Black Rose Wars

by Ludus Magnus Studio

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    1. Mike A. on

      Wow @ Babayaga. Love unique art. =)

    2. Gedracon on

      Babayaga.... can't wait to see the miniature design...

    3. Andrius on

      Baba Yaga here, and Baba Yaga there, in Hellboy... I think, 8th of May is international day of Baba Yaga :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Jesus on

      Its mediv of world of warcraft xd copyright?

    5. Geek Robot d'Acciaio on

      Amazing! Im so excited about the variability of the various schools!!!!!!
      And the characters too are unique

    6. Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed Collaborator on

      @Andrius - maybe my friend...maybe...

    7. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Hashomer would work perfectly in Nova Aetas Vesuvios Forge! Can you make him a crossover "mini"??

    8. Scott Stefanik

      I think I've found my favorite school! As much fun as direct damage, there's a deeper satisfaction in winning through being an annoying bastard! Lol

      Also, Baba-Yaga looks incredible!

    9. Rik Mohrmann on

      Hashomer looks badass! I secretly hope he is Huge and yet another "Keeper of the Black Lodge" like Crono *wink wink*. This rendition of Baba Yaga is also awesome, she reminds me of a fortune teller you would find at a carnival, really nice!

    10. Ludus Magnus Studio 6-time creator on

      @Rik Mohrmann, thank you, the Baba Yaga is a Paolo Parente artwork :)

    11. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper on

      I am gaga for babayaga!

    12. Alexandre Goh

      LMS, you guys nailed it with Babayaga and Hashomer.. Oh yeah!