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Welcome to hell...

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

“Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, ché la diritta via era smarrita. 

“ [Dante – Inferno – canto I°]

“When halfway through the journey of our life I found myself in a gloomy wood, because the path which led aright was lost.” 

 [Dante – Inferno – 1st canto] 

Here we are with the much awaited expansion: this is it. In actual fact we’ve been looking forward to creating a Dantesque Inferno setting for one of our games for years now, since the days of Nova Aetas. 

Before you all ask the question, this expansion includes the materials needed to play Inferno in solitaire mode and the spell cards to evoke all the demons in the base game. 


Inferno uses the same mechanisms that have already been studied for solitaire mode, such as the Perilium to activate the demons. In this expansion, the real enemy you need to beat is in fact the Black Rose, in the guise of Lucifer. 

Inside the spectacular box designed by a Master of illustration, Antonio De Luca, you’ll find an impressive 14 new rooms dedicated to the circles of Inferno: there will be 13 dedicated to the circles and a specific one with Lucifer’s throne of glass.

Quinto Cerchio
Quinto Cerchio

These rooms and their effects have been designed to be effective when played all together, but they can also be played individually in the base game. 

A new set of events and quests will guide you through these burning hot rooms! The events have been specifically designed for the expansion and have a number of traits in common with those for the solitaire game. In fact, Lucifer will always be ready to unleash the fury of his henchmen upon you, activating them at every event. 

The quests are linked to the rooms and creatures of Inferno, but when specifically selected they can also be used in the base game. 

The evocations have two distinct play decks. The first is for their “powerful” version, which is needed in Inferno to increase the level of the challenge. The other is used in the base game to evoke demons controlled by the players. If you do not defeat Lucifer, or if you’d like to give more space to the evocations in the base game, feel free to swap the decks. 


Inferno is a very rich and original expansion, so we’ll be talking about it lots more in the next few days in dedicated updates, revealing behind-the-scenes info on its development and specific details about rooms and demons. 

The first one you will meet is Barbariccia. 


In the Divine Comedy, this is a male character, whose name literally means “curly beard”. Our idea was to create a strong contrast between the name - which is clearly masculine - and a very sensual female model. 

Barbariccia is the lieutenant of Malacoda, he who escorted Dante and Virgilio part of the way through Inferno, who in our game will have a very unusual effect, charming all players upon whom she lays eyes, causing them to skip an activation. 

Evocation card
Evocation card

In spite of her features, she is one of the most powerful Malebranche (the group of demons under the rule of Malacoda), who once defeated won’t hesitate to reappear. 

Barbariccia head WIP
Barbariccia head WIP
Barbariccia legs WIP
Barbariccia legs WIP

That’s all for now, see you for the next update with new spoilers on Inferno and its inhabitants.


Meanwhile, a small spoiler.

Undead by Kimera Models
Undead by Kimera Models
Superior Undead by Kimera Models
Superior Undead by Kimera Models
Bard - WIP
Bard - WIP
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    1. Thomas M

      @Teowulff - I actually the the luck component is very low in the game (no dice) and it offers a lot of tactical and strategic play. The only luck involved really is drawing cards and you have a great deal of control over what is put into your grimoire and what stays there,
      You also get to draw 4 and choose 2 every turn, which will make up half of your incoming hand.

    2. Thomas M

      @John Chief, Here is a summary of how Inferno affects the base game:

      "this expansion includes the materials needed to play Inferno...and the spell cards to evoke all the demons in the base game."

      "you’ll find an impressive 14 new rooms dedicated to the circles of Inferno...These rooms and their effects have been designed to be effective when played all together, but they can also be played individually in the base game."

      The event cards are specific to the Inferno expansion (so, no for the base game).

      "The quests are linked to the rooms and creatures of Inferno, but when specifically selected they can also be used in the base game."

      "The evocations have two distinct play decks. The first is for their “powerful” version, which is needed in Inferno to increase the level of the challenge. The other is used in the base game to evoke demons controlled by the players. If you do not defeat Lucifer, or if you’d like to give more space to the evocations in the base game, feel free to swap the decks."

    3. Thomas M

      @Bazz - What is wrong with Nero? He doesn't have a bag over his head and is in the base game?

    4. John Chief on

      Could you show more art work and info of the miniatures. I'm not really interested in the solo mode, so I would like more info on how this expansion will effect the base game.

    5. Petr K.

      Lucifer´s tile "throne of glass" is only name on tile or the tile made from glass?

    6. Michael on

      NMM paint looks amazing!

    7. Matthew on

      One comment then no more: If you don’t like it the. Go make your own game with miniatures that suit your taste.

    8. Teowulff

      Looks nice - but an easy pas as not KSE and I even haven't played the game yet and not confident enough this game will actually offer enough tactical options and isn't too much luck based to grant the extra investment.

      And agreed with @Bazz but well: what do you expect from an Italian designer, emancipation and stuff is different around the Mediterranean than it is in Norway for example.

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin Keil on

      i dont get it sorry. will there be a translation kit?

    10. Sebastian Thielke on

      Underlining the wonderful theme:
      'Through me the way to the suffering city; Through me the everlasting pain; Through me the way that runs among the Lost. Justice urged on my exalted Creator: Divine Power made me, The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love. Nothing was made before me but eternal things And I endure eternally. Abandon all hope - You Who Enter Here.'

    11. Francesco Simionato on

      this is becoming too much expensive for me... :/
      at least will there be a 5 player expansion added for free (like in many other ks)? ç_ç

    12. Valnimir on

      In the box it misses another new hero, a warlock :)
      Which can invoke démons in the base game

    13. Radioland on

      Ok but can we get an over-sexualised male that is not a ball of muscles ripped?
      I love how men view of sexy males is conan and abs.

      Ps- i really don’t care, inferno looks amazing!! :D

    14. Jochen Lienhard on

      Can the figures from this expansion used in Nova Aetas, will there be enemy cards for these?

    15. Bazz

      @Javier- ahhh mythic battles- you have great taste my friend as that's my fave kickstarter of all time :) you can blame them for my passion for greek mythology lol

    16. Missing avatar

      Annan Birkett on

      This expansion looks awesome. Hmmm Dante or Cronos ? Is Dante KS exclusive?

    17. Foxwhisperer on

      Are all of the female mages looking young and fit? Yes.
      Did they use magic to achieve the look? Propably yes.
      Would any woman use magic to look young and fit if that were an option IRL? Again, propably yes.
      So what is the actual problem that a magic user uses magic to achieve "eternal youth"? Why wouldn't they?

      Anyway, Inferno add on added to pledge. It is a nice add on and it can be even played solo. Perfect!

    18. Captain Malevil on

      @Bazz I already have Mythic Battles, so I'd rather have a different pantheon :-P

      On the other hand, we have Japanese mythology with Tora and related evocations. Greek with minotaur and Circe. A little touch of Cthuluh with Void. I'd love me some Egyptian mythology now :-P

    19. Missing avatar

      Annan Birkett on

      Sooooo many boring comments. Women love using their sexual prowess to the own ends. The whole equality thing has gone way to far!

    20. Bazz

      @chris- how funny that Apollo is my favourite god :) now that would be an amazing addition to the game.

      I see what your saying but dont think there is ever a nice way to suggest you feel female charcters are being oversexualised or treated differently than the males. I never try be confrontational in my comments but express my honest thoughts and feedback as openly and succinctly that i can.

      Funnily enough my positive comments (for which theres been many) never get so many responses lol

      I stand by what ive said but am more than happy to move onto a more congenial topic, like how good would the greek gods be showing up in this game? :)

    21. Francesco Minghetti

      Great expansion! Now you need to find a way to put a Dante miniature in the box

    22. Captain Malevil on

      @Bazz do you really find Tessa with the tail and herbivore legs or Barbariccia with all the snakes and the covered face sexy (hello Howard-sexy with extra snakes)? We have really different tastes man :-P. If I see them I would run, but not towards them!

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      Commenting on behalf of the missus here and quoting her:

      "I'm not a man, I'm not the same as a man. Of course we're not the same, Femininity isn't the same as Masculinity. I agree entirely here, though, I'd love to see a fella here, mostly naked, with a pretty face. Give me that. But, I love the sculpts of the women in this, they're classically beautiful and they appeal to me as a woman. Not sexually, just as they are"

      Regarding the toxic part. I was stating "toxic arguments", not meaning toxic people. The argument itself can be considered as toxic and overshadow everything else when engaged in because it's such a profound social construct. We're talking fundamental human identities here which is, in honesty, kinda heavy for a game about mages and monsters and...well...does it really belong here?

      Feedback that you'd like to see an equivalent "prettiness" in male models, sure, but try and be positive in this rather than going down the old route that everyone is tired of hearing to the point they stop listening.

      Equality is wonderful, I'm a house husband and the missus earns everything...but there is a time and a place and I, just like the missus, just want to see a pretty game that will look good on the table. "Sexy" characters abound of both genders ideally but...c'mon...let's keep the context reasonable/in line with the genre. (What some see as sexy in a man isn't, necessarily, sexy in a woman and vice versa).

      Odyssey is why I gave a happy girly squeal (safe in my masculinity) when seeing Circe and the pigmen. I'm glad you loved it and, yes, all for more Greek Mythology and other classical stuff.....maybe we can get Apollo as a "healer" mage wearing nothing but winged sandals and a strategic use of cloak to keep his crotch (mostly) covered??

      Missus: "Oh yeah, Apollo is your BOY. Shiny golden hair, abs and those knees....." *sigh*

    24. Captain Malevil on

      And loved the idea of the techno-viking!

    25. Esteban Sandoval on

      Imo, although I think @Bazz is marking a common issue to most fantasy media, I think it's not so blatant in BRW.
      As @Eddie and others point out, there are plenty of male chars showing muscle, but that usually falls under the Power Fantasy end of the spectrum, as opposed to beautiful women (who in turn get objectified).
      I'm not complaining, in fact I am really excited both for the game and this add-on, but it would be cool if other monstrous women were monstrous (like hags).

    26. Captain Malevil on

      Ouch, the old drama: if women are fit and they are not 100% covered with clothes, it's sexism. If men are superfit and torso naked, it isn't. Somebody mentioned the Zac guy... How are the Bard or Nero general body different? Well, yeah, I'm sure Zac aims to be as ripped as the Bard

      Its normally´boring, but in this game with 2 females; Tessa (sorry, but I don't drool much about tails and bovine legs) and Jessica (just a normal woman with clothes that wouldn't be an issue going to the Vatican); and 2 female monsters... If Brontes eye issues disqualifies him as sexy, how animal legs, tails, extra arms, etc not? Is this a joke or what?

      I really hope this very vocal minority doesn't affect the art design of the game. Let's just enjoy this wonderful art.

    27. Bazz

      ps Read the Odyssey and loved it, know all about circee and am well versed in Greek Mythology- hope to see much more greek mythology in this game :)

    28. Bazz

      Chris firstly i dont see this as toxic arguing, ppl are always free to state their opinions and you are most welcome to yours as i am mine.

      I do love this game and will continue to back it but was agreeing with what was said before by other backers (before i jumped in with my thoughts) that women are treated differently than men and its seems everyone is missing the point.

      A topless guy with abs out, would be sexy if he had a nice smile to go with it, strong jaw and handsome face but no sack over his head and blood dripping down him.

      We have a male with big arms but no chisled chin and piercing eyes to go with it, just a plump belly , one eye and hairy body (hes a dwarf right lol)

      then look at female mages- all slim, all young, all pretty - the difference is clear, look at comments before mine other backers are asking where is the sexy male charcter (not just a set of abs but a good looking sexy male- no bag on his head, or one eye, or demon face or no face at all )

      Also not one male charcter has half his ass on display but its early days so ya never know :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      Absolutely loving this, guys. Really looking forward to playing through the Inferno as Dante's Inferno is one of my favourite pieces of writing.

      I've just done a quick calculation of the add-ons (minus Chrono) and it comes to $ my pledge has been upped to $220 to account for them. I'm actually wanting 6 of the bowls, so will probably add a second set on the PM when it goes live.

      Are you going to do an "all in" package on the PM like with Sine Tempora?

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @Bazz Further to Eddies comment, I've just been back through all the updates and compiled a list of the "objectification of men", so far:
      1st Update...Topless Guy with abs out (face covered to draw attention to ripped abs)
      Bronte with side abs on display and "macho" pose.
      Bronte sculpt: Nipples out! Art of characters, 3rd one showing man with abs out on display.
      Oni with abs out and nipples.
      Oni art, rippling muscles on display.
      Techno Viking/Dance pose practice - Completely nude and rippling muscles!
      Nero from Rome sculpt, ripped abs on display
      Pigmen image - could be argued to be making out men are pigs and need women to make them look good (the armour plate)
      Infamy of Creta -Ripped muscles (look at those legs!)
      This Update - Techno Viking/Bard...RIPPED MUSCLES!!

      If you don't find men's muscles "sexy" that's fine but this is the same class as "objectification of women" when it comes to how it's being displayed. So I'd say they're being very even handed in what they're doing here...which is what equality is about, right? (the fact the last couple of updates is the first we're seeing with women is neither here nor there)

      I hardly feel this is "oversexualising of women" for "Drooling men" (I'm also trying to see these "seductive" poses that you're referring to, so far they're just standing). I mean, if you don't find the ripped, muscled men sexy but the normal female form with a bit of skin showing sexy...well...ok.

      Read Dante's Inferno. These figures fit in PERFECT with it. Circe is a goddess of magic and the model they're using for her fits almost perfectly in depictions of historical artwork (the pigman they're using was made by her turning men into pigs) - Read "The Odyssey"

      (Before commenting, I asked the missus to look at all this and see what she thought, she disagreed with you and said "actually, Techno Viking looks sexy as hell")

      To be clear, this is in addition to Eddie's comment which I agree with.

      (Oh, additional from the missus: "I like everything I've seen so far. I would appreciate a bit more of a chaps leg here and there, I do like a bit of well turned knee and thigh")

      So...can we just drop this and enjoy it all for what it is. A fantasy game and depictions of characters there-in which fit within the genre? Classic fantasy has always been like this.

      I suppose, if you don't like could just, you know, not buy it.

      Like Eddie, I'm going to drop it there and not discuss/comment further. I love everything and I don't want to see comments sections with toxic arguing. I commented because, like him "I think you're looking to argue a point that isn't really there".

    31. Scott Stefanik


    32. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I was already planning on pledging to this campaign. This expansion just clinched it. I am obsessed with Dante and his Inferno. Part of me wishes this expansion had been expanded into a separate standalone game, so that it could have more minis and further explore Hell. Then there’s the part of me that is thankful it is linked to another beautiful game I was already tempted to support, so that I can have a better excuse to get them both in one package deal.

      I just hope that the listed components will not represent everything it has to offer. We NEED Dante himself (and preferably Virgil), as well as more demons and/or lost souls. I know there’s another game out there that specifically deals with manifestations of the seven deadly sins, but boy would it be awesome if there were unique figures to go with every one of the 13 tiles included here. So please, please, please consider adding stretch goals to this expansion, LMS! Your rabid fans (see previous comments) would thank you...

    33. Bazz

      Sorry Eddie but just because its the way things are done doesn't mean it should be done - it being the norm in the fantasy genre should entice more ppl to stand up against woman being oversexualised.

      Also no way am i having a go at Ludus- I love their game and have praised them in many comments for this amazing kickstarter but i will always be honest in my opinion and feedback.

      Also showing a bit of muscle on the guys is far different to how the women are portrayed, again i emphasise Howard may have his abs out but hes covered in blood with a dirty sack on his head, hardly sexy is it? Brinte may be flexing his guns but hes a plump cyclopes dwarf (not really the same as Zach efron is he?)

      My point is the women are all presented as young, slim and beautiful- no masks on, faces hidden, elderly, large framed bodies ect all seem perfect. Cannot say the same about all the male mages can you.

      Why is it that womens powers also have to be seduction based so many times, they deserve to be represented better and again im not having a go at ludus as many games do this but these things need to be said.

      Maybe it time we did see a fat, old, saggy witch charcter :)

    34. Mr. E52s on

      Here are my two cents (not accounting for inflation) regarding the over-sexualization issue at hand.

      A sultry half-naked women is a serious weapon for female mages/demons. I direct your attention to the Red Woman who served under (literally and figuratively) King Baratheon. She was/is definitely young and beautiful and dresses provocatively, yet she used her image to her advantage. It's not until a later episode do we learn her real secret, a centuries old hag.

      This is not the only over-sexualization of females example that have been utilized in a story. Look to Homer's Illiad or Odyssey for other such examples.


    35. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      Bazz, when WAS the last time you saw a fat, old, saggy witch with half her butt hanging out?

      First, to be fair, I get your point about objectifying women. Your stance is not lost on me, but you're in a fantasy genre where these things are the norm, for good or for bad. I just think it's wrong to damn Ludus Magnus Studios for following genre norms, unless you plan on damning ALL sources of this type of fantasy art.

      Second, all the females in the campaign thus far have been tame... but these are soul sucking demon spawn who rely on their sex appeal and seduction to bend the will of man... it's kind of their thing, ya know.

      I'm not getting down on you for your opinion, by no means am I trying to single you out or call you "sensitive snowflake" or anything. It just feels like an unnecessary attack on LMS when this batch of "females" is really the first to show some skin and look sultry. The mage Rebecca is fully clothes and non-provocative... the Andromeda are fully clothed and not provocative... hell, with the exception of Circe (who also relies on her ability of seduction to ensnare the senses of weak minded men) all the females thus far actually don't fall into your argument.

      What about the men? Oni is showing off his rock hard abs, is that offensive? Brinte is flexing his guns for the ladies, showing off that cyclops Dwarf muscle, should that be offensive? Howard looks like he's catering to the bondage crowd, with his rippling torso and leather hood, isn't that offensive?

      I'll shut up and drop the subject before I reach the maximum character limit for a comment, but I just think you're looking to argue a point that isn't really there... are all the women slutty and oversexualized in the game... no, not by any means. Are the evil souls sucking demon wenches from the pits of hell portrayed accurately? Damn right they are...

    36. Esteban Sandoval on

      If I pay for a Magister Pledge, can I choose between Chrono and Inferno?
      Because I like Inferno waaaaaaay more than Chrono :)

    37. Bazz

      ps its not about not liking sexy women (which i do) but its about women not being oversexualised for the sexual gratification of a lot of drooling men.

    38. Bazz

      I respectfully disagree- is there any old male mages-yes, is there any old female mages -No.

      Is there any larger framed male mages-yes, is there any larger framed female mages-No.

      Is there any male mages with there faces hidden-yes, is there any female mages with there faces hidden -No.

      is there any male charcters with half their bums on display -NO, is there any female charcters with half their bums on display-Yes.

      is there any male charcters in a seductive pose half naked-NO, any female charcters in a seductive pose half naked-Yes

    39. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Matthew, $49 after the campaign end, probably also for the late pledge.

      @Bazz, Barbariccia is a devil, and she have some snakes inside her back, is like the Oni, also Circe, she have 6 hands... Nero is more actrative... I don't understand the difference.
      If you don't like sexy women is ok, but there is not a sproporzion.

    40. Bazz

      oh come on Justin its not the same, howards wearing a dirty mask and dripping with blood, the onis demon face says it all- has anyone really looked at them and gone "oh there sexy" then we have circe, young, sexy and half naked, now this Barbariccia, young , sexy and half naked. Look at all the female mages, all young and pretty and most with ample cleavage - it screams out at you. Blatant oversexualising of women.

    41. Justin Boehm

      @Bazz so the muscle bound males were th little or no shirt like Nero, Howard, and the Oni just suddenly don't count?

    42. Bazz

      wow blatantly oversexualising women here, funny there is never any male charcters like that.
      Arkeran was spot on earlier, easy to see all the females are slim, beautiful ladies who dont mind showing some flesh- never the other way around.

      Also i would actually like to see all the contents of an add on before i purchase it, a half naked lady isn't gonna cut it for me. Would actually like to see what im spending money on.

    43. Matthew on

      @Andrea: What is the price difference? I assume more expensive at Retail.

    44. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Stephen Cates, will be also available in our online store, we don't know at this moment if distributors will take this box.

    45. Stephen Cates on

      Don't see a Kickstarter exclusive symbol on this, but wanted to ask just to be sure. Is this going to also be a Kickstarter only expansion like Chronos, or will it be available later on outside of it?

    46. Petr K.

      Crazy---next "must have" expansion :-/ COOP mode will be very interesting...did you try to test it?

    47. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @ Justin Boehm, no, is not fully cooperative, like in Crono you can combine the power of the mages against Lucifer but just one will be the Grand Master.

    48. Antonio Lozano

      Ohhh there goes more of my money

    49. grys03

      Me too! I would like to see Dante as well - but maybe a dual mini i.e. Dante & Virgil?

    50. Mabinguari

      Magnificent!!! Thanks, @LMS! Great progress! I would like to see Dante too!!!