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A Labyrinth Lord, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, BECMI, & B/X, compatible - tabletop role-playing game adventure by Fail Squad Games
A Labyrinth Lord, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, BECMI, & B/X, compatible - tabletop role-playing game adventure by Fail Squad Games
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Guest Author announced!


Our DAM Guest author is: BOB BRINKMAN!

 Bob Brinkman grew up primarily in the Midwest, attending six grade schools in three states. He first saw his name in print in issue #2 of Muppet Magazine and went on to begin his professional writing career in 1987, with a written review of Cyborg Commando for Gateways Magazine. In the following thirty years he has had work published by Chaosium, written adventures for Goodman Games, unleashed hordes of monsters upon Umerica, and has created content for a number of small presses and ‘zines. Most recently, he contributed additional materials to Mutant Crawl Classics RPG. Currently he also co-hosts the Sanctum Secorum podcast and writes for its free monthly e-zine.  

In addition to writing, Bob has spent time on the renaissance festival circuit as a fire-breather and swordsman, and continues to appear at events across the country with the nautical musical group, Marooned. He also has the fairly unique distinction of having made his living as a professional wizard, having performed 4,558 shows at Caesars Magical Empire within Caesars Palace - Las Vegas. Since departing sin city, Bob has taken up residence in southwest Florida with his wife (and their cats).

Thank you for contributing Bob... it is an honor to have you in the Fail Squad Games pages!

How do we ensure we gets Bob's stretch goal add-on?

Share the link on Social media. It can't be stressed enough. This is really the biggest and best way to Kickstarter success. Over 75% of our backers typically come in from social media links. If you backed us, share it with your friends. Without your support, this supplement, company, and related products wouldn't exist. Through Kickstarter YOU are helping build Fail Squad Games. Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and G+ are throttling down news feeds, so personal sharing from YOU takes priority in feeds.

We are close on this one. Hitting $4K is our goal to get Bob's additional piece in the adventure.

Thank you everyone, and leave messages welcoming Bob to the Fail Squad Games project!

~Lloyd M

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