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There is an Assassin in my Lodge!


Hi, Mages!

The world of Assassin’s Creed has entered the lodge bringing with it much enthusiasm but also many questions, so this update will give you the answers you are looking for!  

We start by saying that we are really proud of being able to offer a crossover of such a magnitude, here at the studio we are all great fans of the saga created by Ubisoft, thus seeing one of its most beloved representatives within BRW is really fantastic!  

Many of you have been concerned about copyrights issue, well our relationship with Ubisoft was born about a year ago and since then we have been communicating with its summits to have the possibility to create synergies, since our setting perfectly matches with Assassin's Creed’s historical-scifi setting, above all with episodes set in Renaissance Italy having Ezio as protagonist.

As a consequence, the fantastic model of Ezio you can see below and which you will receive together with the other SGs was born. Now, thanks to Ubisoft,  we are able to include our beloved Ezio in this campaign and he is ready to bring assassins’ justice to the ambitious ranks of the Lodge!  

Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Ezio Auditore da Firenze

How will Ezio work? As you have noticed, his miniature comes along with a new special room, the Assassins Brotherhood room. A Mage who is in this room can activate it, as usual, to recall Ezio in the Lodge. Ezio can, therefore, be considered kind of an evocation, but with unique rules! Once in the Lodge, Ezio will hunt the mage with more Power points to attack him and restore the balance in the Black Rose war. 

The Mage who has summoned him cannot be attacked by Ezio (who will then hunt the second one in ranking) nor the assassin will count in his/her maximum limit of Evocations. Whenever Ezio’s target magician casts a spell or makes an action, the assassin will move towards him/her and, if he reaches him/her, he/she can attack him immediately. Ezio will move and attack even during the Evocation phase. If the first magician in the rankings should change, Ezio will change his target in turn. Needless to say how deadly an attack by the assassins’ master can be!  

Obviously, Ezio cannot be summoned by more than one Mage (he is unique!), so his room cannot be activated again until he is in the Lodge! Ezio will, therefore, cause a bit of mess in your games, but if used wisely and at certain times in the game, he could rebalance the forces and open new and unpredictable situations!  

Be careful Mages, Ezio has come for you!  

“requiescat in pace”

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    1. Unjustly Vicious
      on May 11

      this made me pledge +1 for Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    2. Andreas Micheel on May 5

      +1 for that Nova Aetas compability!

    3. Mark van der Upwich
      on May 5

      Please get Him a Nova Aetas stat card :O

    4. Sébastien on May 5

      Je suis un fan inconditionnel de cette licence et pouvoir jouer un de ces personnages emblématiques est vraiment grisant ! Bien que j'aurais préférer jouer Edward Kenway, mais c'est une histoire de gout et l’époque ne si prête pas je vous l'accorde ;).

    5. Corey Hastings
      on May 4

      I really love the mini, and it's going to be amazing to have an Ezio mini in a boardgame!
      However, I am having trouble seeing how he actually fits into this game, even after reading the explanation on this update. I understand how he is going to be played, but he just doesn't really seem to belong in a game of this theme. He really seems random, like the only purpose of adding him is SQUIRREL!!!!
      That being said, I am still excited to have the mini!

    6. Missing avatar

      on May 4

      What happened to our mermaid....

    7. Missing avatar

      on May 4

      Never played AC... not do enthused about this...

    8. Dustin Crenshaw on May 4

      The creators made TIME Stories, so yeah they love board games over there.

    9. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone
      on May 4

      Holy crap, that's quite the coup! I'm guessing someone at Ubisoft must love board games.

    10. Teowulff
      on May 4

      But .,. what about the 4 extra female mages we were going to get? =(

    11. YoRHaNo.2/Type.B on May 4

      Great Assassin War !

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Westman on May 4

      Oh man his mini will be awesome to paint :)

    13. Helge Haasler on May 4

      I am deeply impressed. Nice Model btw ;)

      @ Richard El-chamaa vor 14 Minuten
      question, if the player moves two spaces, this counts as a single action? thus Ezio moves one space only

      You need one Action to move on Space. If you move two spaces it will take you two spaces, so he will go two too. Not 100% sure bute close to it ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      on May 4

      It will be the smallest assassin creed figure I own...
      Though now I kind of want a Templar summon, card/trap or something to divert Ezio's attention...
      On a side note, I think Ezio should take out the one with the highest ranking no matter who, even the one summoning him. Or target a specific opponent...
      "Nothing is true; everything is permitted"

    15. Missing avatar

      Mathew on May 4

      In the event that he is overpowered, would it be possible to play without him?

    16. Missing avatar

      Tierney Hogan on May 4

      I can't say that I am terribly excited about this. I would have preferred an original character instead. :(

    17. occam
      on May 4

      Ouch! Great, evocative mini with fantastic back(and forward!) story.

    18. Stefan Löw on May 4

      At first I thought he could not use magic, maybe he's going to attack with his own melee-school. But what you did is even better!
      I think the firstone should not call Ezio! (Or Ezio should attack the first one, anyway who has called him) If Ezio chases the second, the distance will be even greater ...

      If Ezio kills someone, does the summoner get the points?

    19. Sebastian On Board
      on May 4

      Now if we get that mini....that alone sells the whole game to me!

    20. Missing avatar

      Carlos Acevedo
      on May 4

      This is an amazing addition, extremely glad of be part of this effort

    21. Richard El-chamaa on May 4

      question, if the player moves two spaces, this counts as a single action? thus Ezio moves one space only

    22. Alexandre Goh
      on May 4

      Things just getting better with BRW, kudos!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Boshia on May 4

      This is just awesome!

    24. Nicolás Espina on May 4

      I guess that now we have Ezio and Vezio in the Nova Aetas universe :p

    25. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Francisco Serpa Ballón on May 4

      AWESOME!!!! Great idea guys!!!

    26. Thorlight
      on May 4

      Cool ;-)

    27. Captain Kirk on May 4

      This should acquire new backers!

    28. Alex on May 4

      Wow... the license must have been uber expensive!