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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 1th 2019
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Mastro Peio’s shop

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)
Mastro Peio’s shop has a grand reopening, with all new features.  

Little bowls designed to collect all your game tokens.  

There is nothing more annoying than losing components while playing the game. These wooden bowls will keep in safe all your game elements, i.e. the rose-pins, the trophy tokens and all your instability/damage cubes.  


Each mage of the table can have his own.  

Each bowl is marked with the Black Rose symbol on the bottom.  

Deck Holder.  

These beautiful boxes will surely come in handy during BRW games. They can contain all event cards and game quest cards, including those unlocked with SGs or purchased with add-ons, with or without sleeves. 

Deck holder
Deck holder

To speed up deck changes during games you can use one for each moon. These practical boxes are compatible with all the mini cards from our previous games.

Stay tuned for... Necromancy!

Hashomer from Pulvis
Hashomer from Pulvis

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    1. Edward McCoy on

      @Valnimir, it states that you can use the deck holders with sleeves.

    2. Valnimir on

      Is the deck holders accept sleeves cards?

    3. Missing avatar

      YobSolo on

      Fu### ... Take my money !

    4. Akira on

      @Roger Stribos : Just add the cost of what you want to your pledge ;-)
      In the end you'll say exactly on what you want to spend your pledge (on the Pledge Manager, usually called the PM).

    5. Missing avatar

      Roger Stribos on

      I am completely new with kickstarter so I do not know how everything works, but if I want to have bowls or deck holders, how do I buy them? I especially like the bowls and deck holders

    6. Andreas Micheel on

      Now those are useful addons!

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Westman

      Can't wait to paint that!

    8. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @to all, you need just 2 card holder, 6 if you want a card holder for each moon (3 Events and 3 Quests).

      @Corey Hastings, no, the bowls will have their box.

    9. Missing avatar


      how many deck holders for everything that we have unlocked so far?

    10. Alessandro Virzì on

      Wow... this is going to be BIG.

    11. Corey Hastings

      And will the bowls fit in the box? I'm assuming not.

    12. Corey Hastings

      How many of the deck holders will be needed for the game, just the single add-on?

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      wow! this mini is absolutely amazing

    14. Barry Duran

      So what's he/she/it gonna be, an SG or add-on?

    15. Barry Duran

      Gulp! Now THAT'S no miniature miniature!

    16. Smottz on

      The deck holders appear to be for the draw decks for events and quests, not for the cards going into player hands/boards.

    17. Petr K.

      How many deck holders is optional for 6 player game?

    18. Alexandre Goh

      like the deck holders , $6 for 2 holders. I guess we all need 4 holders for 4 players.

    19. Captain Kirk on

      Keep those colossal minis coming!

    20. Smottz on

      Those are bigger cards, I think.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      Regarding the deck holders, are these only good for the event and quest cards?
      Could they be used for the Magic decks, too?

    22. Smottz on

      Putting everything into a bowl may make it hard to fish out rose pins, etc. when needed. But using a bowl for each component means lots of bowls everywhere. Decisions decisions.

    23. Sebastian On Board

      I feel like a lemon being nicely squeezed...and it is too sweet to say

    24. Gedracon on

      No more puzzle :) That mini is unbelievable.

    25. Milk on

      O M G :D this looks so dam good

    26. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      Holy crap! That miniature is psychotic!!! Well done gang...