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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
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The cards know your destiny!

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

Hi Mages! 

Welcome to the new “magic guide for young mages”, today we will show you the inherent powers of the arcane art of tarot reading and, together with our amazing Baba Yaga we will discover how the Major Arcana’s cards can be useful to get to the Black Rose throne!  


Cartomancy is rooted in a distant past, since when the first men who found out they had supernatural powers began to use objects like bones and liquids to predict the future. Thence, the entities later known as Major Arcana revealed themselves and granted their powers to a select few. Baba Yaga, thanks to her immense magical knowledge, is one of these elected.    

The school of Cartomancy will offer new mechanics and combinations to those who want to approach the discipline: the feature characteristics of this discipline are the manipulation of his own hand and quest achievement ... some of its cards are themselves Missions to be solved! But first things first, as we said many of this school’s cards will make you discard cards from your hand to trigger special effects. 

Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga

For example, with “The Fool” you can discard a card to make 1 damage to an opponent for each card you decide to reveal, or you can discard a card to inflict 3 damage to an opponent and discard a card! “The Hanged Man” will allow you to discard 1 card to activate any room, even if already activated or destroyed, or discard a mission card to draw 1 or 2 quests.  


Or, with “The Chariot”, you will draw 3 cards from your deck and earn 1 Power Point, or discard a number of cards to draw just as many and gain 1 Power Point. As mentioned above, some of the spells have an effect called Mission that, if resolved by the end of the current turn, will guarantee excellent bonuses, for example “The Lovers” will ask you to cast 3 different spells to automatically solve one of your quests, or “Justice” will ask you to discard or force someone to discard 3 cards during the turn to receive 2 PPs and draw 2 from your Grimoire!  

Finally, we have “Minotower” that will allow you to summon a powerful Minotaur under your control, which, in addition to beating very hard, will block enemies in the room where it is, until it is defeated ... and it won’t be easy!  


Cartomancy perfectly matches almost all schools, its drawing and discarding mechanics can really help you to limit the luck factor and always have a right card at the right time. The mechanics of missions and other Arcana, such as “The World”, will help you a lot if you are focusing on quest achievement to win victory, and get along well with Divination and Conspiracy. Furthermore, “The Tower” is really one of the most powerful evocations, and any summoner will want it by his side!  

So… are you ready to get a card reading?

And now... from the ashes...

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    1. Lothian on

      The card "MinoTower" is a play of words, instead a simple Taroc "Tower" they created the "Minotower" so the miniature is a nice minotaur and not a stupid and simple tower.

      Baba Yaga is usually a old woman, but guys, this is a Paolo Parente's Artwork, what would you expect? He did a young and sexy version of a character like every character he have created in his precedent works

    2. Vitaliy Voloshchuk on

      It would be more thematic if Baba Yaga summons Leshy - spirit of forest from slavic folklore.…

    3. Vitaliy Voloshchuk on

      I don't like Baba Yaga set because of many reasons.
      1. Mini looks like a caricature and does not aligned with the general gloomy theme of the game
      2. This is the only mini with wrong scaling - shed is too small
      3. In Slavic folk Baba Yaga usually is an old women who lives IN a shed
      4. Name Baba Yaga means some generalized folk character - like Boogyman.
      5. Minotower has nothing common with slavic or Baba Yaga.
      Believe me, I'm slavic )
      It seems this character will happen on the table only when we want to make some special funny play.
      btw, here is the real Baba Yaga:…

    4. Nathan on

      Awesome dragon! Let's hear more about that dragon soon.

    5. NecroNuke9

      No complaints about the Dragon. It looks awesome.

    6. NecroNuke9

      The Minotower is a bit silly with the play on words. Its also mixing up the mythologies. Baba Yaga is Slavic mythology while the Minotaur is Greek mythology. Probably a Devil or Death would have been more fitting with the Tarot card theme.

      Having Minotower, Bullo, and Crete, means there will be three Minotaurs. It feels like there are too many Minotaurs.

    7. Sammy on

      Minotaur & Dragon - Awesome!!
      Baba Yaga is ok. Another young, attractive, slender Caucasian female. Not a lot of diversity among the womens designs.

    8. Petr K.

      WOW !!! The dragon is totally COOL! Many times better than I imagined! I hope also in its size :-) size as Crono would be awesome.

    9. Eddie Gonzalez on

      I don't love Baba Yaga sitting on the hut. The scale is wrong and it feels a lot more like a silly treatment versus the others that are more sophisticated and serious.

    10. Brandon Thornton on

      I wanna know more about the lore of Draco. Idk if anyone noticed, but theres a face screaming in pain in its torso! Is it absorbing someone like Crono?

    11. Bazz

      Im sorry as kick ass cool as that Dragon is that MINOTOWER IS FRICKING FANTASTIC :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      Draco looks absolutely amazing.
      I'll admit, though, I couldn't help but think of Ridley from the Metroid series when I saw it...which just made me love it more (even if that's not the intent).

    13. Carsten Chalk


    14. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @to all, the Draco mini will be about 150mm tall :)
      more or less like Crono with the spear

    15. Alessandro Virzì on

      just AMAZING! I love this character! She's going to be my favourite at all!

    16. Bibo on

      OMG! This Draco mini...
      Please don't make it a "mini". Do it a maxi! Absolutly gorgeous

    17. Seax daVe on

      Pleeeeaseee guuys, create big Draco minis!!

    18. Carol on

      Did I say how MUCH I LOVE this baby draco mini? :D

    19. Barry Duran

      Yes, that dragon is a-ma-zing. And the minotaur looks sweet as well :)

    20. Peter Elliott on

      When you summon draco can you place your mage on his back standing just in between the wings.

    21. Paint'Riot Studio

      The dragon remember me a dragon from

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      Cartomancy, yet another school that I can't wait to play! And with it the ability to summon minotaurs which is unexpected but glorious! And that dragon is so bad @$$!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Dario Villaccio


    24. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      So cool! Using arcana cards migbt be really fun

    25. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      Is his name really Draco I wonder?