Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 14, 2010.

Update #52

Project 14, finished!


Come see what I made with a linen skirt, over on my blog today!

Update #51

Cool news!


So the "25 Project" is featured in Mass Art's Presidential report!
You can read about it here,

Update #50

Some exciting news!


Hey folks!
So I was featured recently in Mass Art's President's Report publication and I talked a lot about Kickstarter! There are even a couple of photos of some of the work I made for some of YOU!!
I'm also going to be launching another project similar to the 25 Project after January 1.
Come read more about it here

Update #49

Project #13, Finished!


Come see what i made with some sea shells on my blog!

Update #48

Lucky Number 13 preview is up!


Come on over to see what Leah from CT sent for her project here;

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    For a pledge of $1 I'll thank you on my blog, and in my heart.

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    A recycled paper postcard with the story behind the material I used for it - where I found it, what were the circumstances, etc., it adds to the mystery, doesn't it? And of course, you will get the "shout out" thanking you on my blog.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    25 backers All gone!

    You get a spot in the 25 people, 25 bucks, 25 pieces of Art. Send me something you have collected and I will send it back to you, transformed (Presto!) into a piece of art. You will also get the recycled postcard. And of course, a "shout out" Thank You on my blog.

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    Want to be part of the project but don't want to send me something? Then let me send you a limited edition print, I'll send you a link to choose from 4 works.

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    want a little more than a print? can't find anything in your closet, shelves or drawers that you want made into art? Want to collect more stuff? For $110 I will send you an original drawing/painting on the Antique wallpaper that I have collected, each are one of a kind.

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