo gonna hit that stretch goal )

    49. NingaubleOTSE

      Sleeves are what thickness please? In microns. Thank you.