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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 1th 2019
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Legendary scenarios

Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)


Bronte is one of the masters of the forge at the service of Vesuvius.  

Forever considered one of the best forgers among the cyclopes, he hides his secrets between the rocks and lava of Etna, in Sicily.  


Thanks to the magical flow guaranteed by the magma, he is able to forge surprising weapons, which can be animated at his command.  

Due to his mole and appearance, Bronte travels alone at night. Few have encountered him and lived to tell their story.  


Enchantment magic is ideally linked to the masters of the Forge and therefore to Bronte.  

Almost all the spells evoke immediately usable objects that enhance the mage’s attacks. What’s more, one of the Enchantment spells even evokes the mighty swords of Deimos, particularly resistant and lethal weapons, which can be empowered to make devastating attacks before disappearing into nothingness.


Some of you have asked about the differences between the different mages in BRW.  

In the core box, the differences are minimal. At a design level, a decision was made to prioritise game balancing as opposed to mage characterisation, thus providing us with a game whose mechanics can be exploited to the max. 

The differences can be found in the number of cards each mage can hold and the number of wounds they can suffer before being sent back to their cell.  

However, here in the studio, we too felt the need for greater diversification between the mages, which is why Marco designed and developed the legendary Black Rose’s Shards scenario, set in a Normandy, Le Havre, early 1520s.

Thanks to this scenario, it will be possible to assign a new skill to each mage and thus improve the connection with certain schools of magic, or provide special abilities that can be used during the various stages of play.  

Legendary scenarios  

We’d like to spare a few words on these scenarios.  

These are scenarios that have been created and structured to create more variety between the different BRW games, but that’s not all. Each scenario provides new possibilities and new cards that can also be used in the base version of the game, such as the Crono events or Black Rose’s Shards skills.  

Moreover, the scenarios have been designed to be played in a series of tournaments, whether among friends or through associations and stores, guiding you through several cities throughout the world along the discovery of one of the most powerful secret lodges in the world.  

And now for a few great pics...

 Stay tuned e spread the words!


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    1. Missing avatar

      K1ngLear on

      I'm excited about the plastic inlay to organize all the fine stuff. I own enough games where i've to use boxes from sweets to keep order to all the stuff. You can imagine how annouing it is to squeeze all the parts in this boxes and than to squeeze this boxes in the origin game boy.

    2. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Chris Chance, you're right :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Chance on

      @Gedracon I don't think those are pillars in the box. I think those are the round character tokens and the 2 square "action" tokens that each character gets. They're inserted above/below each mage, so it would make sense.

    4. Frank Calcagno on

      @Danteire, yes you are probably right.

    5. Thomas M

      Wow, as usual sounds and looks amazing!

    6. Danteire on

      I dont think its a splash, I think its cracked the ground beneath it.

    7. elliott ireland on

      I love the inserts for thw core game could we get somthing to store all the stretch goal mins as well this would bw wicked

    8. Frank Calcagno on

      @Scott: LMS did say the inserts will allow for sleeves :).
      Look at the hammer in the lower photo hit the mud and cause a splash!

    9. Danteire on

      Hrm...that miniature tease looks a little impatient...maybe a little "bullish", as it were!

    10. theGunslinger


    11. Missing avatar

      Scott McCarthy on

      A good box insert? Please make sure a good box insert is part of the campaign. And that it will accommodate sleeves!

    12. Gedracon on

      The teaser picture for the inlay + plastic pillars? The guy with the big hammer really needs to do his nails ;)

    13. Shadown71 on

      L'insert, sublime. Et est ce la masse du minautore? ^^