Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 14, 2010.

Update #12

Shout outs!


You may see the shout outs here on my blog,

And if you haven't pledged yet, there is still time, 4 spots left and 30 days to go. I can't wait to start sharing the transformations with you.
Thank you!

Update #11

Time for shout outs!


Folks, I would like to thank you all on my blog. Do any of you have a website or cause that means something to you that I could link to for you?
Message me and I'll set it up.
Look for some of my thanks online Monday.
Have a great weekend!

Update #10



Okay, here we go. In a private message to you I will provide my address to mail the items to.

Here are the guidelines.

1) Please send me something of a singular theme, one spoon, a box of spoons, one tie or a box of ties, etc.

3) Keep the size of the box no larger than 12x12, mailing tube, or anything smaller than that. If you are having difficulty with this, contact me to talk about it.

4) Include your name and address in with your items.

5) *this is optional* Please tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do for work, what you love, what you hate, if you have children, pets, or family you are close to.

6) *this is optional* Please tell me the story behind your collection. This may be as simple as "napkins I keep from restaraunts" to "napkins I keep bc I feel a deep connection to white paper that has to be pulled from contraptions". It will help me to know what draws you to collecting that particular item.

Please feel comfortable asking me any questions. I look forward to making things for all of you!

Update #9



Wow! Funded ahead of schedule, awesome!
Thank all of you who helped get this started, and early!

Now, on to the nitty gritty, there is still time left on this project, so if you are interested there are 5 slots left - go ahead and sign up.

So folks, go ahead and start gathering your things! In another update, which I will post tonite, will have specifics and be entitled "Specifics" so you may reference it quickly.

I will be doing the project on a first-come, first-served basis. First project in is the first one out. And remember, it's a singular theme so keep it all of the same TYPE of item, or just one item i.e., a box of spoons or one spoon, a piece of fabric, a whole box of fabric.

I am so excited! I hope you are too!


Update #8

See how I am making something new from something old


Hi there!
I thought you all might like to see how I work, so I am blogging on a project made from an old boiled wool sweater from my grandmother this week.
Please check out my blog at

and see a transformation in the making!

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    For a pledge of $1 I'll thank you on my blog, and in my heart.

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    A recycled paper postcard with the story behind the material I used for it - where I found it, what were the circumstances, etc., it adds to the mystery, doesn't it? And of course, you will get the "shout out" thanking you on my blog.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    You get a spot in the 25 people, 25 bucks, 25 pieces of Art. Send me something you have collected and I will send it back to you, transformed (Presto!) into a piece of art. You will also get the recycled postcard. And of course, a "shout out" Thank You on my blog.

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    Want to be part of the project but don't want to send me something? Then let me send you a limited edition print, I'll send you a link to choose from 4 works.

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    want a little more than a print? can't find anything in your closet, shelves or drawers that you want made into art? Want to collect more stuff? For $110 I will send you an original drawing/painting on the Antique wallpaper that I have collected, each are one of a kind.

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