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Are you ready to become the new Grand Master?                                          Late Pledge available from JANUARY 7th to MARCH 1th 2019
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Posted by Ludus Magnus Studio (Creator)
Here we are with another update.  

This campaign enjoyed a truly exciting start, so once again, thank you to everyone.  

In this update we’ll talk about 2 things: game materials with a linen finish and Crono.  

Linen finish  

Let us just say that we love this finish in the printed elements. The linen finish not only enhances the beauty and elegance of the cards, game board or box, but also improves the resistance of the materials.  

All cards with linen finish have an extra kick. 

Below you can see the difference.  


Crono is a construct from many eras ago and is the keeper of the Black Rose Lodge in Prague.  

Over the years he has often been mistaken for a Titan or giant, but few have lived long enough to tell the story of their encounter with him.  

Crono is nourished by the vital energy of his victims. He is unable to synthesize the energy he needs on his own, so he sucks it out of his prey. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see a dying body hanging off his flesh... before meeting its own tragic end.  

The legendary scenario to which Crono is linked takes place inside the Black Rose Lodge in Prague where the “Lodge’s Vendetta” room is found, replacing certain game boards in the core box.   

Mages brave enough to venture into this legendary encounter will have the possibility to use one of the 4 activation tokens of Crono’s room once they enter.... at their own risk and peril.  

Crono adds 9 themed event cards to the deck, 9 new quests with increased difficulty and a deck of action cards that Crono will turn over in response to each violation of his abode. Moreover, the expansion will include a forgotten magic allowing his evocation in the event you don’t want to use his legendary scenario.

This expansion will include the mage, who will be created thanks to the support of the entire BRW community.  

In the next update we’ll talk about the mythical Bronte, one of the masters of the Forge of Vesuvius.  

As usual, we've attached a few images for you.

Stay tuned and spread the words...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ric Vinhage on

      What material are the figure made out of. I am a fine scale model maker and plan on painting the whole lot, butwonder which specific material they are made of. The pics make the detail look very fine....

    2. Ludus Magnus Studio 5-time creator on

      @Frank Calcagno, you can choose 6 school for each session among all the school that you have. We have already tested 12 school of magic. Eight of this are already unveiled (6 in core game plus 2 with SGs).

      @zhi, follow the link:

    3. Frank Calcagno on

      @Zhi: I believe that is the vote being offered in Update #2...look at that and you can vote for either a Mythic or Human Mage. (I think that is what it is about...)

    4. Missing avatar

      zhi on

      How does the mage created by the community work? Are we taking vote on a poll to see what type of mage we want it to be?

    5. Frank Calcagno on

      @Petr & Fabio: That's an interesting question about all 12 schools. (I agree that that is a lot of choices to go through in a relatively short game session.) I would be interesting to hear from the designer if all 12 are available, or if players only chose 6 of the available ones for each game...

    6. Fabio Maria Piacentini on

      @Petr: if you write that for the image in this update, it seems to me that are 6 simbols, in color and shadow effect each one. But even if there will be 12 or 18 or 200 magic schools, probably you would have to select just six for each encounter. Like in medieval duels, "choose the weapons for the duel" ;)

    7. Michael Glambeck

      Yeah I worry about the durability of that mini, looks awesome though!

    8. Petr K.

      Sorry, wrong status :)

    9. Petr K.

      Up to 12 potential mage schools? will not it be too much for the time of the game?

    10. Frank Calcagno on

      Yes, the Invisible Mage is breathtaking. ...And the carnival masks under his I SO want to paint these!

    11. Olivia Vigrabs

      I love that invisible dude! Really original!

    12. Gedracon on

      The invisible mage is a great idea. Will be quit a task to produce a mini that won't break if you touch it and survive shipping.

    13. BlackjackXIII

      The Invisible Mage? That's an interesting concept. Don't think i've ever seen a Mini done like that before.