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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 7th 2019
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Fantastic Familiars and where to find them...

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)

Here we are at the launch of the first campaign’s add-on: two fantastic sets of Familiars for your mages!  


These two packs contain two breeds of pets, the Griffins, and the Hydra!  

Each pack includes 3 different models of each pet, 3 magic cards to summon them, 3 Familiar cards and the related room necessary for their summoning, plus a number of tokens.  


Both packs will include the rules for using pets in your Black Rose Wars games! If you are wondering how these little animals work, it’s easy to tell: if their room (or maybe it would be better to say Nest) is in the lodge, you just have to activate that room to choose one of the 3 “familiar” magic cards that, once used, will allow you to summon your Familiar.  


Once summoned, the Familiar can be placed adjacent to his master using the “half-moon” base (patented in Sine Tempore) and in this way it will provide a certain special ability, but if instead, his owner decides to move it freely, its characteristics will change and it will have new skills and probably a new use. 

Rebecca and Jafar and their familiars
Rebecca and Jafar and their familiars

The rules do not end here, but for further details, Marco Montanaro, during Friday’s live streaming, will discuss in depth the new mechanics of these new mini-expansions. 

Familiar cards
Familiar cards
Griffins and Hydrae Rooms (WIP)
Griffins and Hydrae Rooms (WIP)

For the moment, do not miss the chance to take this pack of faithful puppies!

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    1. Sahaphan Phuwamongkolwiwat on

      This can be add after campaign end. By the way, I want them more dark and not cute chibi style like these. Dragon, Imp, Cerrebus are needed

    2. Missing avatar

      Mauro Tiozzo on

      Familiars are a good idea, but I would prefer them a little more serious and obscure like the rest of other element and, furthermore, familiars should be the same color of mages!!!

    3. Ioannis Panagos on

      I like the idea of familiars, but these cute familiars seems like they are from another game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dieu Lam on

      You guys are Gods! Familiars!? Fantastic idea. Please make some Demon imp Familiars, pixies, Fairie Dragons and take my money! Loving this update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Christian Blair on

      Pricey?! Have you seen Zombicide?

    6. Andreas Micheel on

      as the campaign is already quiet pricey, I´ll hold my money for now

    7. elliott ireland on

      Amazzing i feel i may be poor by the end of this

    8. Alexandre Goh

      Hell yeah I’m getting both the add-on, please take my money.. ^^

    9. Mehdi Lebout on

      I respect traditions, but i respect fashion too and sorry guys but gray cant be associated to green!!!! Hahaha

    10. Justin Boehm

      I think they look great, and it makes sense for them to be cute, they are familiar after all.

      And making them green is just awesome, thanks for that, I love colored minis, mostly because I don't paint lol

    11. Jeffrey Paul Sinclair on

      love these cute sidekicks!

    12. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @to all, we like the cute familiars, we think that every magician would like to have one in his/her life. We also think that the contrast that the familiar create with the serious mages is fantastic, like with Dukas, they create a strange synergism inside the board. But we'll keep in mind all the positive and negative feedback to improve the graphic of the game.

    13. Missing avatar


      could we get a phoenix? dragon? unicorn? chimera? manticore?

    14. Missing avatar


      I like the idea of familiars, but they are so cute compared to the serious and dark vibe from the rest of the game. They seem out of place.

      O well, they are so cute. Thank you.

    15. Jackie Cliff on

      Love,love love these figures and I agree with Torborg's comments.....any chance of a cat, owl or toad

    16. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Mehdi Lebout, just for tradition, the pets in our old games were always green

    17. Mehdi Lebout on

      I love the idea of this add-on and the different graphic style is not chocking me but why green ?? I mean when the familiar will be attached at mages ... grey and green it wont be really nice (i wont paint my figrures)

    18. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Petr Kveton, familiars are light green.

    19. Petr K.

      minis will be in grey or the green colour?

    20. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Stefan Löw, I go in order: 1- no, they will be also available through our partners and in our online store, 2- no they are not strong but useful, 3-no, you must activate the room in order to take the spell.
      lol a lot of "no"

    21. Stefan Löw on

      1) will it be kickstarter only?
      2) they sounds very strong, i'm afraid they are a little bit overpowered, so it is no question, if you have the option to go into this room...further it will maybe increase a run to that room and someone will not get a pet, because there are only 3.
      3) willit be possible to get more than one pet at the same time?

    22. Justin Boehm

      Neat idea, I like the sculpts, I'll wait for bundles though, a bit pricey for me as is since they are small minis.

      @LMS just a personal preference, please go easy on us from an add-on standpoint lol, ST had so many, it was too much! Love you guys, but I can't do that again lmao! 🤞🏼

    23. Bazz

      Booom....drop the just TAKE MY MONEY- this game just keeps getting more and more awesome, what an amazing idea and amazing minis....i want i want i want, i hope i can get a pet dragon later hint hint hint :)

    24. Missing avatar

      CVH on

      @Tony - Archery Goalkeeper Thanks for the info!

    25. S Buntenbach

      Great to hear LMS

      And i hate the autocorrection

    26. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @InsaneDevM, yes, also during the Pledge Manager.

    27. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @S Buntenbach, yes sir, near the end of the campaign.

    28. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      I agree with the third point Danteire made... adolescents are usually cute. There's a reason people love puppies or kittens even if they hate cats or dogs. All animals look cute at a young age. And speaking as a father of two little boys... they have huge eyes and big heads on their little Tonka truck bodies. I know first hand why babies and toddlers are adorable... it's so you don't kill'em! :P

      I don't see this as pandering to any group in any way.

    29. InsaneDevM on

      @Ludus Magnus Studios LLC: May we add them later when paying for shipping?

    30. S Buntenbach

      LMS Live us later a bundle for the addon with a special price, please

    31. Gedracon on

      I like the style of the familiars, they are no war beasts and why shouldn't a familiar be cute?

    32. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @to all, each species have the own room tile. activate the room will give you the opportunity of take one of the 3 spell cards. As usual you have 3 spell cards for each type, but some familiars will have different effect on the reverse side of the card.

    33. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco on

      Outstanding, first add-on of many to come I hope! Well done...

    34. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper on

      It is a pass for me unless a truly spectacular all-in is announced

    35. Stefan Löw on

      I really don't understand this change of aestheticism.
      Sorry but... disappointing.

    36. Tony - Archery Goalkeeper on

      @ Charles Hubbeling yes, add $24 to get both. Hopefully once all the familiars are released there will be an all-in price

    37. Danteire on

      @kittylady Well 3 individual pets would mean adding 3 room tiles....which would bulk out the pack and drive the price up (oh I am anticipating the "2card tiles wont cost anything" remarks for that).

      Gameplay essentially would add a "dead room" as once the first person to summon a griffin/hydra does miniature to summon another so its a waste to activate it as opposed to another room on your turn. And more so its a space that a more useful room with a constant trigger ability could have taken!

      As for cutesy-ness, apart from the eyes theres nothing really cutesy about their body proportions...seems consistent with the image of a griffin or hydra, but smaller. As for the big eyes....young creatures generally have large proportioned eyes to their face than adults.

      We also have 2 stretch goals of a magical broom and a goblin dressed up as Mickey Mouse from Fantasia....

    38. Justin B. on

      Agree the art is a little out of sync, but it is also in my wheelhouse, so added both.

    39. Missing avatar

      CVH on

      Do i have to increase my pledge by $24 to get both the Griffons and the Hydrae expansions??

    40. Major Glitch on

      I actually like the way they look, especially the hydras. I imagine a lick of paint will do wonders to hide (or enhance) the slightly cute appearance they have.

      As for the 3 per pack, I assum it’s a balance consideration over doing 3 different creatures in each.

      Now we just need crossover rules for Sine Tempore... :D

    41. METADNA


    42. Torborg on

      Argh! My wallet!!!
      Wonder if a raven, cat, owl or toad attack is coming up next.
      Cool idea - maybe a tad less cutsey on the card.

    43. Missing avatar

      Christian Blair on

      They are a little cute. but they are optional - I'll still by them. I could always mount something else on the base if I wasn't so keen on the mini.

      The half moon idea? Genius!

    44. Missing avatar

      Kelbra on

      I like the add-on, but I agree with Dyne1319 that the art doesn't really fit with the rest of the game. I think they should be fearsome pets!

    45. BoG on

      I really don't understand this change of aestheticism.
      Sorry but... disappointing.

    46. Joey Mordecae Dimmock


    47. Missing avatar


      3 of the same critter seems a real waste of an opportunity. Why not three different familiars per pack?

    48. Teowulff

      Omg .. this is starting to get painful for people's wallets .. I wonder if it won't be better to wait reviews and retail instead of blindly making such a big investment .. =(

    49. Dyne1319

      Honestly not a fan of the huge change in art from the main game to this add on being all cutesy seems out of place with the rest of the tone of the game.