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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 1th 2019
Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 1th 2019
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5°-6° player

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)
Hi everyone,

Here we are with our second-last update on the add-ons.  

We are proud to present the “5th-6th player” package.  


Many of you have been asking for this since the start of the campaign; it was already in the works and the moment has finally come.  

With this package, your Black Rose Wars games will be even more packed with adrenalin! Inside the box you’ll find all the materials needed to play BRW with up to six players, including the materials to play Inferno (semi coop).  


What’s more, you’ll find two new mages, Arthur the bard and Geneve the conspirator.  

Arthur comes all the way from Dublin with the specific intention of challenging the mages affiliated with the Lodge. In fact, he hasn’t yet managed to have his school admitted.

Arthur Vox
Arthur Vox

Geneve on the other hand comes from Paris. She has always been in the Lodge and her aim is not to gain power but rather take it away. Her school is powerful, but no-one has managed to understand it’s purpose.  


The second add-on we are presenting is for those with a particular liking for our imagination.  

The BRW artbook consists in 60 pages of pure art featuring a hardback cover. Inside, in addition to the fantastic illustrations, you’ll also find behind-the-scenes info on the development of concepts and models.  

The book also includes background stories and a presentation of the artists that participated in developing this volume.  

artbook - hard cover
artbook - hard cover

To add the add-ons to your pledge simply click on “manage your pledge” and increase the amount to include the add-ons you'd like. You can also add more add-ons during the PM, but if you’d like to help the community grow and unlock new SGs, do it now.

And now... it's spoiler time :)

Heart of rock
Heart of rock
another touch of Barbariccia
another touch of Barbariccia

 Stay tuned and spread the words!!!


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    1. Alessandro Virzì on

      I think instead that the price is reasonable. The game is perfectly enjoyable even in 4, if you want more buy the expansion. why not consider the idea of ​​a Voodoo style character for the expansion? it could be a really cool mage! With a top hat on his head, a painted skull in the face, wearing a dirty dusty jacket, taking up some of the italian nineteenth-century style. ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      perrichot on

      This price is so hight. You sould remove so stretchgoal and offer 5-6 players for free :(
      It's a bad decision :(

    3. Chris Lane on

      Add one more voice to say the 5-6 add on is high priced for what you get.

    4. Bazz

      Have to respectfully agree, price is way to high here and has priced me out of adding this ad on :(

    5. Missing avatar


      25$ is a ridiculously high price for me, especially that there is no discount for it (the same as retail price). Is there any incentive I should buy it now?

    6. S Buntenbach

      @gary they change arthur to a sg and a nrw illusionist in addon

    7. Gary Hua on

      I am confused because Arthur Vox is also a stretch goal? What is going to be the difference?

    8. Missing avatar

      Alberto Sandron on

      Reduce the price of the 5th-6th add-ons. It's way too high for just 2 mage and relative sheet and token. Unless it has some not revealed rooms in, 25$ is a senseless price, just because looking at Inferno's price (which give 20 mini) something is absolutly off.
      Please reduce the price. or put it in SG somehow

    9. Salvatore Truglio on

      Salve, questo addon 5/6' giocatore sara' tradotto e incluso nel pacchetto in italiano ??

    10. Unitato on

      After carefully thinking about it, I've decided to get out of the project. I entered because I read that there would be a 5-6 player mode, which is basically essential for me since my gaming group is usually 4-6 people. At first, I thought it would be a SG since the solo mode was, but then I read that it would be an add-on, something that doesn't make much sense. Why would you give the solo mode for free, but make the 5-6 player mode an add-on? What if I don't care about the solo mode since I won't be playing this game by myself? But well, I waited to see the price, because LMS said that the upcoming add-ons wouldn't be expensive. Then the 5-6 player mode is released for $25, which is simply VERY expensive for what it is. On top of that, I need to add the language pack since my friends don't understand english, so that puts the core game at $136 by itself. Also, seeing that the concept of "not expensive" is $25 for the 5-6 player mode, since they announced that shipping will get "a bit" more expensive, I can totally expect an increase of $10-$15 for europe, which makes a total of $146-$151 to get the base game and SGs in only one wave in June 2019. So yeah, even with all the added content unlocked by SGs, that price is simply too much for me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chippie86 on

      @LMS I agree with the post below. Will you be doing anything to incentivize the 5-6 player mode for Kickstarter? Part of the fun in kickstarting is that there’s exclusive rewards. If there’s nothing exclusive about this add on, I’m more inclined to wait for the retail version. Or opt out entirely as it does seem more about the money than the game at this point.

    12. LInsoDeTeh

      I was a Sine Tempore backer as well, but once that campaign turned into a total cash milking campaign, I dropped. Let's hope, BRW is a little bit more decent. I'd love to stay aboard! Really! But with Inferno and 5-6 player add-on, we're at 160+ bucks already, that's pretty heavy for a game, even with miniatures. I wish they had chosen a different strategy for the 5-6 player add-on. Maybe there will be other options during the last days.

    13. Mabinguari

      Wow! @LMS, your are incredibly great! Thanks!!! All elementals & golem are very cool...!

    14. peteyandycreek on

      @andreas - totally agree. This is a total cash grab... very disappointed. What value is the all-in on this game now?... just wow...

    15. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Can we get a 6 bowl add-on? What could we use two extra bowls on? (2x4 bowls)

    16. Andreas Micheel on

      disappointed with the 5-6 Player Expansion. The Expansion per se should probably be about 5-6$ without the miniatures, which is all most of us would want probably anyway with the great amount of mages already available in the core box.

    17. Freddy

      @Rubén Iglesias Ortega - They have confirmed that Custom spells for the 2 mages in the add-on, will be included in the box. They will add that info to the add-on description lateron.

    18. Freddy

      @Stefan Löw - they changed the contents of the 5-6 player expansion (see also the main page)... Bard mini is replaced with a new Illusion mage mini. Bard being in the add-on was a mistake. For the retail version, the core box has 6 spell schools, and 4 mages. So the 5-6 player add-on needs to be mages for those other 2 schools... Conspiracy and Illusion. That is why they changed it.
      The Bard mini will be free for everyone, as the next SG ($730k)

    19. Stefan Löw on

      I saw the SG for the Bard spells.
      This means everyone will get these spells and we could play with it, even if we are not buying the 5-6 player expansion? (which I don’t need, because we are only playing with a max. of 4)

    20. Alex on

      First of all i also think 25 bucks is very much for an addon that is basically essential. 20 would have been fine but 25... this will really makes me reconsider. But who am i kidding. I will buy it anyway. Nevertheless it's to much in my opinion.
      Also i really liked the overall design of the whole product so far but this box will not make it onto my shelf. It looks like the box for a vintage barbie doll or something like that. The color gradient will make it look weird when placed next to the main box.
      Anyway i really love the work of your designer so far but this is a poor choice of box design.

    21. Rik Mohrmann on

      @Cyel You will be able to do that in the Pledge Manager those go live after the Kickstarter ends.
      Sometimes a company sends out a Survey where they ask you for that information beforehand so they roughly know what numbers to start producing.
      So yes you will be able to do that but only after the Kickstarter ends and the Pledge Manager goes live (this is where you will also fill in your adress and pay for shipping, you can even add funds for other addons at that point but it won't help the campaign's stretch goals).

    22. Missing avatar

      Cyel on

      Is there a way of letting you know that the 25$ increase of my pledge is for the 5-6player box (just like the option I've chosen previously is specified to contain the main game and Crono expansion) Or is it done at another stage of the campaign ? It's my first KS pledge so genuinely don't know.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rubén Iglesias Ortega on

      Addon is expensive. It should include personal spells at least.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      25 Bucks for a Addon containing 2 Miniatures, some Plastic-Cubes and a few Tiles? Too much, just my opinion.

    25. Bazz

      @ludus- if there is space for a new male mage in this add on how about a HEMAN homage to help stop the evil Skulltor :) perfect chance lol what do you think?

    26. Celestial Fortitude

      Expensive 5-6 player add on. 😮

    27. Foxwhisperer on

      I propably won't be playing with 5 or 6 players, but I will get this add on. At least the players get to choose their own colors if nothing else. New mages are welcome also.
      I really like the Barbaricca model. The Inferno add on is almost worth it for this model alone! And we are getting many more models alongside of it. And more gameplay.
      I know I've seen Never ending story (years and years ago), but I don't really remember any of it... Stone golem is still welcome addition even if I don't have any nostalgic bond to it.
      I'm usually bying the art book in a KS if one is offered. Since the art is so great in BRW, this is a no-brainer to add.

      All in all, a nice update.

    28. Jack

      If the level of detail holds for Barbariccia, it could well be one of the finest looking miniatures in my collection!

    29. Sahaphan Phuwamongkolwiwat on

      Waiting for all in with special discount

    30. Starface on

      Hmm so far I have always been thrilled but the add on I just do not like to leave out the characters ... and even as an add on offer .... shame really so I do not buy it.

    31. Terrorpin

      Nevermind. I guess I should read the comments first!

    32. Terrorpin

      Awe I love Arthur but will never get 5 players to the table. Shame I'll have to miss out on him

    33. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Shane (CoffeeGnerd), I don't know at this moment, we have some space for all the stuffs, just the models space would be a problem

    34. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      @Creator Any chance the plastic insert unlocked through SGs will hold the 5-6 player components?

    35. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @El Poncho X, 2-3 days before the end of the campaign, stay tuned!

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian Viron Petersen on

      5-6 player option should be in the standard game box and not at ekstra cost !

    37. El Poncho X on

      How about an "All-In" pledge option?

    38. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @to all, as annunced in the comments section, we have changed the mage inside the box, a new spectacular illusionist instead than Arthur (we will reveal the concept soon). Arthur will be a SG, the next one after the new school.

    39. Missing avatar

      Arkeran on

      Thinking about retail version, a new illusion mage ( must be a new design, no tribute to be consistant ) over Arthur would be perfect

      Core box :

      Destruction - Nero
      Transmutation - Tessa
      Necromancy - Rebecca
      Divination - Jafar
      Illusion -
      Conspiracy -

      With 5-6 player expansion the two last would have been perfectly filled :

      Illusion - New Illusion mage
      Conspiracy - Geneve

      This way with a core box + 6 players expansion the retail version would be perfectly filled.

    40. Justin Boehm

      Currently at 12:7

    41. Petr K.

      Hello, about artbook in the text you write 60 pages but in the add-on picture is 40 pages? How much pages will artbook have?

    42. Justin Boehm

      Hmm, was really hoping the 5-6 would be an SG but even if not, I agree $25 is a tad higher than expected, but hopefully the bundle for gameplay only will make it more viable.

      Also, still curious where all these additional female mages you mentioned are, I mean that was after Circe was announced and the gap between male and female just keeps getting bigger lmao.

    43. Michael Boyle on

      Thanks for the info LMS. What about the 4 bowls deal? Does that get bumped or have a 6 bowl option?

    44. riccardo minetto on

      5/6 player pack +crono expansion+language pack ita = january or June?

    45. Ratmyx [FR] on

      The 5/6players addons is a bit expansive for me. (Cube/rose/mage sheet/2mini :x )

    46. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Michael Boyle, January

    47. Missing avatar

      Dieu Lam on

      You've got my pledge increase for the 5-6 player. btw I love the Rock Biter from Neverending Story! haha It needs to be a monstrously huge figure.

    48. Missing avatar

      Derek Mattis

      Will the add-on come with 1 custom spell for both Arthur and Geneve (similar to the SG custom spells for the other mages)?

    49. Captain Malevil on

      I'd love the techno-vik... ehhh Arthur Vox without that hair, the shirt and short trousers. And... well, more like the techno-viking, yes. A mini I'd love to have XD