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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 1th 2019
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Now You See Me...

Posted by Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed (Collaborator)

Hi, Mages!

Welcome to the new episode of “know your magic ... or something like that!”. This time the protagonist is the most elusive magic school: Illusion

Illusion symbol
Illusion symbol

The Illusion will be your favorite school if you like to surprise your opponents and counterplay, but also if you love controlling the game board and if you don’t disdain to inflict damages or evoke useful allies. 

Illusion, compared to the other schools, offers a completely original mechanics called “Masks”. Many of this school’ spells will, in fact, allow you to choose between two masks (smile or sad) to which an effect is linked. This will boost the versatility of your hand even further, allowing you to plan your turn with confidence. 

Mask effect
Mask effect

For example, one of the two effects of the spell “Suggestion” will allow you to target an Evocation and make it act immediately (smile) or move it where its real master is and then attack (sad); the other effect will allow you to target a Mage and make him move and attack under your control (smile) or have him next spell detected and gain Power Points based on the type of the revealed spell (sad). If you like control, you will love this card. 

Illusion Cards
Illusion Cards

A characteristic feature of this school is the high number of Defense and Trap spells together amounting to 7 different spells! A really huge number that will allow you to almost always have a ready reply to your opponents’ threats. The strategy of Defense cards like “Ghost assassin” and “Light cape” will not only make you avoid damages but will mirror or redirect them to other targets, otherwise, they will earn you Power Points depending on the taken damages. 

Instead, Traps will act on one opponents’ actions imitating them. With “Imitation”, for example, you will gain the same Power Points of another Mage who has just solved a Quest. Other traps, such as “Deceiving Image”, will instead block opponents’ actions and inflict wounds, also giving you Power Points! 

Among the Utilities there is “Illusory Pain”, a Combat spell that inflicts damages basing on the wounds already taken by its target, and also two Contingencies that, turning the color of a room into Blue, will trigger positive effects for you or even activate multiple rooms with a single action (that’s always very useful). 

Finally, the school of illusion has its Evocation too: Andromeda. These constructs from forgotten eras, reactivated by the Mages of illusion, are not suitable for combat but can be even more useful than any Demon or Undead. They can, in fact, be used as conductors to cast spells from their position and can even activate a room as if they were mages ... really, really useful: you will love them! 


Speaking of synergies with other schools, a very trendy couplet in the Lodge is that between Illusion and Necromancy. These two schools combined can be really devastating with their interdiction spells and their bad habit of stealing Power Points from their opponents. Illusion’s defect may be that, having so many cards acting in reaction, this could "chain" your hands a little, so joining with more active schools can be a good choice to avoid spending a turn only fixing traps. For this purpose, having an Andromeda in game will allow you to cast the destructive attack spells in complete calm, without fearing reactions from your opponents. For the same reason, it is recommended to avoid combining this school with others that make wide use of traps and defenses, such as Divination or Conspiracy

So...will you then make the art of Illusion yours?

See you tomorrow for another school, and as usual a spoiler for you...this time is very big!

Lasciate ogni speranza, o voi che entrate (WIP)
Lasciate ogni speranza, o voi che entrate (WIP)

 Stay tuned and spread the word!


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    1. Matthew on

      Comedy and Tragedy sounds more PLAYful, all pun intended.

    2. Radioland on

      I like joy and despair

    3. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Uhm... Is it only me, or
      one picture is the sun smiling and the other is the moon... Normal? I would make it clearer from the pic the difference in the mood.

      Also, I am not an English speaker (I am Italian), but sad and happy makes me clearly understand the concept. Happy and Frawn is new to me. Comedy and tragedy... Meh might work if majority likes it, and especially if English speaker say that happy and sad doesn't make total sense

      Last point. Clarify please if it' s a happy and sad or happy "or" sad. The second one males more send I think.

    4. Missing avatar

      Коста Димовски on

      I would like to add a little remark, if one of the masks is Smile the other should be Frown or if one is Sad the other is Happy


    5. Mark-Ders on

      I like Joy and Despair better than Comedy and Tragedy

    6. Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed Collaborator on

      @Morgal - no are only thematical ;)

    7. elliott ireland on

      Comedy and tragedy sounds good better than smile and sad

    8. Missing avatar

      Morgal on

      Are the masks a thematical disguise for a "or" or are there some effects affecting "smile" or "sad" (like "your next "smile" does 1 damage in addition to its other effects")?

    9. Alexandre Goh

      Get more and more exciting bout BRW!! ^^

    10. Helge Haasler on

      Couleur we have more Detailed pictures of the Andromeda ? The feet Look Kind of wierd ?! And i would follow the suggestion for using joy and despair instead of smile and sad.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stef on

      +1 for comedy & tragedy

    12. Luca LMS, the Unsacrificed Collaborator on

      @Jonahdel - nice advice ;)

    13. Jonahdel on

      Will they really be called "Smile" and "Sad"? Why not go for something like "Joy" and "Despair"?

    14. Gedracon on

      Dante... nice spoiler :)

    15. theGunslinger

      Don't get me wrong, game looks and sounds amazing. Liking the depth, just expressing some reservation 😊

    16. CLearScreen on

      It seems like it's going to take awhile for new players and novices to learn the synergies between all the schools and even the individual spells. I really like the depth they bring.

    17. theGunslinger

      There is so much complexity in this game. I hope that there isn't a ridiculous learning curve that will make this more tedious than fun.

      Same thought when solo play will finally be revealed....

    18. Mark-Ders on

      Liking this game more and more ... I was just going for the miniatures, but the games itself is growing on me :)