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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
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Social SGs

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

Some of you have suggested we shed some light on the social SGs. As always, we have listened to your requests and here we are, ready to illuminate you.

Dukas is the first one you have unlocked. 


Spriggins in the LMS universe are equivalent to the goblins of many other publishing houses. 

Sneaky yet foolish, they believe themselves to be cunning and ignore their underlying craziness in their day-to-day life. 

The Fatue are their female counterparts. They’re no bright sparks themselves, but thanks to a strong tie with the magical sphere, they are able to instinctively cast a number of spells. 

Dukas is the exception that confirms the rule. After having witnessed a number of encounters between mages in the lodge, he began to hound the Great Master in the hope he would eventually agree to train him. Tired of resisting, the Great Magister Fernando, of Spanish origin and in charge between 1498 and 1508, finally took him on as an apprentice. 


 Despite his best efforts, Dukas causes nothing but trouble. But he is so likeable that nobody ever does anything about it. 

His spells are all about disturbing the tactics of other players with effects such as swapping quests, changing the effect of a spell placed on the mage’s card, collecting activation tokens of destroyed rooms, etc. etc. 

In doing so he uses the help of his faithful friend, Nimbo, an experiment gone wrong it would seem: he was actually supposed to fly. 

As you can imagine, Dukas is needed for a more playful and bothersome approach to the game (for the other players). He might be a good way of attracting the interest of younger players. 

Dukas B/W
Dukas B/W

But don’t think for a second this means his spells are any less powerful than those of other schools: you may be surprised. 

The spells of the apprentice can be played even without Dukas if you’d like to maintain a more mature approach to the game. 

 This package of Sgs is linked to the success of BRW on Board Game Geek. In the next package there will be another mage, another tribute linked to the number of subscribers to the official fan group:

Stay tuned and spread the words! 

Oni B/W
Oni B/W
Study for a "dancer"
Study for a "dancer"

Play responsibly

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      Wait....I JUST worked it out...."Study for Dancer"

    2. Frank Calcagno on

      Teddy, no this is for BGG fans, currently at 1,280.
      Are you looking at Facebook fans, perhaps?

    3. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda on

      1500 fans are following. Time to unlock the third social SG !

    4. Walli \ʕಠᴥಠʔ/ on

      Cant wait to play with the little bast***

    5. Justin Boehm

      Also, you can't make Dr. Manhattan a Mage, he's already all powerful, you'd just instantly win if you picked him

    6. Justin Boehm

      @LMS well ok... they better be awesome! And no assassins! 😜

    7. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Jared Bond, the Spriggan is not a Disney properties, but if Disney want we can lend the spriggan for the next cartoon.
      ahahha it's a joke, if we have some problem we will change the cloth ears with something other.

    8. Esteban Sandoval on

      With all the fuzz surrounding Marvel and the Avengers, a Doctor Strange type mage would be fantastic.
      That is, if Telmia isn't Doctor Strange ;P

    9. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Justin Boehm, eheheh we have not these two... but don't worry... we have some bad girls on the horizon.

    10. Jared Bond

      Still playing with fire, huh?
      Have you noticed that in *all* of the other KS projects, with homages to everything under the sun, none of them touch Disney properties?

    11. Justin Boehm

      Very cool!

      @LMS now, where's my Triss and Yennefer mages?

    12. David Martin on

      Couldn't agree more Eddie! I'm glad Nimbo has been liberated and is ready to summon!!!

    13. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      @ LMS _ You guys kick ass! Thank you for this update that we can use as a tool to help push the SSG's... We ask, you listen and reciprocate. Couldn't ask for more...