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    1. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco about 6 hours ago

      @ Zakk - If I'm not mistaken, the last time this subject came up we were told the Mages would all have the same approximate base size. Obviously evocations and larger foes will have larger bases, but those are less of an issue compared to the Mages themselves.

      As a footnote to this, it's also been mentioned that there will not be any colored snap on rings or discs provided, and these will interfere with the way the crescent base on the familiars will attach to the Mages. Hope that helps some...

    2. Zakk
      about 9 hours ago

      Are the mages going to have the same size bases? As i was thinking of getting coloured base rings for them to help identify for players or do they come with them?

    3. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel García Sánchez about 13 hours ago

      Morning, people! And thanks, Freddy!

    4. Guðberg Haraldsson
      about 20 hours ago

      @Matthew ok man no problem and for what it's worth I agree with you on those 10$ increases complains, reading those actually hurt

    5. Matthew about 22 hours ago

      @Guðberg Haraldsson:
      A.) My comment was very much an in general comment that went out to everyone, sorry if you felt it was targeted specifically at you but it wasn’t. The majority of complaints have all been shipping related and it’s simply gotten out of control.
      B.) I am sorry your shipping costs have tripled but that is not the issue for the majority and as I stated in (A) my comment was targeted at everyone.
      C.) A lot of the people that my comment was targeted to have been complaining about $10 increases and seeing as there are so many more items, and therefore more weight, an increase is guaranteed to happen.
      D.) The Two Wave shipping was obviously a mistake on their part because no one is going to look at those prices and think that they are correct. Mistakes happen. Or perhaps they were just too nice in allowing more items to ship with Wave 1 and that caused issues.
      E.) I can’t speak for your neighboring countries because each country has its own shipping charges. In the US, it’s going to cost different prices dependent on what State items are being shipped to.
      F.) You are entitled to your feelings, opinions, and thoughts; I hope that LMS can help you with these issues.

    6. Michael W 1 day ago

      @Gudberg you are welcome, yeah i was looking forward to grabbing 2 wave. then the price jump for 2 made me only want 1... then they fixed it and i am back in for 2 waves! nothing wrong with saving money and grabbing one wave!

    7. Guðberg Haraldsson
      1 day ago

      @Michael W Thank you for that very helpful comment, now I might do that IF the devs confirm that the shipping price is final now. Until then I'll keep hoping that the high shipping price is a mistake because Iceland is sometimes put in the wrong shipping zone here on Kickstarter and when it is pointed out and fixed shipping goes down by as much as half.

      @Freddy Yeah I figure it might be time for that. I really wanted to give them time to do this and wait for an update instead of bothering support, they had plenty to do with the hot mess the pledge manager started out as.

      @Matthew Not to sound harsh but if you think it's ok for shipping to triple after the campaign ends then I can't help you. I am not asking for dirt cheap shipping, I am asking for a fair price in line with what my neighboring countries are paying. If that idea is so alien to you then I guess all I can do is disagree with you and carry on

    8. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco 1 day ago

      @ Matthew - +1 and well said.

    9. Freddy 1 day ago

      @Juan - yeah, you can safely close your order now. Should they still decide to be nice to us and offer the Necro Dragon addon, then you can always re-open it again and add that extra add-on.

    10. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel García Sánchez 1 day ago

      Hi, people. Freddy, when you'll be around: I know PM is going to be open a second time, but, do you think I should close my order now, even if I'm going to choose 1-wave shipping? I was waiting for this more sought necrodragon add-on, but seems not to be available this time ;)

    11. Freddy 1 day ago

      @Guðberg Haraldsson - not sure about the $133 to Iceland... that does indeed sound a bit much. Your best bet would be to contact their support (create a support request at ) and inquire if they can reduce shipping to Iceland, or if this is the final price.

    12. Matthew 1 day ago

      I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but come on if anyone thought that the shipping charges listed were the final amounts then you didn’t read the paragraph before it. Additionally, if you don’t understand that increased weight and size means increased cost in shipping then no one can help you there either. I don’t understand why so many people expect shipping to be dirt cheap. It’s going on a boat and then by ground; that isn’t cheap at all.

    13. Michael W 2 days ago

      @gudberg if 2 wave seems unreasonable just grab 1 wave!

    14. Guðberg Haraldsson
      2 days ago

      Can the devs please confirm if shipping is now in it's final form or not. I still find it unreasonably high, 133$ for split shipping to Iceland (in Europe) with all game play bundle and the only change I have seen is it went up from around 120$. I think we need to put this matter to rest soon so people can make up their minds.

    15. Freddy 2 days ago

      @DevGuy - as Michael indicated, I think all shipping has already been fixed. I don't expect any other changes. I believe the 2-wave estimate for Australia on the main page was the mistake, as that one was unrealistically low (only $10 difference to 1-wave).

    16. Michael W 2 days ago

      @devguy shipping has been updated for all countries. Just grab one wave of it is too much for 2.

    17. DevGuy 2 days ago

      When do you plan to update shipping for Australia (which is particularly high at the moment)?

    18. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda 2 days ago

      @Freddy Thanks mate!

    19. Freddy 2 days ago

      @Teddy - yes, that's correct. That (on top of the Magister pledge) gives you everything except for the artbook... and that does indeed appear to be the cheapest option to get all that, as it includes a $10 bundle discount.

    20. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda 2 days ago

      So basically 190 $ for all in without art books (3*2 deck holders + pack of sleeves + 6 bowls included)

    21. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda 2 days ago

      Oh and I forgot...
      Carved Wooden Bowls x6 - ONE Wave Shipping $20.00

    22. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda 2 days ago

      Add-ons Game Bundle - ONE Wave Shipping - $102.00
      Sleeves Bundle - Estimate delivery June 2019 $50.00
      Deck Holders - ONE Wave Shipping * 3 $18.00
      Am I right?

    23. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda 2 days ago

      Hi guys, I want the all in (sleeves, deck holder and bowls too (if useful in game) )but really don't want the artbook (useless to me and no space at home to store more books).
      Which Add-ons should I choose to get the lower price/best value as it seems i have to mix from several add-ons. Help please :)

    24. Michael W 3 days ago

      @garet when you use PayPal or debit you get charged immediately. So those who paid already and the 5$ discount for previous games discount wasn't applied when it does there will be a 5$ credit and therefore refund.

    25. Missing avatar

      Garret Pasowicz 3 days ago

      A paypal refund?

    26. Missing avatar

      Lane Brown 3 days ago

      Nevermind, I think I found out.

    27. Missing avatar

      Lane Brown 3 days ago

      What is this "paypal people will receive a refund"???

    28. Henry So 3 days ago

      I just hope the credit appears soon so that I can complete the pledge manager with PayPal. :D

    29. SirMaoh 3 days ago

      Just ignore my last message, misread the deadline being 12. of august ;)

    30. SirMaoh 3 days ago

      I just finished completing the pledge manager - 1 day after the deadline, will this be a problem / result in later shipping? (totally forgot about it, because of all the other emails I get from several other kickstarter projects)

    31. Freddy 3 days ago

      @Don Wagoner - only those who paid with Paypal have been charged. Credit cards will be charged when the PM closes in September.

    32. Missing avatar

      Don Wagoner 3 days ago

      Has anyone been charged yet from the PM? I added some items and completed the PM back on July 13th but the charge hasn't hit my card yet. Now I'm seeing posts about refunds and whatnot and I'm just curious as to the status of it all.

    33. SharKK 3 days ago

      Thank you Freddy!

    34. Freddy 3 days ago

      @Matthew - well, that part isn't exactly clear. Apparently they did receive a number of support requests from people who already paid with Paypal and should have gotten the discount, so they added this info to fix those situations, but it doesn't say what those who haven't paid yet, should do. All it takes is one simple Update to provide that clarity to everyone... and we still have several weeks until September.

    35. Matthew 3 days ago

      @Freddy: Since there is mention of PayPal people getting a refund I would imagine they want everyone to complete their surveys.

    36. Freddy 3 days ago

      ... and I don't know how they intend to verify if everyone received their survey. Do they want people to complete their surveys and will they be fixed afterwards, or is it better for people to wait with completion of their survey until LMS posts an update stating that they're ready? No idea...

    37. Freddy 3 days ago

      @Larson - that is indeed the biggest unclarity remaining. The FAQ (last updated August 8) says:
      "The 5$ credit for the Nova Aetas and Sine Tempore backers and the free Crono Kit will be added later when all the backers have received their survey, we will make a new update when all the profiles will be updated. For the ones that have already paid with paypal, there will be a 5$ refund."
      No idea how much longer they need to fix that...

    38. Larson McCade 3 days ago

      And now for something (not so) completely different...

      Anyone heard anything further about the discount for ST or NA backers since the July 13 update? Just curious. I think this is the longest I’ve ever left a PM open :)

    39. Freddy 4 days ago

      @Ben - what I'm curious about... obviously you saw something in this campaign when you originally backed it, and you were okay with the shipping cost estimates then. What if this campaign hadn't even had 2-wave shipping? Would you still have backed it? Or was the fact that this campaign has 2-wave shipping the only reason why you had enough confidence to back it?

    40. Ben Turner
      4 days ago

      My pleasure to boggle minds everywhere :)

    41. William Wykoff 4 days ago

      @Ben; fair enough - you do you! being surprised at the cost of two-wave shipping though to Australia when it was $10 more than estimated shipping for one-wave still boggles me.

      As others have said, all KS really are gambles, even reprints to much lesser degrees. I hope the game is great but if not, I have a lot of awesome minis that I will enjoy painting :).

      Hopefully someone grabs your pledge and you are able to check out the game with someone else locally when it arrives.

    42. Matthew 4 days ago

      @Ben: It is your choice to do what you want to do, but in all honesty it seems like you shouldn’t have pledged at all. It appears from what you have put that you screwed up and went in on something you never really liked and shouldn’t have just because it was there. Every KS is a bet and hindsight and second guessing yourself just seems counterproductive to me. You obviously back a lot of KS but maybe instead you should be more picky.

    43. Freddy 4 days ago

      @Ben - so just because you *might* not love the game as much, you'd rather not take the risk at all and sell the game beforehand, instead of going for 1-wave shipping? Personally I can't understand that kind of reasoning. And given the large amount of really cool minis, I don't think you'd have a problem selling this game even if the game doesn't turn out to be as nice and you'd sell it after everyone has received their second wave.

    44. Henry So 4 days ago

      @Ben Turner: Not only is every pledge a bet, but also everyone's opinion is their own, and one person's "hit" is most likely another person's "miss," so I don't think anyone has any grounds to question your decisions.

    45. Ben Turner
      4 days ago

      As stated below, my preference is for two-wave delivery (which means easier to resell if the game ends up not being that amazing) and I rarely buy addons (the actual gameplay value of most addons in most KS campaigns is pretty low) and that just happens to be the perfect spot for shipping costs being way over estimate.

      I could back single wave and buy all the addons, and then the costs would be more reasonable. But for the reasons above, those options are not appealing to me. Yeah, I know the fans of this game will be horrified I'm suggesting it might not be amazing, but every KS pledge is a bet, and at the prices quoted, weighing up all other factors FOR ME, this bet doesn't have odds I'm that comfortable with now, especially compared to a few upcoming projects next quarter.

      So if anyone is looking to late pledge, and wants early bird prices, I'd love to sell my pledge on - - thanks!

    46. Freddy 5 days ago

      @SharKK - yes. I quote Luca: ""We did not specify it in the update, but in the add on 5/6 player, there will also be 2 additional reference cards"

    47. SharKK 6 days ago

      With Hidden Thorns do we get 2 more reference cards for the extra 2 player?

    48. Frank Calcagno 6 days ago

      @Thorsten: agreed. I loved LMS's campaign. Every minute seemed to have something neat.
      I am saving all my excitement for Tainted Grail...that one seems like it will be soooo cool.

    49. Thorsten Schleer 6 days ago

      I think concerning "spoilers" LMS did the best job of all campaigns I participated. Each update included a visual spoiler to discuss and talk about in the comments and all the time there was someone from the team who threw in some more. Just pure fun! ;)

    50. Skazz 6 days ago

      @Thorsten. You are right it was on the edge of 'too many lives' and it would have been nice if they sum up the spoilers later on :)

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