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Expansion for 5/6 players: instructions for use

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)
Yesterday we published the much awaited add-on to expand the number of BRW players and now you can start a gigantic war with 6 mages with whom to shake the Lodge’s columns! 

As many of you know, the expansion has undergone a change underway, shortly after it was released. We have indeed listened to your requests and decided to produce a new mage linked to the Illusion school.  

In this way the expansion will fully match with the basic game, in fact the school magician pairs are now:  

Tessa ....... Transmutation  

Nero ......... Destruction  

Rebecca .... Necromancy 

Jafar .......... Divination 

Genève ...... Conspiracy 

Marco …..... Illusion 

Arthur Vox has been moved into the Sgs due to the appreciation received and has already been released, congratulations!

Furthermore, we probably did not give the right attention and value to what this box’s contents. 

5°-6° Player: box content
5°-6° Player: box content

Inside this expansion you will find a lot of material, 2 mage’s cards, everything necessary to expand the game up to six players (cubes, roses and all necessary tokens) and two new mages with their exclusive magic, trophy tokens and those for the power points. Finally, the two Periliums will allow you to play Inferno up to 6 players.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s invite your friends and start the greatest Black Rose war ever seen on earth! 


Inferno’s update will be postponed one day, in fact tomorrow we should receive another WIP for one of the characters ... but we still don’t know who he/she will be. We will also reveal two new rooms related to the circles. 

VII Cerchio
VII Cerchio

Many of you have asked for cards’ sleeves: soon you will be satisfied, in the meantime a nice preview.

Sleeves back
Sleeves back

 And now a little spoiler...

Bull front
Bull front
Bull back
Bull back

  Stay tuned and spread the words!


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    1. Alessandro Virzì on

      why not consider the idea of ​​a Voodoo style character for the expansion? it could be a really cool mage! With a top hat on his head, a painted skull in the face, wearing a dirty dusty jacket, taking up some of the italian nineteenth-century style. ;)

    2. Raemahn on

      Thanks, guys, for the swift answers, especially for those of us new to this campaign. 👍🏻

    3. Freddy

      @Michael Boyle - yes, they did mention (in the comments) that in the next couple of days (most likely tomorrow) they will add an option for 6 bowls

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @Michael Boyle
      I think they mentioned, either in a comment or on the KS page, that they will do a 6 bowl set once the 5-6 player expansion was released. This might be something they do as part of the "end campaign" Add-on bundles.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @The Chosen One & Birne Gilmore luvs Black Rose Wars
      The Add-on for the deck holders states:
      "63 x44mm size cards with/without sleeves"

      So, yes they should fit with the card sleeves. However, the card holders are only for the smaller cards (Quest/Moon Phase) and we're not sure if the sleeves will be for all of the cards are only the larger/magic cards.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @ Justim Boehm, Caro & Shahid
      Baba Jaga unlocked at $770k. I think we've been teased with a couple others over the course of the campaign (in the artwork).

    7. Michael Boyle on

      The Choosen One - The advert for the Card trays says they will accommodate both sleeved or unsleeved cards. (I think your question was covered)

      As for the questions about testing - Two of the videos that have been posted since early in the campaign have stated it's a game for 2-6 players. (this was long before the 5-6 player expansion was mentioned.) So I think they've known for quite some time the plan was for 2-6 players. They just held out on releasing the 5-6 player expansion until later in the Campaign. So I suspect they've been testing with up to 6 players for quite some time.

      What I'm curious about that they have not seemed to answer is if the Bowls add-on will have a "bump from 4 to 6 bowls" option. Can I buy an extra half of a bowls set so I can get 6?

    8. Shahid Khan on

      @Carol - i like that vivi is genderless and that one of the characters in Inferno identifies as male but presents female. But agree, more gender, orientation, ethnically diverse characters = great

    9. Carol on

      Justin Boehm+1. More female mage SGs please :) And let's not forget Kitsune! :P

    10. Freddy

      For anyone still in doubt if this add-on is worth it... consider this:
      The contents of the 5-6 player add-on are:
      - 2 mage miniatures (Geneve, conspiracy mage + Marco, illusionist mage)
      - 2 mage cells (starter rooms)
      - 2 mage sheets
      - 2 custom spells (2x 3 spell cards)
      - 2 periliums
      - 20 trophy tokens
      - 2 power point tokens
      - 16 rose pins
      - set of (10-11) white player tokens
      - set of (10-11) purple player tokens
      - set of 25 white damage/instability cubes
      - set of 25 purple damage/instability cubes

      that's a lot of components, in addition to those 2 unique mage miniatures. To me, that's a pretty damn good value. And what's $25 to allow 2 more players to play the game? I'm sure most of us spend more on snacks and drinks for just 1 such game night.
      And I pity the players who will have to get by with replacement components that somebody made/collected by themselves... for example custom made action tokens and trap/protection tokens.

    11. Freddy

      @Raemahn - they said the game has been extensively tested with groups of 2-6 players, so 5+6 definitely isn't some last-minute add-on.

    12. Raemahn on

      I’m curious if the scenarios being created are all taking 5-6 players in mind or if they’re all 4-player only. My group is 5-6 players always, so this is important for us. Thanks

    13. Birne Gilmore loves Deus Lo Vult on

      +1 on The Chosen Ones Question and suggested point to keep in mind ;)

    14. The Chosen One on

      Will the cards with the sleeves still fit into the trays ?

    15. Foxwhisperer on

      I like to sleeve all the cards that get shuffled often. So I will sleeve this games cards too. But I prefer transparent sleeves to opaque sleeves. So I will buy the sleeves from the local store as always.

    16. Petr K.

      Just why do not card sleeves on cards :-( Why, when magic cards have such a nice back print? Common cheap transparent sleeves absolutely are enough :-( already is the game very expensive in all-in and yet another unnecessary add-on? nothing .... do not do it to me :-(

    17. Foxwhisperer on

      There is value in the 5-6 player expansion. It's just that during the KS the value doesn't seem to be there as we are getting Base box + stretch goals = LOTS of mages. You don't feel the need for 2 more mages as you already have plenty.

      But for those buying this in store: base box gives you 4 mages. That's it. Then the add-on adds 2 more mages. Now you have 6 mages.
      So this add on is more aimed for people who buys this game from the store. There is more value for them.

    18. Missing avatar

      A.G. on

      What is a bit sad, is that we already have too much.
      If the conspiracy and illusion spell school (or two of the SG spell school) were included in the expansion it would have given this add-on a great value.
      Here, with all the SG already unlocked it feel like it is only new (great) minis and some (needed) tokens.

      Therefore the value seems a bit too much to incite me buying it (but I am not even sure to pay with >4 player)

      Just my two cents for the next campaign. The value of an add-on is not just the cost of production but also the added value to the game (compared to what you already have).

      That said, everything looks great and thanks you for this great game !

    19. Nicolas on

      Hey nice update for sleeves and 5-6 p add-on. Sleeves look perfect.

    20. LInsoDeTeh

      True, but usually, when the ratio is like 1:2 or 1:3, this one is like 1:10.

    21. Foxwhisperer on

      You cannot compare add-on price directly to base game price. Not everybody who buy a base game will buy an add-on. So add-ons always sell less units than base games. The price reflects the fact that add-ons never sell as well as base game.

      If add-ons were guaranteed to sell exactly as many units as base game, the price would be lower (comparable to a base game).

      If you look at any game on a store self and compare their base game prices to their add-on prices, you will see the add-on prices are always "too high". That is because add-ons never sell as many units as the base game.

      So you cannot directly compare add-on prices to a base game prices. They never match.

    22. LInsoDeTeh

      @Chris Chance: Easy calculation. How many room tiles, miniatures, tokens etc. are in the base game? If that little add-on with only 2 figures does cost $25, the base game would need to cost $250. But as it is at $99 -same calculation backwards-, you find out, something is totally wrong here.

      I already passed on Crono because of the high price point, and pledged Base+Inferno. But if I need to pass on 5/6 because of the high price point as well, I probably have to pass on the entire campaign, because games with a 4 player cap will barely hit our table.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      I'm not sure how you guys are thinking $25 is too much for the expansion.
      You're getting 2 figures in it, for a start. Then 2 player boards, 2 tiles, 6 roses, 40 cubes, 6 cards and a load of tokens, including the Inferno ones....oh, and the box it all comes in.
      $25 is about right for the amount of stuff you get.

      I know plenty companies that will charge you $15 just for a miniature.

    24. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Would it be possible to add two wooden bowls to this? It would (slightly) increase the value, would encourage backers who aren’t planning on investing in the four bowl set to get some, and it would mean those of us getting the bowls wouldn’t have to buy two sets to have enough for six players (and end up having two extras that way). Or maybe just alter the normal bowl set to include six? Just a thought.

    25. Barry Duran

      The player expansion is a construct from the school of Illusion - so those not so canny to get it, will miss out on the surprise figures that come with it for only those backers increasing their pledges for the appropriate amount - NOT AVAILABLE if increasing your pledge in the PM to get it there - KS Backer exclusives - not available to the "easy pass" backers.

    26. Justin Boehm

      @Scotty I do partially agree here, still seems a $20 tops item, prior to any discount that might come with a bundle

    27. Missing avatar

      Matteo Montanari on

      What's that bull for? Nice update..unluckly 5-6 player is not my target

    28. Scotty H on

      Having seen the contents of the 5-6p expansion it's pretty clear now that $25 is crazy high for how little is included. Easy pass.

    29. Justin Boehm

      Nice, still waiting for more female Mage SGs!

    30. Mehdi Lebout on

      The sleeves are FABULOUS!!!! Genève is so Posh!!! Not surprising... she's Parisian #frenchteam ^^

    31. NingaubleOTSE

      Those card sleeves are gorgeous! Gonna need to pick up more than one bundle though with all the stretch goals and add on cards. Can we get a breakdown in sizes related to game cards so crazy sleevers, like myself, can get when we need?

    32. Missing avatar

      Alberto Sandron on

      "Furthermore, we probably did not give the right attention and value to what this box’s contents. "

      25$ still seems too much to me, 20$ would be fine

    33. Bazz

      Is this the same mini teased in update 20 or a different one, as they are both pretty dam awesome, can deffo see Ares god of war mixed with satan and a minotaur lol thts cool idea :)

    34. Dino Vranic on

      how about this idea.... I've seen this in some other KS campaigns
      you could make add-on bundle for backers that want to buy everthing

    35. Thomas M

      @Kyle - I am guessing add-on

    36. Thomas M

      Sexy sleeves

    37. Streams

      Horned Gladiator Planet Hulk!!!.... I keed

    38. Missing avatar

      Kyle Liesenfelt

      Wait I must have missed something....

      Card sleeves?!

      Are these going to be an SG or add-on?

    39. Bazz

      wow its like Ares mixed with the devil lol