Black Rose Wars

by Ludus Magnus Studio

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    1. Missing avatar


      The Crono art. Love it.

    2. James Reeder

      Void is the school I have been looking the most forward to. You did not disappoint! Thank you for making such a deep and interesting game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Este on

      cthulhu fhtagn r'lyeh wgah nagl

    4. Missing avatar

      Matteo Montanari on

      Praise the Old Ones!!

    5. Robert

      That Nure-Onna is haunting...I love it!

    6. Missing avatar

      A.G. on

      @LMS Nice update !
      I like the fact that the Nure-Onna could pass for a human (with a trail) when looking straight but really not when looking from the side. Weird and tricky beast :) What are the "powers" of this evocation ?

      For the void school, some spells seem very (over) powerful. Does the cloth of inexistence really does not end until you cast another spell ? (Or is it until another spell or end of the turn because all protection spell are cleaned in this phase)
      The combination of inexistence/ void traveler and a summoning school seems a bit unfair (if not balanced).
      Eager to hear more about that either way ! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Mister Nobody on

      As I understand it all miniatures come painted in the quality of the Nure-Onna image. Thats a nice gesture :). No just kidding and wishful thinking. Nice update...

    8. Mehdi L'ami on

      Crono is amazing

    9. Matthew Spanke on

      Nure-Onna is most excellent, one of your best designs yet.