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A whisper in the ear

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

Hi, Mages

And here we are at the last episode dedicated to the schools of BRW’s Core Box, but first of all LMS team wants to thank all of you for supporting us with so much affection and commitment. Thanks to all of you we have reached and exceeded the fantastic amount of 4000 backers! 

An important milestone that we have achieved in such a short time that it really surprised us; this points this campaign towards a truly incredible goal for LMS that, with its third project under the belt, can be truly recognized as matured under every aspect. Above all, it allows us to get to know new people and create a united and close-knit gaming community that (rhetorical as it may be, but that's how it is) is one of our main goals!  

So, thank you all again: thank, thank you!

And now let’s get acquainted with the latest and shadiest of the Lodge’ schools: Conspiracy!  

The adepts of this school avoid direct confrontation and come to victory using more subtle but equally effective methods. They like to control the board by tricking the other mages and forcing them to do what they want, erasing their spells and improving their hand. They also love, more than anything else, to disseminate the Lodge of lethal and treacherous traps.

spell cards
spell cards

This school’s Contingencies will allow an excellent control of the board and will oppress your opponents with really annoying effects: for example, “Magic door” will allow you to swap positions with another mage who’s anywhere in the Lodge, or move in a room at your choice, and in both cases you can activate the room in which you will arrive. Similarly, “Whispering wind” will allow you to move a mage of up to two rooms, or move all the models in a room in an adjacent room ... and if you have a Fireball at your disposal, well, trouble will follow (for them).  

Other contingencies, such as “Obscure Intuition”, will act on your picks to allow you to draw more spells, more Quest, while “Plot” will act on the Event deck allowing you to discard one and gain its Power Points (anyway, they will be split with the Black Rose) or draw two and decide which one to play!


Even if not an offensive spell, “Dismiss” will allow you to clear the board of annoying opponents’ Evocations, gaining Power Points and, due to one of its two effects, also activating the room in which the summons was.

So far so good, but this school’s real protagonists are the Traps! Many of them, such as “Blade Barrage” and “Blood Pact” will activate when an opponent mage enters a room of a specific color dealing damage and stealing quests or cards from the victim, making you always earn a fair number of bonus Power Points.

There are so many synergies with other schools! By joining Destruction cards you will be able to lethally use your control spells by merging enemies and then hitting them with the many Destruction's “Area” spells. Necromancy and Transmutation can also be valid schools to be combined with Conspiracy, being able to stack their damage and effects on yours, thus allowing you to earn many Power Points in a short time. Eventually, the union with Illusion and Divination could prove to be a bit extreme and difficult to play, but if you manage to find a winning strategy, a deck structured around them will bring you great satisfaction.

That’s it for today, now that we have completed our journey through the magic schools of BRW’s Core Box, we will move on onto other tutorials introducing you to the new schools added these last days and providing a guide to the Lodge rooms!  

BUT before bidding you farewell, as per usual, let’s give you some spoilers!

Hashomer from Pulvis
Hashomer from Pulvis
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    1. Alexandre Goh

      LMS, you guys nailed it with Babayaga and Hashomer.. Oh yeah!

    2. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper

      I am gaga for babayaga!

    3. Ludus Magnus Studio 6-time creator on

      @Rik Mohrmann, thank you, the Baba Yaga is a Paolo Parente artwork :)

    4. Rik Mohrmann on

      Hashomer looks badass! I secretly hope he is Huge and yet another "Keeper of the Black Lodge" like Crono *wink wink*. This rendition of Baba Yaga is also awesome, she reminds me of a fortune teller you would find at a carnival, really nice!

    5. Scott Stefanik

      I think I've found my favorite school! As much fun as direct damage, there's a deeper satisfaction in winning through being an annoying bastard! Lol

      Also, Baba-Yaga looks incredible!

    6. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Hashomer would work perfectly in Nova Aetas Vesuvios Forge! Can you make him a crossover "mini"??

    7. Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed Collaborator on

      @Andrius - maybe my friend...maybe...

    8. Geek Robot d'Acciaio on

      Amazing! Im so excited about the variability of the various schools!!!!!!
      And the characters too are unique

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesus on

      Its mediv of world of warcraft xd copyright?

    10. Andrius on

      Baba Yaga here, and Baba Yaga there, in Hellboy... I think, 8th of May is international day of Baba Yaga :)

    11. Gedracon on

      Babayaga.... can't wait to see the miniature design...

    12. Mike A. on

      Wow @ Babayaga. Love unique art. =)