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The last tour in the Lodge

Posted by Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed (Collaborator)

Hi, Mages!

Here we are at the last wing of the Lodge which was still missing, in fact, we will explore the Green rooms and end our journey with the most important room of all: the Black Rose room!  

Treasure Room  

Treasure  room
Treasure room

In this luxurious room are preserved artifacts and treasures collected by mage over the centuries. Many mages donate their properties to the Lodge before they die and so, also thanks to the gifts that kings and emperors bestow on having a mage’s services, the Black Rose has become very wealthy and powerful. A true economic force that can line up earthly forces as well as Magic ones.  

In this room, the mages will earn a Power Point when they activate it. This power may not seem very influential during a game, but, especially in the last rounds it could make a difference, not to mention that many spells allow you to activate a room several times ... also remember that many Black Rose wars were won with only one Power Point gap!  


The Forge
The Forge

Many famous and skillful blacksmiths come from all over the world to have the opportunity to use the magnificent and supernatural forge of the Lodge. Built centuries ago by masters of a superior skill, this room allows you to build weapons and armor of superlative quality and it is not rare that mages infuse them with spells and spells that make them highly desired and legendary!    

Mages can utilize these weapons and when they activate the Forge they can immediately move your token of one room and perform a physical attack. Therefore, it’s a very useful room to perform an additional movement and which is really very useful if you have to give an unexpected final blow to another mage and if you are under the effect of a magic which powers up your physical attack (School of Transmutation, I'm thinking of you).  


The Garden
The Garden

The garden of the Lodge is admired and envied by many European nobles. Among its labyrinths, arise wonderful and rare plants and exotic scents relieve those who spend hours and hours reflecting and contemplating. Obviously, the garden’s wonders are not all of “natural” origin, but many are the results of spells and arcane experiments performed over the centuries.  

The powers of the garden suck energy that mages decide to give it to keep alive the multiple creatures that inhabit it, so a mage who activates it can place its instability on it or on an adjacent room. This effect can be used for a variety of purposes, giving the final blow to a room where you have the advantage of instability, or even simply placing an extra instability during your turn. Very aggressive schools like Transmutation, Destruction, but also Necromancy, can get many benefits from the wise use of this room.  

Black Rose Room  

The Black Rose Room
The Black Rose Room

And here we are at the most important room in the Lodge, its and the Black Rose war’s heart. Here the power of the Rose manifests itself to choose who deserves to become the new Grand Magister. His will and power are undisputed and all mages must pay tribute to her to get her favor and gain access to one of her Forgotten Spells.

A Mage daring enough to reach the Black Rose will have to discard 4 of his spells from his hand thus getting the chance to draw 3 cards from the Forgotten Spell deck. You can then choose one out of 3 and add it to your hand. Given the power of all Forgotten spells, a mage who wins one of them will be ahead of those who have not yet made this visit to the Black Rose. Sooner or later a mage who aspires to the throne will have to visit this room, but the choice of the Forgotten Spell will have to be prudent and in line with the strategy taken up to that moment, in order not to waste an opportunity that will be difficult to repeat during the game.  

My dear wannabe-Magisters is everything for today! Our journey through the Lodge rooms is over ... but there are still many things to unveil ... meanwhile, enjoy the promised spoilers...

AS promised...the Keeper (WIP)
AS promised...the Keeper (WIP)

 ...and some amazing models painted by Bellarofonte Art Studio!

Superior Undead
Superior Undead
Tessa the Witness of the Ancients
Tessa the Witness of the Ancients

See you at the next Update!

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    1. Bazz

      @chris - to quote a famous Queen "let it go, let it go"

      I offered to end it there but you like to keep it going clearly - so tell you what, think what the heck you like, not gonna waste more of my time responding to your aggressive and Toxic messages ....see what i did there lol ....unless you wanna hug it out :)

      My opinion is mine and yours is yours, lets move on :)

    2. Matthew on

      @Bazz: Everyone is free to express their own opinion. The issue of negativity is coming from both sides of the aisle; but in all fairness you are the dog with your bone. I am not saying to give up on your personal goal but to be aware of your surroundings. Awareness is an essential part of life.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @Bazz You see, you don't even seem to be able to keep track of who's said what to you.
      I never called you "whiney and being fanatical", that was Mr E52. I also haven't projected "insults" on you. I have stated the way you're starting to come across based on your behaviour....and I wasn't alone in that regard, either.

      And when I check back through at least 100 Comments and find nothing on the topic....a total of zero out of 100, less than 1%, that's a lower than a minority. Note "Comments" not update threads.
      I suggest you consider what you feel to be support and what is just a couple of people who RAISED the topic. Sure, there is a couple of people saying you're not wrong but, at the same time, most of them are also saying that it doesn't matter. Those who speak out saying they don't disagree are also not saying they agree with your point either. See "I don't necessarily disagree" =/= "I agree"....and that's kinda the point, isn't it? They don't disagree and they don't agree. I think I said something quite similar back in Update #22.

      And you say "sorry if this has upset anyone" and then say "I would just leave my opinion and that would be".....but you didn't just leave your repeated it, several times, over different updates. Stating your opinion and leaving it should have happened back in update #22 nearly 5 days ago....but you didn't leave it at that, did you? You came back for a second bite, to get the argument going again. You'd already had the discussion but you just had to have another bite at that apple, no?

      Now...that leads nicely into the Toxic thing...I explained exactly what I was on about back in that update:
      "Regarding the toxic part. I was stating "toxic arguments", not meaning toxic people. The argument itself can be considered as toxic and overshadow everything else when engaged in because it's such a profound social construct. We're talking fundamental human identities here which is, in honesty, kinda heavy for a game about mages and monsters and...well...does it really belong here?"

      And, look, you brought it here and Sean said almost exactly the same thing:
      "I just think your sense of righteousness is misplaced here is all. I respect your mission, I just think it's causing other people to have a worse experience here and you should take that into consideration"

      That's what a toxic conversation topic is....and you were the cause of it. You did drop it back in #22. You had been heard and it had been discussed. I even let my missus give you her say.....which I noticed you didn't actually reply to but, instead, waited a few days before bringing up the exact same topic that you didn't want to finish discussing back then.

      I warned you back then that you were creating a toxic discussion. A few other people also said this wasn't the place for that topic of it wasn't just my view, I was just a bit more blunt about it (though I was still polite).

      You also say "no one has really answered why every female mage..." etc.
      Actually, 2 people have said something very similar. I'll quote one of them:
      "it is a fantasy setting after all, if you know magic and you can alter your appearance, wouldn't you do it to look better(or more frighting) so why not be the perfect you you can imagine."

      Where you actually paying attention to the discussion or were my fears actually true?
      "I fear you've become a dog with a bone and blinkered to all else."

      Back to what you said on Update #22 again:
      "I stand by what ive said but am more than happy to move onto a more congenial topic"

      Now you say:
      "lets end this here,"

      It's up to you...are you ACTUALLY going to move on, like you said 4-5 days ago...or are we going to have to put up with this all over again in another couple of updates when you forget that you've had your say and said you would move on?

    4. Bazz

      @arukuto- thank you for your response, its actually given me a little food for thought as you raised some good points.

      I stand by what ive said and no one has really answered why every female mage, is young, slim, pretty ect, but i think we all know why so guess theres nothing really more to say......

      yes there is and this is just for chris, i really find you somewhat hypocritical when you go on about toxic conversations when your replies to me have been nothing but.

      You say you checked all the comments, find that hard to belive but may i suggest you check harder (even this update comment sections has a backer stating and i quote "I don't necessarily disagree with you" )

      youve suggested im whiney and being fanatical, nearly everyone else has been polite in their response but not you, you've just projected insults and made this conversation in a word- toxic (hows that for irony) oh and by the way on your call out- ive mentioned many times its the female "mages" i refer too but can understand your confusion because i have brought up the other female represented charcters ie demons and gorgons ect

      So i tell you what you hate toxic conversation then lets end this here, you have your opinion and i will have mine- cant say fairer than that right

      To everyone else, sorry if this has upset anyone in the comments section - i thought i would just leave my opinion and that would be that but cest la vie

      on the plus side i think were on our way to one million :) exciting times ahead

    5. Missing avatar

      A.G. on

      @Bazz and its "detractors"
      I feel like you that the artistic choice of BRW are voluntarily "young & sexy"' (and babayaga is a clear example).
      I feel like you that it would be agreeable that it would be less obvious/ less male hetero centered (and I have made some comment too in this way).
      I also feel that the "let us enjoy our fantasy" and "adhere or leave" comment are displaced.

      That said, I'm sure nothing you could say to the "detractors" could change anything and the topics are obviously filled of inappropriate debate. The comment section of any website is never the right place to debate this.

      You said what you think, I did, they did. LMS can read and know.

      They make their artistic choice and can choose and assume them.

      To conclude an overlong comment : if you don't want young & sexy lady, you don't ask art from Paolo Parente

    6. Moritz on

      I freaking love the design of the Keeper!Turned out awesome!

    7. Missing avatar


      @Chris Chance
      Looking forward too seeing Babayaga, don't matter if evocation or mage I want her on the playing mat.

      To get it all right it would be Fantasy, Historical and Location, but I digress(usually on purpose like this comment on digressing :D )

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @Arukoto Regarding the older female character. Update #18 featured art for Babayaga.
      Known, in folklore, as a ferocious looking woman/deformed but uses her magic to make her look "normal" or take on other forms (she's been described as able to shape shift in some folklore).
      She often plays the maternal role and can either help or hinder the "hero".

      I think the concept art helps depict a slightly older woman, more of a "mother" role. Though her hair is red not white/grey. Her clothing does cut low on the bust but in the traditional style of dress for the period in which the game is set.

      She's riding her historical hut with chicken legs with cards swirling around her.

      One of the things being missed here is that this isn't just a fantasy setting, it's also set at a specific point in history. A point when women wore the garb we're seeing on many of the female figures.

    9. Missing avatar


      @Bazz - I think it is good to raise awareness, your opinion matters as much as the rest, no matter how much I agree or not, the rest is not a response per say to you, more of a feedback of the topic...

      It is easier to give diversity to male characters, to start of with hair, though any length of hair usually goes on both genders, though it is the facial hair that give most diversity, mustache with and without the beard, females have their head hair that is it.
      On size and shape all the figures are below the BMI(body mass index) with the exception of Bronte and Tora(though they could be perfect from that race), it is a fantasy setting after all, if you know magic and you can alter your appearance, wouldn't you do it to look better(or more frighting) so why not be the perfect you you can imagine.
      On armor, it is a hindrance rather then help, sure the characters would look different with heavy armor, though it is a fantasy setting with magic, and they are mages fighting with magic, to they need heavy clunky armor or something they can cast their spells without thinking about movement restriction.
      Finally it is more difficult to distinguish the female characters if you make them more manly, as in armored up, short/no hair, bigger body, smaller chest, bigger muscles, not saying any of them is unfeminine and to each their own liking, but it makes it harder to separate female and male figures.
      In many games/fantasy settings/movies, females that are ugly(using the term loosely) are most often non-main characters, in need of help or evil-doers(usually masking their flaws with magic), where as the "ugly males, can fill almost any roll

      Though all in all I think it is time for an older female character, as such it could be slender, she could have long or short hair(as long as it is gray or white), she could have elegant/tattered non revealing clothing(unless she want to get herself a seventh or tenth husband), a cain/sticks/crystal ball she rests her hand on, magic swirling round her base, all of which gives it an easier time to spot as female vs male, and from the other females figures.

      Sure they have a lot of "attractive" female figures but so what, they are miniatures, not huge ones either, do they really need to be realistic in a non-realistic fantasy world, in my opinion: no.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      @bazz, I just think your sense of righteousness is misplaced here is all. I respect your mission, I just think it's causing other people to have a worse experience here and you should take that into consideration. I'm not saying you are wrong or right or that your opinion isn't valid, I just think you could use your energy in a more positive and productive matter. And people are only reacting to what you keep bringing up. But you have the freedom of choice to do what you want, so keep doing you. Let's just try our best to keep this community and kickstarter experience a positive one for everybody. We're all here because we share a love for games, and this is one very loveable game:) All hail the Black Rose Lodge!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @Bazz I'm going to call you out now.
      How do you know that the Dagon aren't female? Or the person within the Abomination? Or the Tengu? Or the Undead? Or fact...Tora in Germanic is a female name and in Japanese it simply means Tiger.

      For all you know, all of these characters are women but you dismiss because,...why? They don't have obvious breasts?

      You're also ignoring Nure-Onna.'ve got ugly females.

      As for saying you want to give your did that...a while ago. You've said your peace and, no doubt, they've read it. This isn't feedback or IS toxic because you're just saying the same thing over and over again.

      By the way, I did check the comments for these people you're saying agree with you....can't find a single one. I can, however, see a TON of positive comments. The only negative ones I can see, so far, are complaining about the price and saying it's too high for them. Does that mean LMS should suddenly lower their prices? course not...because it's not a decision based on a realistic analysis of the data.

      You say things will never change if people stand by and say nothing....well....people are telling you you're wrong but you're not changing....kinda proves your argument false. Things only change when you actually convince and show people that the NEED to change.

      5000+ backers and highest amount of funds raised on KS so far for LMS. It doesn't look like they need to change anything. Catering to a minority can lose you the business of the majority. It's actually been proven in business model statistics. Their sales are up, that says all it needs to say.

    12. Bazz

      @sean- im curious why is it that i need to take the chill pill? why am i the only one told to do this? have you read ppls responces to my comments? do they come across as chilled out to you?

      Sorry if you dont feel the comments section is the place, but i find it the perfect place to provide feedback on a game im backing- and like ive said before and it bears repeating- things will never change if ppl stand by and say nothing

    13. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      @bazz, bro you just need to take a chill pill lmao. This comment section is hardly the place, these discussions are not going to do any good or change anything here, just saying.

    14. Streams

      Just a little constructive criticism after studying the new sketch of the Gorgon and comparing it with the original #1 and #3 ... I like the "hip" armour better on #3... it just makes more sense and is more aesthetically pleasing than the other... everything else looks great!!!

    15. Bazz

      @chris -It is not Toxic to voice negative feedback, and im not going to be dictated too about what i can and cannot say. Yes people have disagreed with me but again i ask for a reread of the comments section as ppl have agreed with me too.

      I feel my points are valid and strong and more than happy to give my feedback/dissapointment but as im discovering on kickstarter lately that puts a target on your back.

      For so long ive been the nice guy and always positive , only saying nice things-the second you say something against the norm ppl are on you like a tramp on chips.

      Well no, i am entitled to my opinion, entitled to be here and supporting this great game, and if you wanna come at me then just go for it because im not gonna be silenced because you feel its "toxic" - may i direct you to Admirals response below- perfect example of a polite way to respond even when you dont agree with someone.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      I mentioned before about toxic discussion topics taking over comment threads and here you are, again, bringing it all back up.
      I already gave you an example of one woman who LIKES the way ALL the miniatures are portrayed in the game.

      It's the same woman (my missus) who also had me say that this discussion becomes tiresome to the point that people simply stop listening.

      You say look at Tessa..ok..yes...but I point you to Nero (another Core mage) who has even more chest on display.

      You had your say, you were rebuked and debunked by several people, including women, and are choosing to ignore this in favour of your continued attempt to "champion" a cause which, frankly, doesn't seem to have a place here.

      This campaign is the strongest, to date, by they're doing something right that the people WANT. Can we PLEASE just enjoy our games without some "White Knight" creating a toxic comments section that leads to many of us just rolling our eyes at your repetitiveness.

      If you don't like it....don't buy it. That's the 1st rule of changing commercial norms. If they see that the market for it doesn't exist, they'll change. As of right now, as I said, this is the most successful KS from LMS to date. The evidence speaks for itself, there is demand for what they're producing.

      You're not brave and you're not championing anything. You're just becoming annoying and obsessive. I fear you've become a dog with a bone and blinkered to all else. You might want to actually go back through all the updates and do the a number of people have done for you and shown that your view is misguided.

      Please...drop the toxicity from this campaign's comments section or drop out of the campaign. Let the rest of us enjoy our toys in peace!

    17. Bazz

      @mr e52s- i never begrudge anyone the right to voice their opinion and dismiss them if it differs from my own. I always try to show respect and courtesy which doesn't always seem to be reciprocated.

      The campaign is doing quite well because its a bloody good game with a dam good team behind it, but its a shame certain ppl look to oppress others from sharing their opinion, that throw insults and imply they are whinny.

      I get that you dont agree with me but if we let ppl dictate what we can and cannot talk about then we would still be in the dark ages- so if its all the same i have voiced my thoughts and opinion and will now move on from here.

    18. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      Well vivian is a wall with no face, its something

    19. Bazz

      @Admiral- my point is mate they whilst there is a mixed variety in the way male mages are represented, all the female mages fit they same mold, All young, all slim bodied, all with pretty faces. All designed to be alluring and pleasing to the male eye, now i agree there is a lot of bare chested guys but are they really as alluring- howard for example- nice chest but sack on his head and blood all over him (not too sexy is it...unless thts anyones thing..not judging here lol), then theres Bronte- big strong arms but an overweight, hairy cyclops dwarf lol again not gonna set many pulses racing.

      all im saying is the females are all the same, designed to be young, slim, pretty and pleasing on the eye wheres the males are a variety and mixed bag.

      ps thank you for the nice way you responded, nice to hear from someone who disagrees with me but doesn't tell me i should leave lol :)

    20. Mr. E52s on

      Offended, disappointed...whinny?

      I have read many of the comments, and I freely admit I do not have a representative sampling; however, when SJWs take a position and turns into a fanatical issue, that's where 'bravery' ends and fetishes emerge.

      If you wish to challenge the norm...great, more power to you; however, don't harp on your dislike or dismiss the other dissenting opinions to your own. The fact this campaign is doing remarkably well, demonstrates your opinion is in the minority.

    21. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      First of all the snake lady is cute and alto tora is a fat ass XD, I would be swrsome if they really did the bard as techno viking jaja

    22. Missing avatar

      Admiral Apathy on

      @Bazz, I just counted. There are just as many bare-chested male characters in this game as there are scantily clad women. (Nero, Howard, Arthur, Bronte, for example) There are multiple fully clothed female mages, (Rebecca, Generve, Vivian.) Additional fully clothed female evocations, (Andromeda) and even some grotesque female evocations, like the snake lady, in demonology.

      It isn't that your necessarily wrong to want to avoid "over-sexualization." It is that this game just isn't particularly guilty of that. There are sexy men and women in this game. There are also conservative men and women.

    23. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      The Gorgon looks really cooky, I like that, glad she didnt ended being a mindless monster at the side of her pet.

    24. Bazz

      All the disagreements? you speak for everyone do you Mr E52s? may i suggest a re read of the comments because not everyone disagrees with me. Also im not offended by this game, just disappointed tht they have followed the norm of a male dominated community where it comes to representing females. Again i find it amusing that ppl always go on the attck when someone has a negative comment about a game they love, why is it so wrong to voice your opinion and if do you told maybe its best if you leave.

      As i said to Scott, things will never change unless ppl are challenged and braver ppl speak up, so im no longer going to apologise for voicing my opinion on a quite important subject.

      I mean just look above at Tessa, her breasts are practically on full display- would sincerely like to hear from creators on their view of this issue and find out why all the female mages are young, slim, have pretty faces and a bit of flesh on display (sometime more than a bit) i mean come on, not one old female mage, or fat female mage, female mage with a sack on her face, a demon face or no face at all lol

    25. Mr. E52s on

      ALL the miniatures are amazing. I think by now you would've dropped this path of discussion by now from all the disagreements from other backers about your oversexualization issue (with is by popular consent, a non-issue).

      I agree with Scott, if you're so offended by this game/campaign, save yourself the stress and heartbreak and go somewhere more to your liking and taste.

    26. Bazz

      Sorry Scott but its by not saying anything that these sorts of things continue and nothing ever changes- ive said many times how much i love this game but a lot of ppl only ever want to read positive comments. I females are being represented badly and hope tht my feedback is taken on board in the future-ppl will agree and some will disagree but we are allowed to voice our opinion.

    27. Scott Stefanik

      While I don't necessarily disagree with you, the conversation had been brought up several times in the course of the campaign. Maybe it's time to put away this debate for the rest of the campaign.

      I admire your dogged determination to champion over sexualization of women. But the game creators are following established fantasy tropes and appealing to their largest demographic.

      If seeing these depictions upset you enough to comment on it frequently, drop the game. Then you are no longer offended and have effectively protested.
      If you choose to continue to back the game then sigh and mutter to yourself about the ridiculousness of the male dominated community and comment on the positives.

      That's just my silly thoughts on it.

      I think this game looks amazing.

    28. Bazz

      oh the Borgon looks as expected, will there be any ugly females in this game? The woman all have slim bodies, pretty faces, nice bit of flesh on display, even this gorgon which is supposed to be a hideous monster.

      Someone mentioned earlier in the comments they didn't like the female mages cause they all looked the same, nothing unique tht makes it look like they can kick ass - think this is why. As much as i love this game really tiered of the double standards to way woman are presented (and im braced for the onslaught of defenders -go)

    29. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      @Petr, totally agree, this game is going to have such a beautiful table presence!

    30. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      If those details come out on the gorgon miniature it's going to be amazing!

    31. Streams

      The Keeper looks great... best of obth 1 and 3... LOVE IT!!!

    32. Petr K.

      Tile graphics are simply beautiful !!! I'm telling you this, but it's really wonderful ... it'll be nice to have this game on the table.

    33. Starface on

      That's what it must look like if you consider yourself a painter

    34. Gedracon on

      The painted minis are amazing. The wip of the keeper is interesting, will be one hell of a sculpt.

    35. Frank Calcagno on

      The Keeper is very nice.