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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
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Appetite for Destruction

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

Hi, Mages!

And here we are at the episode devoted to one of the Lodge’s most anticipated schools: Destruction!

As you know, this is the school allowing you to directly attack your opponents and inflict a huge amount of damage, but do not underestimate it: if well played, this school can offer many unexpected solutions to rule the game, and trigger devastating synergies with other schools!

Nero from Rome
Nero from Rome

We start our analysis right from the Combat magic, since this is the most numerous category, including 8 cards that will make you unleash hell in the Lodge but, as we have just said, some of these cards offer alternative (but equally devastating) solutions to the simple “direct damage”. For example, “Mighty Whirlwind”, will block all mages in a room, and they won’t be able to move for one turn using actions or spells. Or “Destructive Bolt”, which in addition to inflict 3 wounds to all models in a room, will prevent everyone from activating the target room. If you have guessed that these two cards, if played in a certain way, are devastating, it means that you are getting off to a good start to becoming the next Magister of the Lodge!

Vivian from...who knows?
Vivian from...who knows?

Another strategy to be used with attack cards is to add and/or manipulate rooms’ Instability; “Unstable Arrow” and “Maelstrom” will do just that: in addition to the damage, you put a lot of instability in the target rooms, or you change in yours that of the opponents, and with “Obscure Explosion” you could destroy an Altar in case it is bothering you.

Another characteristic feature of this school’s attack spells are “Area damage”: almost all of them have an effect that involves not only the target room but also adjacent ones, but a “Fireball” (can there be a spell-based game without a Fireball?) you will reach very high peaks of destruction by inflicting several unavoidable damages (defenses cannot be used against a fireball) and placing a lot of instability around.

Destruction Cards
Destruction Cards

With the Contingencies the school of Destruction shows how much it can be a very versatile school: “Fire of Fate” will make you catch a new event or discard a quest to an opponent and in both cases earn Power Points, “Demon’s Howl” will make you evoke the powerful warrior demon Malacoda or you will immediately activate one of your Evocations ... if you are an Evocations’ fan you will love this card!


Speaking of synergies with other schools, Destruction is perfect to be joined to any deck, its aggressiveness goes hand in hand with its versatility and newbie players will find very easy ways to exploit its features while learning more fine techniques to achieve victory. Do you want to do direct damage? Then join Necromancy or Transmutation, with the latter school you can also implement wonderful tactics of direct damage plus rooms’ destruction. Do you like Evocations? Demon’s howl is a card that every summoner should strive to find! Even the most defensive decks will be able to benefit from having some Destruction spells, in order not to be too far behind with trophies or to defend themselves against opposing evocations.  

So, what do you think? Will this school satisfy your appetite for destruction?

See you tomorrow for the last Core Box school: Conspiracy, and in the wait, some spoiler as usual!

Barbariccia from...Inferno
Barbariccia from...Inferno

 Stay tuned and spread the word

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    1. Amanda Swank

      @Matthew. Vivi is the Black Mage from the Final Fantasy IX. His image is based off the original black mage in the same series.

    2. Chad Pearson on

      Vivi is from Final Fantasy 9. The black mage of the game.

    3. Matthew on

      Okay, who is Vivi I don’t recognize her?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Bilyeu on

      Wow great artistry. So will she be the mage included for the Cronos expansion? Fantastic design.

    5. Missing avatar

      Elijah Clay

      This game looks sick. Can't wait.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      Vivi was instantly recognised by my household...and will be getting painted true to "original".
      I can't wait to get my hands on all the awesome mini's!!!

    7. Frank Calcagno on

      Oh my; I'm so glad I did not vote for a male gorgon...

    8. Petr K.

      Gorgon looks so COOOOOLLL! Thanks for original adaptation :-)

    9. Justin Boehm

      She could bring us to 9:6 lol, well after Circe and Arianne are added in, right now it's 9:3 😥

    10. Justin Boehm

      @Luca LMS and... why can't she be both? 😜

      Still waiting to see all these additional female mages we've been advised are coming lol.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mauro Tiozzo on

      Wow!! Barbariccia is a very bad girl XD

    12. blair black on

      Fireball, people. You know I'm going to like it.

    13. Gedracon on

      Vivian's hat is the best.

    14. Barry Duran

      Yes, this satisfies my appetite for destruction, thank you for asking! :)

    15. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      Oh a demos yep I want her even more XD

    16. Starface on

      Beautiful demon

    17. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      Or barb is the gorgon?

    18. Marc on

      Great artpiece! The artist did an amazing job on that one.

    19. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper on

      got a song stuck in my head now

      "come on barbariccia let's go party! uh uh yeah!"

    20. KerenRhys on

      Vivian/Vivi is clearly the first mage that I'll play. Love the tribute to FF9 as Vivi may be my favorite character in the whole FF franchise.

    21. Dagda

      Barbariccia looks awesome.

    22. Thomas M

      Very Nice, love the spoiler!

    23. Missing avatar

      Joshua Westman

      Cool. Can't wait!

    24. Radioland on

      @Aerouge - Vivi is from Quan's Dwelling :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sean Bock on

      Malacoda is even more amazing up close when you can see all the amazing details that went into it. And Barbariccia, wow what a glorious demon she will be!

    26. Daayne on

      At least that's who it reminds me of

    27. Daayne on

      VIVI! *cough*, I mean.. uh.. Vivian! :P

    28. Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed Collaborator on

      @Justin Boehm - it's a demon ;)

    29. Aerouge

      Vivian is the reason I backed this project... hails from Alexandria IIRC.

    30. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      Barbariccia just jumped into my top 10 miniatures I have to get my hands, err... brushes on! That's the sexy evil woman I've been holding out for... hot AF!

    31. Justin Boehm

      Ooh is Barbariccia a new Mage?!